Jan. 23rd, 2012

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Reality Check

Stiles was completely exhausted, plain and simple. He got a grand total of 4 hours of sleep and it wasn’t even in at once. Tyler was teething from hell and wouldn’t sleep for more than 30 minutes at a time. When his first tooth came in he wasn’t nearly this cranky, and now with three coming in at once he was a baby from his worst nightmare. His lack of sleep was catching up to him and he was finding it hard to focus on his second to last class of the day. Scott sat next to Stiles and watched as his friend tried to fight of sleep.

“Go to sleep, I’ll take notes.” Stiles gave his friend a thankful look before laying his head on his desk and praying the teacher didn’t call on him.

“Stilinski!” Stiles quickly sat up and looked around and was slightly surprised to see their principle in the room. “Mr. Stilinski, I need to talk to you.” He turned to Scott who shrugged and shook his head not knowing what was going on. He grabbed his things and followed his principle from the room to his office. “Please have a seat.”

Stiles sat. “Whatever it is I didn’t do it.” Stiles said out of reflex.

“You aren’t in trouble.” The principle sat up in his seat. “I got a call from the hospital.” Stiles felt his heart jump into his throat. “There’s been an accident.”


Stiles ran as fast as his feet would carry him through the hospital. Stiles ran to the nurses’ station and asked for the room number; to impatient to wait for the elevator he ran the four flights of stairs and ran to the room. When he opened the door he felt tears of sadness, and relief fill his eyes. He quickly ran over to the beds occupant and enveloped him in a hug. He felt arms come around him and he held them tighter.

“Stop crying I’m fine.” Stiles hadn’t even realized the tears were falling. “Stiles.” Stiles crawled onto the bed and curled up against his father not even attempting to stop the tears.

“You almost died.” Stiles said miserably.

“I know, and I’m sorry.” The sheriff said hold Stiles close.

“I want you to retire.”


“Please. I can’t lose you. Tyler won’t ever be able to meet mom, I don’t want you to be taken away from him to.”

“Stiles I can’t just quit my job.”

“I didn’t say quit I said retire. Please. What if something worse happens?”

“What’s worse than getting shot three times?” Stiles didn’t answer but the Sheriff could feel the sobs wrecking his son’s body. He didn’t know how much time had passed but when the nurse came to get his vitals Stiles was still curled on the bed at his side only he was asleep.

“Visiting hours are over in an hour.” The sheriff nodded and the nurse left. An hour later The sheriff woke his son.

“You have to go.”

“I want to stay with you.”

“You have to get Tyler.”

“He’s with Derek.”

“Stiles I know you want to stay but you have to go. Visiting hours start at 7. You can skip school and spend the whole day with me, you can even bring Tyler.” Stiles reluctantly removed himself from the small bed.

“Did I hurt you?” Stiles asked softly

“I’ll survive.” The sheriff said with a smile. Stiles eventually pulled himself together and left the hospital and headed straight to Derek’s. As he pulled up he saw Lydia leaving the house in an angry huff. When we waved at her she growled and kept on stomping away. When he walked inside he found the remainder of the pack minus Allison in the living room. He didn’t have time to comprehend before Scott ran over and tackled him to the ground with a hug. Stiles Smiled and greedily hugged his friend back. Scott pulled away and helped his friend back up; he was soon enveloped in a hug by Jackson and Danny. Derek didn’t hug him, he took his hand and led him up to his bedroom.

“Lay down.” Stiles crawled into the middle of the bed after kicking off his shoes and burrowed under the covers. Derek crawled into the bed behind Stiles and pulled him to his chest. “It’s going to be okay.” Stiles nodded in agreement but still felt a few tears escape. Derek listened as Stiles breath evened out then slowed letting him know Stiles was sleep. He gently kissed Stiles’ head. “I love you.”


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