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Title: Thongs and Garters
Word Count:854
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: rimming, Stiles in girls underwear
Summary: Stiles indulges Derek in his kink fr his birthday.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, I make no money, I don't own any characters


Even though they’ve been together for five years Stiles still blushes and gets frustrated whenever he decides to indulge Derek’s kink. In all fairness he should be doing this for the wolf more often but he always puts up a fight. He peeked his head around the corner of their bedroom door to see Derek already undressed lounging on their bed. The wolf arches an eyebrow and motions for the younger man to come inside. A Stiles hesitates briefly before fully stepping into the room. He looks up at his Alpha and lover and blushes and looks away when he sees the obvious hunger in his eyes.

“I feel ridiculous.” He mumbles.

“You say that every time, but you always put it on for me.”

“Yeah well…I love you so it’s the least I can do.” Stiles mumbled.

“Spin around so I can see.”

If Stiles’ face could get any redder it would, he felt ridiculous in the garter ensemble. He could feel Derek’s eyes boring into his ass when he sees that Stiles was in a thong. When he was facing Derek again he slowly climbed up onto the bed and straddled his lover. Derek pulls him down by the back of his head for a kiss which Stiles happily returns. When they pull apart Stiles is thrilled by Derek’s words. “I want you to ride me.” Stiles nods along in agreement and moves to take off the underwear. “Keep them on.”


“I want you to keep them on.” Stiles huffs but reaches for the lube and goes to hand it to Derek. “You do it.”

Stiles glares. “You’re being lazy.”

“It’s my birthday. I can be lazy.” Stiles clicks open the bottle of lube and covers his fingers in the slick substance. As he reaches back with both hinds he’s halted by Derek’s request/demand. “I want to watch.” Okay so Stiles was a little self-conscious, and Derek knew this. He developed a bit of a thing after seeing how ripped him, Scott, and Jackson were. He hated being exposed, literally and figuratively. It took 5 months to finally get convince him to have sex in the day time, and it took another 4 to get him to let the blind be open. It took 5 months to let him have the light on at night during sex. Hell He’s only ever watch Stiles masturbate once, and let’s not even talk about how bad he wants to rim him.

Stiles remained frozen. “Y-you want to what?”

“I want to watch you open yourself up on your fingers for my dick.”


“It’s my birthday.” Derek watched as Stiles slowly turned around in his lap and bends over. He licks his lips as one pale hand grabs the thong and pulls it aside along with one pale cheek. Derek deciding to be ‘helpful’ pulled Stiles close, chuckling at the yelp the spilled from Stiles, and pulled the pale cheeks apart. “Go ahead.” He encouraged, watching in fascination as stiles reached back and circled his hole with one slick finger before pressing in. Derek watched as that lovely pink hole greedily sucked in the lone finger. “Another.” Stiles obeyed and worked in another finger.

Stiles was so happy Derek couldn’t see his face. He hadn’t realized how much this would even turn him on as much as it was. Derek watching him work three fingers in and out of his hole made his cock throb painfully and dribble precome which soaked his panties, those stupid blue underwear and ridiculous garter and thigh highs. He squeaked and grabbed Derek’s hair and tried to pull him away.

“Don’t!” He tried to squirm away but one strong hand on his back pushing him down kept him in place pressed against the bed and his ass up in the air. “Don’t.” He moaned out. His body shuddered and jerked as Derek’s tongue ran across his pucker again. “It’s dirty.”

“You just got out of the shower.” Stiles scrambled against the bed sheets but by the time he finally got purchase on the slick bedding he couldn’t remember if he was trying to get closer or get away. Derek heard him whimper and press his as closer to his mouth.

“God why didn’t you ever do this before?” He panted heavily into the blankets.

Derek indulged for a few more minutes drowning in the sounds of his lover before pressing the of his larger fingers into Stiles’ hole to make sure he was stretched far enough before pulling stiles to sit up scotching stiles so his hole was hovering over his dick. “Sit.” Derek hissed as he watched and felt his dick sink inside his smaller lover.

Stiles slowly moved up and down the thick length. He looked over his shoulder to see Derek staring at his dick moving in and out. “So can we trade the panties for this?” Stiles asked hopefully, holding back a moan.

“Stiles, I think you’ve just created a monster.” Derek growled out before pushing Stiles onto the bed. Stiles suddenly remembered why he wore the panties, the thorough fucking through the mattress.


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Title: Tag You're Fucked

Word Count:549

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: sex in nature

Summary: Tag with Derek ends in a much better way then with anyone else.

Disclaimer: I own nothing, I make no money, I don't own any characters

Tag You’re Fucked

He had an hour head start in what had to be the most twisted game of tag in the world. Who seriously plays tag slash try not to get devoured by the wolf. Stiles let out a gasp “Fuck!” as he was tackled to the ground. He didn’t struggle as his pants were yanked down just far enough for his ass to be out, but moaned and squeaked when his pale cheeks were pulled apart and a hot wet tongue ran across his furled hole. He whined and pushed his ass out further trying to impale himself on the hot muscle. The tongue that was mapping his insides was quickly replaced by one, two, then three slicked fingers.  He cried out in protest when the fingers were yanked free then groaned in a mixture of satisfaction and pain as those fingers were replaced by a hard hot dick.

He pushed back into the hard thrusts and begged and pleaded for more. His arms couldn’t hold him any longer and he collapsed onto his forearms. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” The mantra played over and over in his head as his body was plundered. It wasn’t long until he heard the growl that told him has lover was close. He felt a hand wrap around his leaking prick and it wasn’t long before he spilt all over the forest floor. He felt liquid heat in his channel then his muscles gave out completely and he collapsed fully to the forest floor.

He lied there gasping for air and slowly rolled to his back. He lolled his head to the side to see Derek almost as disheveled as he was. His softening prick lay against his thigh covered in come lube. His pans were to his knees and his face held a slight flush. Stiles gave the wolf a lazy smile which was returned.

“How long did I last this time?”

“20 minutes.”

Stiles smiled. “See I’m getting better.”

“Not really. The only reason it took me 20 minutes was because I got distracted by Scott.”

“All part of my master plan.” Stiles said with a dramatic wave of his hand. He lied there a few moments longer before getting up to fix his clothes. “You know I never remember tag being this much fun when I was little and played with Scott.”

“Did it end with you getting fucked through the forest floor?”

“No it ended with me getting Oreo’s.” Stiles said with a fond smile. “I love Oreo’s.”

Derek rolled his eyes as he got resituated. “I’m sure you do.”

“You ruined another pair of my shirt and jeans.” Stiles said while inspecting the grass stains on his elbows and knees.

“Stop wearing good clothes when we play tag.”

“Stop being too lazy to get me fully undressed.” Stiles countered.

Derek looped and arm around Stiles’ waist and pulled him close as they headed back towards his house. “Do you really want to be naked in the woods with all this nature around? Nature is like sand. It has a tendency to get into unexpected places.”

“Okay then why don’t you go all cavemen and drag me back to your cave and have your way with me.” Before Stiles could register he found himself hefted over Derek’s shoulder. “What are you doing!?”

“You told me to go caveman and have my way with you.” Derek said casually as he continued his trek.

“I didn’t mean now! Put me down!” Derek ignored him. “Derek? Derek!”



Ummmm…..was that okay?


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