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Talking Helped (Past-8 Days after Stiles kicked out Scott)

It had been a little over a week since Stiles had kicked out of his bedroom and Scott had realized that he hadn't been the best of friends to Stiles since he found out he was pregnant. He didn't know if it had anything to do with the fact that Derek Was his Alpha now and Derek's avoidance of Stiles transferred to him or if he was just being a douche. He leaned against Stiles' car as he waited for him to leave school; he even skipped the last fifteen minutes of his class to make sure he didn't miss him.

When Stiles walked out of the front doors and saw Scott leaning against the side of his car he let out a sigh. He thought about turning around and going back inside but Scott looked up and saw him standing in the door way. He took a hesitant step towards Stiles but thought it better to wait for him to come over instead. Stiles slowly approached his car.

"What do you want Scott."

"I wanted to apologize."

"Apology accepted now can you move so I can get in my car."

"But I didn't even get to-"

"I have to pick up Tyler from Derek's" He interrupted.

"Let me ride with you."


"Please. I just want to apologize and if you won't wait for me to do it here then let me ride with you and do it in the car."

Stiles let out a groan. "Fine, whatever, get in the car."

Scott quickly climbed inside and waited for Stiles to start driving. "First off I'm sorry for avoiding you when I found out you were pregnant. I'm still not sure if it was intentional or if it was some subconscious Alpha thing but I'm sorry either way." Scott Started off. "I knew Tyler was a boy, Derek told us the night he was born at the pack meeting but he wouldn't tell us his name, but now I know why, you named him after his Dad." He looked over to Stiles who was focused on the road but the drumming of his thumb on the steering wheel let him know Stiles was listening. "Jackson isn't my new bestfriend. Derek bit him after the whole Peter situation and it turns out he's an Omega. He's like the pack caregiver babysitter or something like that I wasn't really listening when Derek was talking. Danny is too, Derek bit him after Jackson brought him to him. Apparently he and Jackson had this thing going on and he got a little carried and way and clawed and bit him. Derek bit him to save his life."

A silence fell between the two until Stiles finally spoke up. "I didn't hear an apology in that long winded spiel."

"I'm sorry first for being a shitty friend. I'm sorry second for not even knowing your son's name. I'm sorry I let you think Jackson had taken your place. "I'm sorry for kissing Lydia and I'm extremely sorry for ditching your for Allison last year. I know this doesn't fix everything but can we please at least be civil even if you don't want to be my best friend anymore?"

"Ugh. You're like a freaking puppy." Scott gave a confused but sad face. "How can I be mad at you when you make that ridiculously dopey face combined with that heartfelt but crappy apology? I shouldn't get over it that easily but I am. Yes we can be friends again but you're going to have to work your way back up to bestfriend status." Stiles pulled up to the front of Derek's house, put the car in park, and looked over at Scott who had a megawatt smile. "Stop smiling like that you look like the Cheshire cat." If possible Scott smiled harder.

"God I missed you." Scot unbuckled his seat belt and started to lean over towards Stiles. Stiles in his state of panic couldn't unbuckle his seatbelt.

"Scott don't you dare!" Scott pounced. "Ack! Let me go!" Scott hugged his friend tightly. "Scott!" Stiles let out a yelp when he felt fingers dance across his sides. "Scott! Scott! No! Hahahahah!" He wiggled uselessly in his seat. "Scott!" Scott continued to tickle his best friend and Stiles tried desperately to get free. Neither teen noticed the envious eyes watching from living room window.


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