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Jensen slid into the empty seat and smiled brightly at the other occupant of the table. “Sorry I’m late, had a doctor’s appointment.”

“Everything alright?”

“Yeah. I’ve been feeling a bit off lately so I made an appointment.” Their conversation was interrupted by their waiter coming over.

“What would you two like to drink?”


“Apple juice, please.” The waiter nodded left.

“Apple juice? Since when do you pick Juice over coffee?”

“Since I found out that I am pregnant.” Silence fell over the table only slightly interrupted by the waiter setting down their drinks.

“You’re what?” The other occupant asked in shock.

“I’m pregnant.” Jensen repeated, this time with less enthusiasm and confidence.

“Don’t you think you should be saying this to Jared?”

“Saying what to Jared?” Jensen turned in his seat to see Jared standing there with a look of confusion on his face.

“Jared! Hi!” Jensen said surprised. “What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be at work?”

“I’m on my lunch break.” Jared said brows furrowed in confusion at Jensen’s obvious nervousness. “What are you doing here with…?”

“Grant.” The man offered.

“Grant.” Jared finished.

“We were having lunch.” Jensen said quickly. “Are you staying here or going back to the hospital or…?”

“He can eat with us. I don’t mind.” Grant spoke up.

Jared took in Jensen’s obvious discomfort. “You know what; I think I’m just going to eat at the hospital cafeteria.” Jensen watched Jared leave before turning back to Grant.

“Do you think he heard?”

“No, but I don’t think he likes me much.”

Jensen smiled. “He doesn’t realize he knows you. He knows you as ‘my co-worker Mr. Feorelli’.”

“He probably thinks you’re having an affair.” Grant said with a chuckle.

“That isn’t funny. I would never cheat on Jared.” Jensen said seriously.

“I know that and you know that, but does Jared know that?”

Frankie peeked over the transom

And there to her surprise

She saw her lovin-man Johnny

With that high-browed Nellie Bly

He was her man, and he was doing her wrong

“The music here sucks.” Jensen mumbled to himself.


Three weeks after the restaurant incident Jensen found himself on his hands and knees with Jared thrusting into him to the point of almost pain but he had no intention of telling him to stop, it felt entirely way too good. “Jared! Fuck! S’good!” Jared growled out some incoherent response that Jensen couldn’t decipher. Jared had his hands pinned on the side of head and had his face ace buried din Jensen’s neck sucking up marks and leaving imprints of his teeth. “Please!” Jensen gasped at the shift of angle and harder thrusts. “Shit! Please! Pleasepleasaeplease!”


“Yours! Oh my god! Yours!” His orgasm ripped through him so harshly he couldn’t stop his vision of whiting out then it was dark. He was pulled from his sleep a few hours later by the sound of his phone vibrating on the bedside table. He reached out blindly for his phone and squinted at the bright screen it was 3 in the morning what in the hell did grant want. “’lo?”

“I need you to come over.”


“I think Jessie is cheating on me. His phone rang in the middle of the night and he went into the other room to answer it.”

“Do you think he was trying not to wake you?”

“Jensen I’m serious.”

“Hold on.” Jensen carefully slid from under Jared’s arm, out of the bed, and into the hall outside their bedroom. “Okay now what’s going on?”


Jared reached out to pull Jensen close only to find his side of the bed empty. He furrowed his brows and listened out to see if he was in the bathroom. He was slightly surprised to hear his coming from the hall way.

“Grant I’m not coming over, it’s three in the morning...Yes he’s sleep but there’s no guarantee he’ll stay that way...He’s my husband I know his sleeping habits…Grant, no…Grant, Grant listen to me…What? No, don’t…Okay, okay, fine I’ll come over.”  Jared closed his eyes and pretended as if he were still asleep. He listened as Jensen quietly changed his clothes and pulled on his shoes. “I can believe I’m doing this.” Jensen leaned over Jared and kissed his cheek. “Please don’t wake up.”

Jared heard their bedroom door gently click shut and his eyes flew open. He listened as the front door squeaked, Jensen’s car starting up and pulling out of the drive.  He sat up and pulled the black locked box from under the bed. This was the last straw.


Jensen sat on Grant’s couch listening to his distraught friend babble on about how his fiancé has been sneaking off lately and had been keeping secrets. “…even our sex life is different!”

“Too much information.” Jensen said with a shake of his head. “Why did you wake me up at the in the morning for this Grant? I left a perfectly good bed with my husband to help you.”

“I just…how do I find out if he is or isn’t? I mean do I just ask him? Will he tell me the truth if he is? If he isn’t how do I ask without coming off like a total ass!”

