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Title: Lost and Found
Rating: NC-17
Warnings/kinks:H/c, underage, age gap; (Jensen /24/Jared 16) 
Brief Summary:one night,older!Jensen stumbles upon homeless!Jared takes him home and feeds him...Jared says thank you

Lost & Found

Jensen felt a chill run down his spine; it was cold outside. It was well into fall, extremely close to winter, and a few small snowflakes fell from the sky but melted the instant they touched the ground. He had to take his dog Charlie, who was a Siberian huskie, out for his, really their, nightly jog/walk. A habit they both picked up due to Jensen’s crazy class schedule that carried over into his work schedule. When Charlie stopped at the opening of an alleyway they had passed far too many times to count Jensen gently tugged on his leash to try and get him to come along. When Charlie let out a whimper and took a few hesitant steps into the dark alley before pacing back and forth quickly Jensen walked over to him.

“What is it Charlie?” Charlie let out another whimper before darting quickly inside. Jensen heard the startled gasp and ran inside to find Charlie. “Charlie!” Charlie was sniffing and nosing at a pile of dirty old clothes and blankets. When Charlie let out a bark and the pile flinched that’s when Jensen noticed the mop of dirty hair. Charlie grabbed hold of one of the raggedy blankets and pulled it sharply off the shivering figure. “Charlie, no!” The figure sat straight up and scooted as far away from Charlie and Jensen as he could. He stared up with wide fearful eyes at Jensen before scrambling to his feet and taking off in a run towards the other end of the alley.

Jensen quickly took off after him letting out a sharp whistle to let Charlie know to follow him. The kid was only a few feet ahead of him but he was starting to gain distance. The kid took a sharp left and darted into another alley that Jensen knew was a dead end. He found the person staring with wide eyes at the giant fence that was impossible to climb over. Jensen slowed down and slowly walked up to the man. “I’m not going to hurt you.” The man turned around allowing Jensen to get a good proper look at him. The man…kid actually, was covered in dirt and grime that showed he had been on the streets for a while. Charlie let out a bark and jumped and weaved between the two. “And Charlie won’t hurt you either.” The boy licked his lips and took a hesitant step backwards. “I’m not going to do anything to you I swear I just was going to offer to help you. It’s freezing out here and I have this bad habit of putting others people’s needs before mine.” Charlie walked over to the boy and nudged his nose against his hand. The kid jerked his hand back as if burned but all Charlie did was rub his head against the kids leg instead. “Will you let me help you?”

“My name is Jensen by the way, Jensen Ackles. My Mom owns the grocery store on 31st and my Dad owns the Auto shop on 22nd. I’m trying to open a bakery but it’s hard trying to find a place that already has a kitchen inside.” Jensen picked up Charlie’s leash he had dropped at some point and held it out for the kid to take. “You want to walk him, of course since its Charlie it’ll be more like he’s walking you.” The kid slowly reached out for the leash and quickly snatched it out of Jensen’s hand. “Let’s go home Charlie.” Charlie let out a happy bark and led to two out of the alley and in the direction of Jensen’s home. “I should tell you now I live alone so when I have company I tend to switch between talking entirely too much and being completely silent.”

Jensen fell silent and Charlie tugged harder on the leash when the trio neared Jensen’s house. “That’s my house.” He said pointing to a two story building. “Well it’s not really my house…well I guess it is. My parents bought it for me as a surprise when I graduated college last year. I’m not really sure why they bought it for me since I’m going to go back for my masters this coming year, but I’m not going to complain.” Jensen walked up into the porch and unlocked the door, unclipped Charlie’s leash and watched Charlie dash inside. He turned to see the kid standing awkwardly on the porch. “You can come in.”

The kid hesitantly walked in through the doorway and stood awkwardly in the living room. “So I keep calling you kid in my head. Can you tell me your name?”

The kid spoke so softly Jensen only just heard him. “J-Jared.”

“Jared?” The kid, Jared, nodded. “So are you hungry or would you like to shower first?”

“C-can I shower f-first?”

“Of course.” Jensen led Jared to his bedroom where he rifled through his drawers until he found some sweats and a T-shirt Jared could wear. “I’m pretty sure these are going to be to big but It’s all I have. I’ll go get you some clothes tomorrow if you’d like.”

Jared rubbed his thumb over the soft cotton that he held tightly in his hand. “Y-you don’t h-have to.”

“It’s okay, I want to.” Jensen led Jared to the bathroom and showed him how to work the knobs. “While you shower I’m going to make us something quick to eat.” Jensen left Jared in the bathroom to handle his business and went down stairs to make a quick batch of pasta and meat sauce. He was just finished placing pasta into bowls when he heard feet shuffling in the entrance way of the kitchen. He turned to find Jared standing there fiddling with his entirely to long hair that brushed against his shoulder. And was clean but still hand obvious tangles throughout. He sat the bowls on the table. “Hungry?” Jared jerkily nodded. “Sit down and eat.” Jared slowly sat down and picked up his fork his first bite was hesitant but after that he quickly devoured his bowl before Jensen was close to being half way done. Jensen looked up to see Jared’s face with a deep blush and him staring at his empty bowl.

