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Title: Strike Three
Author: Aleshia10
Word Count: 693
Rating: PG
Summary:  What made him growl was the fact that Stiles was at the restaurant with a wolf that wasn’t Derek and wasn’t someone in their pack, and to make matters worse he was touching his son. Pretending!Verse
Warnings: Written in a rush.Disclaimer: I make no money and I don’t own the characters or the people who play them.

Strike Three

Derek stopped in his tracks as he caught the smell of Stiles and Tyler mixed with another scent he has smelled before but couldn’t place. He looked around trying to find the source of the smell and felt a growl form in his throat when he looked inside the pizzeria and saw Stiles inside. What made him growl was the fact that Stiles was at the restaurant with a wolf that wasn’t Derek and wasn’t someone in their pack, and to make matters worse he was touching his son. It was only a half second of hesitation before he was heading towards the pizzeria.


Stiles sat across from his friend Anthony and laughed as he told him about how the youngest pups of his pack had learned how to shift on accident and scared themselves when they looked in the mirror.  Stiles smiled at Tony as he played with a sleepy Tyler’s foot who sat contentedly in his car seat on top of the table. Tony noticed and smiled back making Stiles blush.

“You know if you weren’t so in love with his father I’d mate you.”

Stiles blushed harder. “Well sometimes I wish I wasn’t.”

Tony reached across the table and placed his hands on top of Stiles’. “I may have only known you for a few months but I care about you stiles. And when you’re ready to move on I’ll be here for you, and so will my pack.”

“And if I never move on.” He asked softly fiddling with Tony’s fingers that were twined with his own.

“Then I’ll be content with what we have.” He said with a sincere smile. “Plus, as long as I get to keep saying this little guy we can be friends forever.” He said while caressing the 3 month olds tiny hand.

Stiles was going to respond when the door to the pizza place burst open and the door was filled with Derek’s hulking figure.  Stiles looked up mouth slightly open. “Derek?” The angry alpha stomped over to their table. Stiles didn’t have any time to react before Derek had Tony by the collar of his and threw him across the restaurant. “Derek!” Derek whipped his head around and glared at the teen with glowing red eyes. “What are you doing?!”

He turned his attention back to Tony. “You need to leave.”

“You can’t tell my friends what to do.” Stiles snapped, he would’ve said more but Tyler started to cry.

Derek walked over to the other wolf that was dusting himself off, but making no move towards leaving. “You’re encroaching on my territory. You need to leave.”

“By territory do you mean mate?” Tony said with a smirk. “My family has lived here for the past year and you never cared that we were here, but the instant I start talking to him you blow a fuse.”

“You weren’t talking. You were touching him and my child.”

“You won’t claim him, he’s fair game. From what I gathered you want nothing to do with him.” Derek only growled. “Besides I think you’ve pissed him off.” Derek turned to see Stiles angrily walking towards the parking lot with Tyler’s car seat secured in his hand.


Stiles angrily but carefully secured Tyler’s car seat in place and slammed the door shut. He jumped when he turned to find Derek standing angrily behind him. He glared at the Alpha and turned to get into the car but was stopped by a string grip on his arm. “What Derek? What could you possibly want!” Stiles snapped; Derek only looked at Stiles expectantly. “God why must you ruin everything! I try and try to get over you but every time I get three steps away you make me take four steps back!” Tears burned at his eyes. “You’ve told me multiple time you want nothing to do with me other than Tyler so what do you want!” When he was once again greeted with silence he yanked his arm free and yanked the drives side door open. He wasn’t expecting to be slammed against the side door or to have his lips covered by Derek’s.


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