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Title: Growing Pains
Rating: NC-17
Warnings/kinks:Incest, first time, underage (Jared 15/Jensen 23), h/c; 
Brief Summary:Jared's growing pains keep him sore all the time. Luckily, Jensen His older half brother is a physical therapist who gives AWESOME massages. Oils and everything. Hot and heavy massaging ensues.

Growing Pains

Jensen was setting up his table for his next appointment when he heard is phone going off. He fished his phone out of his travel bag and smiled when he saw the picture of his brother on his phone. He slid his thumb across the bottom of his screen to unlock his phone then accepted the call.

“What’s up baby bro?”

“Don’t call me that.” Jared snapped. “I’m not a baby.”

“Yeah, because being 14, is so grown up.” Jensen chuckled; he could feel his brother glaring through the phone.

“I’m 15 and you know it. This is why I don’t call you. Every time I do you find it necessary to pick on me.”

“Oh boo hoo, grow a pair and man up.”

“I have a pair thank you very much.”

“Yeah I helped change your shitty diapers until you were 4 and finally started to use the toilet and I can honestly say I never saw a pair.”

“Okay first of all I wouldn’t still be in diapers and pull ups at 4 if some didn’t tell me there was a monster in the toilet that would bit of my dangly bits.” Jensen let out a bark of laughter. “Second, don’t be jealous because my stuff was bigger than yours, even when I was a baby.”

“Ha! You wish.” Jensen glanced at the clock hanging on the wall. “Hey, I have an appointment in 15 minutes and I know you didn’t call to reminisce about the childhood I tortured you throughout.”

“I need an appointment.”


“Because, I hurt?” It came out more as a question.

“I know stupid but why as in what hurts.”

“Oh.” Jared chuckled. “Everything.”

“I highly doubt everything hurts.”

“Between baseball, football, cross-country, and these stupid growing pains yes it does.”

“Who said you could make an appointment?”


“What did your Dad say?”

“He told me to suck it up; a little pain never hurt anyone.” Jared mumbled.

Jensen rolled his eyes. “Your Dad’s a douche. How long have you been hurting?”

“Hey! Don’t talk about my Dad. Like a month I guess, the pain is starting to make it hard to practice.”

Jensen took mental notes of his brother’s condition as he laid the towel over the table. “Pack some extra clothes and come over to my house after school and practice. I’ll drop you off at your house in the morning.”

“Thank you Jenny!”

“Don’t call me that!” He heard his brothers laugh get cut off as he hung up the phone. He stared at his phone for a few seconds before letting out a sigh and leaning heavily against the massage table. He loved his baby brother; sometimes though Jensen thought he loved him a little too much. Jensen was 4 when his parents divorced he doesn’t remember much of the actual divorce he just remembers his mom leaving and he started sleeping with his Dad. He was 5 when it finally sunk in that seeing him mom only on weekends and special occasions wasn’t normal. He was 7 when his mom told him he was going to have a baby brother or sister with the man she lived with now, he told her he hated her and screamed and cried until his father came to pick him up.

He was eight when his brother was actually born. He glared at the squiggly pink mushy looking thing that his mother held out to him and said was his brother. “He’s ugly, and he’s not my brother.” Jensen pouted.

“Don’t talk to your mother that way.” David, his mother’s boyfriend, or fiancé as she called him, scolded.

“You aren’t my Dad I don’t have to listen to you!” Jensen yelled before going to hide behind his father who also was in the room.

“Jensen, say sorry to David, and to your mom.” His father said sternly

“No. He’s not my Dad, he can’t tell me what to do. And that thing,” he said point to the bundle in his mother’s arms. is not my brother.”

He didn’t care that his mother was nearly in tears or that he had to stay in his room for the rest of the day when they got home he just knew that that thing was not his brother and no one was going to get him to say otherwise. He despised Jared for months after he was born. He hated going to his mother’s for the weekends and hated spending Christmas at the house. He begged his Dad to let him spend Christmas day with him but his Dad refused.

Then one night it all changed. Jared had, by the grace of some god, started sleeping through the night. So now, at 9 years old and Jared a little over one, they shared a room. Jensen hated it but couldn’t really complain on the mornings he would wake up and Jared would be missing from his crib he figured he was crying at some point and they took him to sleep with them. On this particular night Jared woke him up he looked at his clock and saw the numbers said 3:32am. He sighed and rolled over figuring someone would come get him. When no one came he got up and went to find his mom. He found her asleep on the couch with the TV on. He shook her arm and when she grunted in acknowledgement he smoke. “Mom your baby is crying.”