“Grant I don’t-” there was a loud harsh knock on the front door. “Who is that?” Grant shrugged and rose to answer the door. He looked up in confusion when Grant slowly backed back into the room with his hands up in surrender. “Grant?” Grant took a few more steps back and the reason for his odd behavior was revealed. “Jared?” He had a gun pointed at Grant.


“Jared what are you doing?” Jensen asked nervously.

“Why wouldn’t you just tell me?” Jared asked harshly, gun pointed steadily at Grant.

“What are you talking about? Tell you what?” Jensen asked cautiously.

“That you were having an affair!”

“What? I’m not having an affair!”

“Yes you are! And he’s the one you’re having it with!”

“I’m not cheating on you I swear!”

“Don’t lie to me! I’m not and idiot! I know you’re having an affair. The running late after work, the busy weekends, I even saw you together!” Jared was sweating, his face was read, and his hand was shaking.

“Jared I’m a teacher! If the kids need help I stay after. The busy weekends are because The Valentine’s Day dance is on Friday, and you see us together because we’re the only two teachers working on it.” Jared turned his gaze to Jensen but kept his gun firmly trained on Grant. “Jared please put the gun down and listen to me.” Jared held the gun steady So Jensen kept talking. “Do you remember me talking about my co-worker who was like my needy little brother? Mr. Feorelli? That’s Grant’s last name. Jared, please…please put the gun down.” Jared readjusted his grip on the gun and shook his head no. “Give it to me.” Jensen took a hesitant step toward Jared, hand outstretched. “Give me the gun and we’ll go home and talk about this.”

Jared looked between Grant and Jensen before lowering the gun slightly and holding his hand out for Jensen to take. Grant sagged in obvious relief and watched Jensen reach out for the gun. Grant looked up at the sound of quickly approaching footsteps. “NO!” Grant’s yell was too late. Jamie had charged into the house and ran straight for Jared. When Jamie’s body connected with Jared’s the sound of the gun going off filled the house.  Jared stared with wide eyes at the red that was quickly blossoming on the front of Jensen’s shirt. He threw the gun away from him and shoved Jamie away and crawled over to Jensen’s crumpled form.

“Jensne? Jensen!” Jared pressed his hand against the wound on Jensen’s stomach. “Jensen oh my god! I’m so sorry! It wasn’t supposed to be loaded! I thought I emptied it! I just wanted to scare him! Jensen!” Tears were dripping off Jensen’s chin and landing on Jensen’s already soaked shirt.

“Jared?” Jensen said in a soft voice.

“Yeah baby?” Jared choked out.

“Is it,” Jensen swallowed. “Is it a bad thing that I don’t feel anything?”

Jared vaguely heard Grant yelling at Jamie that Jared was giving Jensen the gun. “Call an ambulance!” He turned his attention back to Jensen. “I don’t know Jen. I’m so sorry.”

“You’re the doctor; you’re supposed to know these things Sasquatch.” Jensen said with a smile, trying to lighten the mood.

Jared shook his head. “I can’t think right now Jen.” Jared sniffled. “I’m so sorry I never meant to hurt anyone!” Jared wept. He could hear the sirens in the distance. “The ambulance is on its way. I can hear it Jensen.”


“Yes baby?”

“I’m-I’m pregnant.” Jensen swallowed. He was starting to feel the pain; tears were rolling down his cheeks. “I-I wanted to surprise you.”

“That’s fantastic!” Jared said with a watery smile.


“Save your energy Jen. Don’t talk.”

“But I’m cold.” Jensen said with an air of defeat. “I’m so cold.”


Jensen heard a distant whooshing sound that was starting to drive him crazy, he let out a soft groan and look a look around the room. He let out an aggravated sigh, he was at the hospital, he hated being in the hospital. He reached out for the bed control that would prop the bed up and was surprised when he looked down to see his stomach was slightly rounded. “Whoa, when did that happen?” He lifted his blanket and pulled up his gown to see his stomach. He wasn’t particularly big, it was just noticeable. There were two monitors that were strapped to his stomach which he figured out were to monitor the baby. He saw a bandage on his stomach that was a few inches above his belly button. His head jerked up when his door opened and a nurse walked in.

“Oh! You’re awake!” Jensen nodded, not sure what he was supposed to say. “The doctors took you off the medical coma two days ago but you were kind of still out of it.” Jensen nodded again. “Well I’m just here to check on the little guy and another nurse will be here in a few to check on you.”

“It’s a boy?” Jensen asked in surprise.