“C-can I h-have some more?”

“Sure.” Jensen scooped up Jared’s bowl and scooped another serving into Jared’s bowl. He handed the bowl to Jared who ate it a much more subdued pace. Jensen finished his bowl only a few bites before Jared. “Still hungry?” Jared shook his head no. “Thirsty?” Jared nodded. “Water, pop, or juice?”

“Juice.” Jensen poured Jared a tall glass of white grape juice and watch with a half-smile and Jared greedily guzzled the glass down. He handed the empty glass back to Jensen and sat awkwardly. “Where and I going to sleep?”

“I have an extra room the bed is only a twin in there but it’s comfortable.” Jensen was hit by a sudden yawn. “I’m off tomorrow so we can go shopping then. I’m tired so I’ll show you to your room.” Jensen placed the two bowls and cup into the sink before leading Jared up to the spare room. They parted with a simple good night and shut doors.


He slowly crept out of his temporary room and crept down the short hall towards the door that was slightly open and led to Jensen’s room. He slowly walked into the room and climbed onto the bed from the bottom by Jensen's feet. He crawled up to straddle the legs of the man who only slept in a pair of boxers and had a blanket tangled loosely in his legs. Jared reached down to open the small flap that kept Jensen's soft length from view.

He pulled out the soft prick and gently scooted down so he could comfortably bend over and sucked the soft flesh into his waiting mouth. He peeked up through his lashes to see Jensen's brows furrowed but the man made no move to wake up. He gently worked the slowly hardening length the full hardness. He tensed and paused his movements when he heard Jensen let out a deep moan. Jensen pressed the side of his face into his pillow but still didn’t wake up.

‘Heavy sleeper.’ He thought absently thought. He kissed his was down the surprisingly large and thick length until he reach cloth covered balls. He gently tucked the opening under the heavy sack and sucked one ball into his greedy mouth. He reached a hand between his own legs and inside of the sweats and gently stroked himself. He let out a low groan that woke up Jensen. Jensen looked down his body to see what he thought was just a pleasant dream about a random brunette turned out to be his body responding to Jared working his dick.

“Jared!” Jared jumped and pulled his mouth away from Jensen’s penis. “What are you doing?”

“I-I j-just wanted to thank you.”

“A simple thank you would work.” Jensen said looking warily at the boy who still held his hard dick in one hand. Lips swollen and covered in spit and precome. Pupils so blown he could hardly see those beautiful blue, green, and brown speckled eyes. “You don’t have to do that to say thank you. It’s not what I wanted; I helped you because I wanted to.”

“I-I know…b-but I wanted to.” He said softly.


“Please…just let me do this for you.” He slowly moved his hand. “I’ll be good, I promise.”

“Jared this isn’t-”

Jared tugged harder and rubbed his thumb over the head Jensen groaned and his eyes rolled. “Please?” After a few moments of painful silence Jensen nodded and Jared greedily swooped down to Swallow Jensen to the root.

“Fucking shit! Jared! Damn it!” Jensen tried and failed to stop the thrusting of his hips but apparently it didn’t bother Jared at all who moaned around the delicious and addictive mouth full. “Jared…shit Jared. How and the hell did you learn to do that.” Jared moaned around his dick sending delicious vibrations up his dick. “You know what don’t answer that.” Jensen was embarrassed to say it but, Jared’s unexpected experience, combined with the fact that he was on edge when he woke up he lasted an embarrassingly short time. He tried to warn him but all that came out was garbled nonsense and he spilled his load down the boys throat.

When he finally came down from his orgasmic high he noticed Jared quickly jerking himself off trying to finish off. “C’mere.” Jared scooted up until he straddled Jensen’s stomach. He bit his lip harshly when Jensen started jerking him off in quick sure stokes. Jensen took in the deep flush to Jared’s cheeks and the way he cut off every sound when it was half way out of his throat. Jared lasted longer than Jensen expected and when he came he shot hard enough to hit Jensen in the face.

“I’m sorry!” He quickly pulled off his t-shirt and used it to wipe off Jensen’s face, “I’m sorry. I- I didn’t mean to.”

“It’s okay.” Jensen said with a laugh. Jensen took the shirt and cleaned of the few spurts that landed on his chest. Jared blushed and looked away when Jensen moved Jared so he could tuck himself back inside. “Kind of too late to be embarrassed.” Jared only blushed harder. When Jared moved to get out of bed Jensen gave him a curious look. “Where are you going?”

“I thought…I thought you would want to be alone.”

“You can sleep in here if you want.”

Jared smiled and pulled the blanket up from the bottom of the bed. “Thank you.” Was whispered softly when he finally was comfortable.

“I think I should be thanking you.”

“I-I meant for bringing me here.”

“Oh…you’re welcome.” Jared smiled and was off to a deep comfortable sleep for the first time in years.



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