“Jus’ warm ‘im up a bo’le in the warmer ‘vid.

“I’m not David.” Jensen said with a glare. He shook his mom again. “Mom, I said your baby is crying.”

“’vid I’m tired.” Jensen glared at his mom before going to warm up a bottle. He had done it enough when he (begrudgingly) helped his mom with the baby. He took the now warm bottle into his bed room and put it on his bedside table. He grabbed a burp cloth out of his brother’s drawer and placed it next to the bottle. He fiddled with the crib until he figured out how to open it. He carefully took out the whimpering baby a placed him on his bed. He moved his pillows around so his brother had one and so did he. He laid the burp cloth on the pillow before handing the bottle to his brother. He watched him mild fascination as his brother downed his drink. When it was empty Jared let the bottle fall from his mouth his eyes already half closed. Jensen placed the empty bottle back on the bedside and lay next to his brother. He watched his brother contentedly suck his thumb until he was sleep. Jensen smiled to himself.

“I guess you aren’t so bad.”

The fact that he got yelled at the next morning for taking his brother out of his crib and putting him in his bed didn’t even matter because the whole day Jared only wanted him. Jensen figured on some level Jared realized he took care of him last night and that was fine by Jensen. From then on it was all rainbows and sunshine…well for the most part there were a few more incidents (the potty monster for example), but things were good. Until Jared turned 12 and started going through puberty, at first Jensen made jokes. I mean who wouldn’t find the fact that Jared’s voice kept squeaking and cracking funny, or that he had to get the talk from his parents. It was all a joke to Jensen until he happened to walk in on him jerking off in his bedroom.

Jensen was home for a break from college and decided to visit his mom and brother while his Dad ran to the store. His mom told him that Jared was up in his room. Jared’s door was cracked, he expected to peek in and see him on the computer and was going to scare him but that wasn’t what he saw at all. What he saw was his baby brother pulling desperately at his dick with a hand over his mouth muffling any possible noise. Instead of doing the smart thing, gently shutting the door and walking away he stood there and watched. He watched as his brother’s hand jerked quickly, as his body twitched, as his eyes clamped shut as his orgasm neared. He stared as his brother took a sharp breath through his nose and arched as, not quite white but not quite clear, cum shot from his dick and made a mess of his hand and stomach. He watched as his brother laid there for a few moments gathering his wits. He ogled with wide eyes as his brother raised his hand and took a hesitant swipe with his tongue before shrugging and cleaning his whole hand that way.

He swallowed reflexively and tried to readjust himself in his pants. He watched him redress and go into his connected bathroom and come back out. He waited a few more moments before knocking and walking into the room and acting as if he didn’t just watch his brother jerk off, as if he didn’t have a raging hard on that was only just hidden by his to big hoodie. He sat on the bed (the bed his brother just jerked off on) and caught up with his brother and filled him in on his mundane college life. “Whose hoodie is that?”

 Jensen looked down at the hoddie he was wearing. It was a Harvard University hockey hoddie, he went to Clark University; he hesitated for a few moments. “It’s my boyfriends.” He said softly, waiting for his brother’s reaction. His Dad knew he was gay but he had no intention of telling his brother or his mother.

Jared stared at him a few moments. “Y-your boyfriend?!” Jensen said nothing just looked at his brother’s confused and shocked face. “You have a boyfriend!” Jensen could hear the anger in his brother’s squeaky voice. “You can’t have a boyfriend!”


“No, Jensen!” Jared snapped. “You aren’t supposed to have a boyfriend!” Jared stood from his seat and glared at his brother.

“Jared, please! Let me explain.” Jensen reached out for his brother; pain clenched his heart when Jared jerked out of his reach. “Jared?”

“Get out!”


“Get out of my room!” Jared screamed, tears wetting his eyes. Jensen opened his mouth to try and reason with him but stood there mouth agape. “Get out!”

Jensen left without another word and head straight home. When his father asked what was wrong he just said the drive finally caught up to him and he went to take a nap. He ended up not waking up until his phone went off at 4:33 in the morning. “’Ello?”

“Jen?” Was whispered softly.

“Jared?” He asked groggily.


“Shouldn’t you be sleep?”

“I can’t sleep.” Silence fell between the two. “Jen…I’m sorry.”

Jensen thought for a few seconds. “S’okay.” He could hear the sigh of relief. “Jared. I love you but I’m tired, can we have this conversation when the sun comes up…please?”