“Yeah…you didn’t know?” Jensen shook his head no. “Oh…sorry for telling.”

“It’s okay.” Jensen watched her as she read the monitors output.

“Everything seems to be going fine.”

“Can you tell me what today is?”

“The 28th.”

“I missed Valentine’s Day.”

“Yeah…but there’s this really tall guy who keeps stopping by to ask about you but he never comes in.”

“Next time he comes, bring him in, even if I’m sleeping.”


Jensen woke up to the sound of someone sniffling. He cracked his eyes open and looked to see Jared crying with his face buried in his hands.

“Jared?” Jared’s head jerked up and he stared with red rimmed hazel eyes into deep sleepy green. “I missed you.” Jared only stared for a few seconds longer before looking away. “What’s wrong?”

“Are you really going to ask me that?” Jared said softly. “I shot you.”

“You didn’t mean to.” Jensen said softly.

“But I shot you Jen. How can you be okay with that?”

“I never said I was okay with it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pissed you shot me, but it was an accident. I’m angrier with Jessie then I am with you. I am mad that you thought I was cheating on you though.”

“Grant explained everything to me while you were here. I feel like an idiot on top of the guilt for shooting you. I um…I got arrested.”

“What? Why?”

“I shot you Jen. Grant post my bail and I’ve been sitting at home waiting for you to wake up. The officers were waiting for you to wake up to set a court date. Grant and Jamie tried to explain it was an accident but they wanted to hear your side of the story.”

Jensen nodded and looked at Jared’s face and noticed he was looking at his slightly rounded stomach. “It’s a boy. I really wanted it to be a girl but I’m still happy.” Jared smiled softly. “Want to touch?” Jared quickly shook his head no and tried to move his hands away but Jensen gently took his hand into his. “It’s okay.” Jensen pushed the blanket down and pulled his gown up before placing Jared’s giant palm on his stomach. Jensen felt a quick flutter on the inside but knew Jared couldn’t feel it, not for another month at least. “Everything’s going to be okay. I promise”


Jared held his fussy seven month old son and was trying desperately to get him to fall asleep. He wouldn’t take his bottle and Jensen was gone with Grant who asked Jensen to come with him to go baby shopping. He was relieved when he heard the sound of the key turning in the lock and bags being placed on the floor. Jensen came into the living room and smiled at the fussy baby in his husbands arms before gently taking him and sitting down on the couch. He pulled up his shirt and cradled Jaysen’s head as he greedily sucked away.

“I still think it’s weird that you breast feed.” Jared said with a fond smile.

“Yeah well try being the one doing the breast feeding.” Jensen said with a chuckle. “Go get the black bag and bring it in here.” Jared did as he was told; he sat on the couch neck to Jensen and watched as he switched Jensen over to his other nipple. “Open it.”

Jared opened the bag and pulled out a small wrapped package that hard a card attached. He opened the card and read it aloud. “You shot an arrow through my heart.”

“That’s not what it says.”

Jared sighed and stared at the card. The word heart was scribbled out and replaced with stomach. And there were words written in Jensen’s curly scrawl. “You shot an arrow through my stomach even though you meant to aim for my heart. I love you with everything I am. Love Jensen and Jaysen.” Jared closed the card and laid it on the table. “I love how you think it’s funny to play with my guilt.”

“I told you I forgive you; now it’s time you forgive yourself.” He nodded towards the wrapped gift that still lied on the table. “Open it.” Jared ripped the wrapping off of the gift and opened the box before promptly slamming the lid back shut scarlet staining his cheeks. “Do you like it?”

“Jen that’s a…”

“I know.” Jensen said with a dirty smile.

“How did you even…”

“I know my husband.”

“When do you want to use it?”

“I was thinking more along the lines of using it on you, tonight.”

“Tonight?” Jared squeaked.

“My mom already said she’ll watch Jaysen.”

Jared opened the box and looked inside again before smiling widely. “I’ll pack his overnight bag.” Jared leaped up from the couch and ran up the stairs two at a time Jensen’s laugh following him the entire way.

Jared looked down into wide open hazel green eyes. “Your Dad is a kinky man.” Jensen said with a laugh.

“I heard that!” Jared yelled down the stairs.

“You were supposed to!” Jensen yelled back. He heard the soft lyrics coming from the radio that he just noticed was on   

‘…Well this story has no moral

And this story has got no end

Well the story just goes to show  you women

That there ain’t no good in men-’

Jensen quickly searched for the stereo remote and turned it off. “God I hate that song.”


Song is Frankie and Johnny

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