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Happy Birthday (Present- Tyler's 1st birthday)

Tyler stared with wide eyes at the glowing flickering lights the were sitting atop the colorful thing that was sitting before him. He kept reaching out to touch the flickering lights but his Dad kept pushing his hand away, he was starting to get upset he just wanted to touch. He filched a little at the sudden sound of the voices coursing together. When they stopped the people around him looked expectantly.

"Blow." He watched as his Dad pushed air out of his mouth so he did the same. He heard everyone laugh. "Blow the candles silly." His Dad pointed at the glowing flickering bright things so he blew them and with some help, they went out. Everyone cheered and clapped so he did too and everyone laughed more. His Daddy pulled the things that used to be bright out of the small colorful thing and put a bib around his neck before nudging it closer.

"Taste." Tyler looked up at his Daddy. Usually when he heard that word it meant he was going to have to eat something he didn't like or didn't know what it was. Daddy swiped some of the blue stuff off the cake and rubbed it onto his lips. Tyler hesitantly licked it off, it was good. He jammed both his hands into the colorful tasty thing and shoved them into his mouth. He smiled up at his Dad who had the bright flashy thing that he sometimes saw his face on. A glob of cold stuff was put next to the thing he was already eating. It was dark and it was good.

Today was his birthday. He had no idea what it was but he thought that he liked it. He got to have all this food and he got to do anything he wanted and got to tear things apart that had toys inside and he didn't even get into trouble. After he ripped open the paper he played with toys and other little kids that were at the party and his Dad, Daddy, and Uncles, Aunts and Grandpa.

There was a lady who came with red hair. She knelt down in front of him like his Dad did when he came home from school or work. "Derek's going to regret kicking me out of his pack." Derek? That was his Daddy's name. He didn't like the red lady. She smelled like something he used to smell but he didn't know anymore. She was pretty and she was smiling but her smell was wrong. She didn't smell like everyone else when they smiled.

She pulled out a medium sized package from behind her back and handed it to Tyler. He remembered from earlier that he had to rip the pretty paper to get to the thing underneath. It was a wolf, like his Uncles and Daddy. He had eyes that looked like his and his Dad's and it was so soft. He held the soft wolf to his chest and gave the red head a huge smile. He remembered her now; she used to come over all the time then one day she didn't. He was going to give her a hug when he was scooped up and the toy was ripped from his hand and tossed away.

Daddy was growling at the red lady and she was looking back with a scary face. Dad was checking him over and asking him if he was okay. He didn't know what was going on he was starting to get scared and scratchy. He rubbed his cheek with his hand but his Dad snatched it away, he tried to use his other hand but his Dad kept holding it. Tyler let out a soft whine and tried to rub his now burning cheek.

"Derek! Something's wrong!" Dad only said Daddy's name like that when bad things were going to happen.

"What did you do?" The red lady didn't answer. "What did you do!"

His stomach hurt, why did his stomach hurt? "Oh no." His Dad picked him up and bent him slightly over and everything came back up. Tyler started to cry everything was hurting; he needed Dad or Daddy to make it better. He tried to curl into his Dad's chest but his Dad wouldn't let him and he felt more stuff come up. "Derek please! Something's wrong!" Dad was crying and everyone else was staring.

"Stiles! What's going on?" It was Grandpa. When Grandpa looked at Daddy he reached for his shiny pointer in his pocket.

"Hale! What the hell is wrong with you!"

"Dad, don't! Put it away! I'll explain later!"


"I need you to take me to the hospital. Now. Please." Grandpa didn't wait and Dad held him close. His stomach felt better but now he couldn't breathe. Dad must have noticed because he asked Grandpa to drive faster. Tyler started crying harder, it was getting dark, and he didn't like the dark, bad things happened in the dark.

A/N: I'm sorry Tyler! Please review!

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