Things were good. Jared still got a look on his face when he mentioned a boyfriend so he stopped bring them up, and if Jensen had the occasional jerk session starring his baby brother jerking him off then that was his own business. And if that jerk off evolved into Jensen chocking him on his cock or shoving him so full of dick that Jared could taste it, well that was neither here nor there. What matters is Jensen loved his brother and never acted on those thoughts, he just wished he did…a lot.

Jensen pulled out his massage table from the hall closet and started to set up for his baby brother’s arrival. He picked the apple cinnamon oil; he wasn’t a big fan of the scent but Jared’s room always smelled like it from the air freshener and detergent. There was a knock at the door and he went to open it. He greeted his brother and David who stood on the other side. 

“Hey David.”

“Jensen.” Jensen and David never really got much of a relationship they didn’t hate or dislike each other but Jensen would be the first to admit he was a little shit towards David when he was little. “He has practice tomorrow at 5 have him home by 4:30 or you can drop him off at the field.” Jensen nodded. He ruffled Jared’s hair and placed a kiss on the side of his head. “Love you.”

Jared rolled his eyes at the kiss. “Love you too Dad, see you tomorrow.”

David nodded. “Bye Jensen.”

“By David.” Jensen said with a wave then shut the door; he turned to face his brother. “Go shower, you smell like week old garbage. Get on the table when you’re done.” Jared had been in the shower for a while Jensen started to get bored waiting. He went and knocked on the bathroom door, he arched an eyebrow at the gasp he heard on the other side. “You okay in there?”

“Y-yeah, you just scared me. I’ll be out in a couple minutes.”

“Water or juice?”


Just as Jensen set the cold bottle of water next to the massage table Jared walked out in a towel. Jensen took a deep breath to steel his nerves for this round of self-torture and motioned for his brother to climb up onto the table. Jared climbed up and got himself comfortable on the table. He closed his eyes and listened as Jensen clicked open the bottle of oil poured some in his hand and sat it down; he heard the sound of the slick oil being warmed between Jensen’s hands. He tensed for half a second as Jensen’s hands made contact but relaxed and let his brother do his work.

“So how’s school?”




“Cross country?”




“Is fine all you can say?” Jared shrugged, Jensen rolled his eyes. “How’s your girlfriend, what was her name?”



“I wouldn’t know she dumped me.” Silence fell once again between the two. Jensen grabbed the oil and started on Jared’s legs. As he neared Jared’s upper legs he felt Jared tense.

“You okay?”


“You sure?” Jared nodded. Jensen finished his left and moved to his right once again as he neared Jared’s upper leg Jared tensed. “You know tensing while I do this is completely running what I did.” Jared nodded again. “Okay roll over.”

Jared hesitated. “Umm…I-I don’t think that’s a good idea.”


“I-um…” Jared turned his head away from Jensen and mumbled out something Jensen couldn’t decipher.


“I said…I said…’m hard.” The last part was said in a whisper.

Jensen knew he was going to regret it but to be honest he just wanted a sneak peek. It’s not every day the object of 80% of your jerk off sessions lays in front of you sporting a hard on. “It’s okay it happens sometimes, I won’t laugh I promise.”

Jared’s face resembled a tomato. “Can you turn around?” Jensen turned without hesitation. “Okay.” He turned back to see Jared’s crimson face and eyes going every which way but in the direction of Jensen. Jensen acted as if nothing was wrong and warmed more oil between his hands. His hands hovered anxiously over his brothers blushing prone form no matter where he started there was no guarantee his self-control would hold. He tried to buy himself some time by starting with his feet. As he slowly worked his way up and his hands neared his brother’s thighs his self-control snapped. When he saw his baby brothers cock jerk as he worked his thigh muscles he couldn't resist.

He skipped over his brother’s obvious need and gently moved his hands from his low on his gently muscled stomach towards his perky nipples. When he rubbed his thumb across the bud he smirked as Jared jerked, clenched his eyes shut and bit his lip to hold back any sounds. He did the same to the other nipple and was rewarded with the same reaction. He rubbed the oil that was still on his hands into his brother’s chest, stomach, and side; slowly working his way down. When he reached the fine dusting of pubic hairs, he rubbed his fingers gently through the slightly coarse hair that lied beneath the towel.


"Yes Jay?"

"Wh-what are you doing?"

"Giving you a massage." He answered simply as his hands moved closer to his brother’s cock. He rubbed his thumbs along the base but never grasped.

Jared gasped at the soft touch and his hips jerked. "I-I... I don't-" He couldn't form the words that were swimming through his head.

"Want me to stop?" He moved his hands from under the towel and gently tugged his brother’s length. Jared hissed and let out a whimper and quickly and almost violently shook his head no. "I need you to say it." And honestly Jensen did need his brother to give him verbal permission. Despite the fact that he had his brother’s cock in hand (even with the towel as a barrier) he had this nagging in the back of his head that told him if he got permission he wouldn’t feel so bad.

"k-keep going." Jensen pushed the towel away and firmly grasped his baby brother’s cock. Jared gasped and arched into the touch. "Please...more." Jensen rubbed his thumb over his brothers weeping head. "Jensen." moved his other hand to cup Jared's heavy balls and felt his pupils dilate when his brother whimpered and unexpectedly came. Jared panted for lost breath and blushed and looked away from Jensen. "sorry." was said in soft embarrassment.

"it's okay. At least we took the edge off." Jensen grabbed his oil and moved to be by his Jared's feet. Jared propped himself up on his elbows to see what Jensen was doing. He yelped and fell on his back when Jensen yanked his legs up so his calves rested on his shoulder.

His face turned a lovely shade of red that greatly resembled a tomato and he pressed his knees together for some sense of modesty. "What are you doing?"

"I was going to make sure my massage was through but I'll stop if you want me to."

Jared bit his lip in quiet contemplation. "what...what are you going to do?"

"it'd be easier to show you then to tell you."

He looked into his brothers eyes. "will it hurt?"

"If I do everything right, it shouldn't." Jensen rubbed his thumb in s soothing pattern on the outside of Jared's thigh. Jared took a deep calming breath before jerkily nodding his head. Jensen smiled down at his brother. "I'll take care of you, I promise." Jensen gently pried his brother’s knees apart and pulled him so his ass hung over the edge. He knelt on the floor so his head was level with Jared's tan globes.

Jensen pulled Jared's cheeks apart and blew against the winking hole. "w-what are you doing?" Jared could feel Jensen's breath getting Warner as he got closer. "wait, wait its dir-ngh fuck!"

Jensen passed his tongue over the hole in a few more quick swipes before reps ending his brother. "Watch your mouth." Jared nodded absently before reaching between his legs to grab at his brothers hair and yanking him closer. Jensen chuckled before diving back in.

Every suck, swirl, nip was answered with a greedy groan, gasp, moan. Jensen pushed Jared's legs so his knees were pressed to his chest. "Hold them." Jared grabbed a knee in each hand and held them in place for his brother. As Jensen worked his tongue in and out of his brother’s greedy little hole he gently ran his finger along with his tongue over the pink puckered flesh before gently wiggling his finger inside. He slowly pulled it out before gently pushing back in. He worked his single finger in and out of the quivering mass that was his brother until he heard and saw his brothrs breath hitch and his body tense when he ran a finger over his prostate.

“Jensen?” He asked worriedly.

“It’s okay.” Jensen pressed harder.

Jared took a jerky breath and let out a loud moan. “Jensen…I don’t-” He quickly cut himself off when Jensen suddenly stood and coated his fingers with the oil that he used for an entirely different purpose earlier. Jared looked at his brother with wide eyes.

“Do you know what I’m going to do with this?” Jared nodded. “Are you okay with that?” Jared nodded, if possible, even faster. “Put your legs back on my shoulder and relax.” Jared did as he was told. The first finger that slid in was familiar and Jared only wiggled try to find that spot again. A gentle and on his waist stopped his movements and he winced slightly but quickly relaxed when a second finger quickly followed the first. He felt the fingers twist, turn and spread apart in a desperate attempt to make the small opening pliant enough for his brothers eventual entry.  Those two fingers soon changed to three  and Jared  let out a low sound that showed it hurt. Jensen moved the hand on his waist to his dick that he hadn’t even noticed was hard and dribbling on his lower stomach. His attention was pulled away from the finger in his ass to the hand on his dick and he had to admit it was an amazing distraction.

He was so entranced by the hand on his dick that he didn’t even realize the fingers were pulled out until he felt the slick head of his brothers dick nudging at his hole.  His whole body tense and he was hit with a sudden wave of panic and nervousness. He looked at his brother with wide hazel eyes. “I’m scared.”

“Do you want me to stop?”

“It’s just I’ve never…I’m a…” He gnawed on his lower lip. “I’m a virgin.” He said with a furious blush.

“You’re 15, I’d be mad if you weren’t.” Jensen said with a smile.

“A lot of my friends aren’t.”

“Something tells me a few of them are lying.” He ran a gentle hand through his brothers hair. “We don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.”

“No I do I’m just nervous is all.”

“Tell me when.” Jensen waited for a signal from his brother and when he heard the soft okay he pushed just the head into his brother. Jared flinched slightly at the breach but didn’t tense. “Slowly or all at once?”

“Slowly.” Jensen slowly eased into his brother trying desperately not to just shove all the way in. When he notice his brother starting to tense up to the point it was getting hard to press in the swooped down to kiss him for the first time that evening. Jared let out a surprised sound and Jensen pressed quickly in the last few inches. He slowly kissed his brother all lips and slippery tongues until Jared was once again relaxed. He reached between their bodies and worked the half softened flesh back into full hardness.

His first few movements were shallow and jerky. More of a roll of his hips than an actual thrust.  He started to pull out more and more until the sound of skim slapping against skin filled the air. Jensen’s mouth swallowed the soft sounds that escaped from his little brother and their kiss quickly devolved from a tongue filled passion to the sharing of hot breath their lips only millimeters apart. Jensen moved that he was standing straight up and had better leverage to fuck into his brother. When he shifted and rammed into Jared’s prostate Jared let out a loud yell and quickly clamped a hand over his mouth in embarrassment.

A sly smile spread across Jensen’s face. He moved Jared so he was laying on his side he moved one leg  to stay resting on his shoulder while the other he bent and the knee and had resting on the massage table. This new position made it much easier for him to his Jared’s prostate. Jared let out a scream that was only just muffled by the hand on his mouth. He scrunched his eyes shut trying and willing himself to stop making the embarrassing sounds. He gave up and used his now useless hand to try and find purchase on the smooth sweat and oil covered surface on the massage table.  He hadn’t even realized he was babbling until Jensen spoke.

“No God, just me.”

“Mmmmnnnhhh….oh God.” He reached a hand down to try and jerk himself to end the unending brutal pleasure but his hand was slapped away.

“Please Jensen. Please I need to come I can’t take it. It’s to much.”

“Just wait a little longer.”

“I can’t. Oh my god, I can’t.” Jared’s moans and please filled the room drowning out the sound of their skin slapping together. Then he felt the familiar coils of heat starting in the pit of his stomach, a sensation that felt similar to when he jerked off in his room only a million times better.  “I think…I’m gonna come.”

Jensen could feel the sweat dripping down his body and his brother hot slick deliciously tight channel worked around him. “You think or you are?”

Jared’s hand reached for his dick but before he could make contact he was slapped away again. His hands moved to pull at his hair instead the sudden tug at his hair by his own hand sent a sharp unexpected zing of pleasure straight to his dick and that was all he needed. “I’m coming.” He shot his load all over his stomach, chest and surprisingly a few spurts hit Jensen’s chin. His cock jerked along with his body as brutal aftershock ran wildly through his body as Jensen kept thrusting and hitting his prostate in a desperate search for his own orgasm. He let out a whine when the sharp pleasure became painful and that was apparently what Jensen needed. He let out a grunt and swore deep in his throat before spilling deeply inside of his brother. He leaned heavily against the table trying to catch his lost breath and basking in the feeling of a mind blowing orgasm.

There was a sound of a crack then Jared screamed when the massage table suddenly collapsed with him still on it. Jensen managed to catch himself and stopped himself from squishing his brother. Jared stared at Jensen’s equally wide eyes before a huge smile broke out across his face and a burst of laughter bubbled out, Jensen couldn’t help but to also laugh. As their laugher died down Jensen gently pulled out of his brother and rolled to lie on the floor next to him. “I’m surprised it didn’t break earlier.”

Jared made a sound of agreement in his throat. They laid there in a comfortable silence before Jared spoke. “You remember when I got mad at you when you told me you had a boyfriend?”


“I wasn’t really mad that you were gay I was mad that you had a boyfriend that wasn’t me.”

“I realize that now.” Jensen turned to face his brother. “If it makes you feel any better we broke up.”


“He said it was weird that I cared about you so much.”

“Oh.” Jared turned to face Jensen. “So where does that leave us?” He slowly moved his hand to lie near Jensen’s.

He covered Jared’s hand with his own. “Where ever you want it to.” He noticed a hickey on Jared’s neck he didn’t recall putting there; it looked slightly painful to be honest. “Did I do that?” He said running their twined fingers over the mark, Jared nodded. “Good because if you said no I was going to have to kick Sandra’s ass.”

“Samantha.” Jared corrected.




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