Jan. 24th, 2012

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Seventeen year old Jared stared blankly at the ring in the black velvet box. His flittered up briefly from the box to hopeful green eyes then back down to the ring that rested inside the box.

“I’m not proposing or anything it’s just a promise.” Jensen said nervously. “A promise that no matter what, I’ll always be there for you.” He took a deep breath. “I know your parents don’t like me and think four years is too much of an age gap but I love you and I want to eventually spend the rest of my life with you.” Jared gave Jensen a blinding smile and slipped on the promise ring with unbridled glee.

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Theme 07: Get Your Kink On (J2/CMM)
01.role play06.say my name11.heated16.wax play21.voyeurism26.biting
02.blindfold07.lubrication12.toys17.barebacking22.phone sex27.rimming
04.public sex09.bathing14.lick19.sharing clothes24.restraints29.latex
05.afterglow10.dirty talk15.breath play20.teasing25.jealousy30.begging

Theme 04: Lover's Rock (J2)

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Stiles stared at the overwhelming number of pregnancy tests. He finally said screw it and grabbed four random ones and walked to the counter. The cashier gave him a curious look as he rang him up. “For you or your girlfriend?”


“That explains the shaking.” He placed the last test in a bag. “$35.20” Stiles pulled out his wallet and paid. The cashier cocked his head to the side. “You’re part of Hale’s pack right?”

Stiles gave him wide eyes. “Excuse me?”

“I’m a werewolf too; I can smell him all over you.”

Stiles’ face turned a lovely shade of red. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

The cashier chuckled. “Let’s put it this way, I can already tell you now that you’re test are all going to be positive.” Stiles let out a groan. “I take it that it wasn’t planned then?”

“Planned?! I’m 16 and we aren’t even together and I’m pretty sure he hates me.”

“Well he obviously doesn’t hate you as much as you think if your current condition is anything to go by.”

“Yeah well when we woke up the next morning he made it painfully clear how much I didn’t mean to him.” Stiles said bitterly as he snatched the bag off of the counter and started to walk away.

“What are you doing Saturday?” The cashier called after him.

“Probably getting murdered by my Dad, why?”

“Come hang out with me.”

“Did you miss the part where I said I was going to get murdered?” Stiles said while taking another step away.

“I heard you but I just gave you a reason to fight for your life.” He said with a smile.

Stiles felt his face faintly heat up the guy had an amazing smile. “How do I know you aren’t some crazy wolf who’s out to kill me?”

“I wouldn’t be flirting with you if I was going to kill you.” Stiles blushed harder. “Meet me in the mall food court at 3. My name is Anthony by the way; Tony is what most people call me though.”

“Stiles; because my first name is ridiculously weird.” Tony smiled. “I’ll meet you there if I’m not dead.”

“Excellent.” Stiles quickly left the store before the blush on his face became any more noticeable.


Longest give minutes of Stiles life plain and simple. The timer went off on his phone and he quickly grabbed the test of the toilet seat. “No.” He groaned. “This can’t be right.” He quickly opened anther box and took another test. When he saw the results he used the last two to try and prove the other two wrong. He leaned against the bathroom door and slowly slid to the ground. This couldn’t be happening. They only had sex one time. Stiles felt tears of frustration and shame fill his eyes. How could he be so stupid and let this happen? His wallowing was cut short when he heard the front door close. He quickly gathered all the pregnancy tests and their boxes and shoved them in the bag he brought them home in. He ran out of the bathroom and into his room and shoved the bag under his bed before heading downstairs to greet his dad.

“You okay?”

“Yeah I just hit my foot off the door, nothing to worry about.” Stiles didn’t know if he should be grateful or upset that his dad fell for the obvious lie, Stiles still had his shoes on.

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Trick Or Treat

Derek watched as the photographer took pictures of Tyler who often looked at her with an awe stuck, doe eyed expression. Today was Tyler’s first Halloween and Stiles wanted to savor the moment. Stiles couldn’t take Tyler trick or treating because he promised to help his recovering Dad pass out candy. Tyler happily chewed away on the outside of a candy bar wrapper, eyes still obviously tired from having his nap cut short. He tossed away the candy bar and crawled over to his little drawer.

“Who’s all going with you?”

“As of now it’s just me, why?”

“Would it be okay if Tony went with you?” Stiles asked nervously.

“I guess.”

Stiles smiled and gave Derek a quick kiss on the lips. “Thank you. I already told him you said it would be okay so he’ll be here around 5.” Derek nodded and gave Stiles another kiss that was cut short by their son’s pitiful whine, a sound they knew was quickly followed by tears.

“Get him so I can change before you leave.” Stiles nodded and went pick up their fussy son. Stiles shared a few last words with the photographer before she left and called out to Derek telling him to hurry up. When Derek descended the Stiles didn’t know if he wanted to kiss him or laugh at him. Derek had on a brown sweater vest with a white button up dress shirt and navy tie underneath. A navy blazer with a matching pair of navy shorts that stopped just above his knees. A pair of gray dress socks that stopped just below the knee, a pair of brown dress shoes, and a navy colored ball cap in his hand.

“Oh my god you’re Christopher Robin.” Stiles readjust Tyler on his hip. “You’re Christopher Robin and Tyler’s Tigger and I really wish I had a camera because this is just priceless. I don’t know if I want to kiss you for having the balls to go out dressed like that or to laugh at you for the utter sappiness of the situation.” Stiles said with a smile. Tyler reached out for his Dad and Stiles easily handed him over and quickly dug out his cellphone.

“What are you doing?” Derek asked making a grab for the phone

Stiles stepped out of his reach. “Just let me take one picture.”

“No, Stiles.”

“Please Derek just one.”






“I’ll blow you if you let me.” Derek stilled and smiled for the picture. A knock came to the door and Stiles snapped two pictures before going to answer the door. “Why do you look like red riding hoods slutty sister?”

“I’m going to a party, not that it’s any of your concern.” It was Lydia. “Where’s Derek.”

“He’s in the play room with Tyler.”

Derek listened to her heal click against wood and muffle against carpet, when she appeared in the door way the smirk that was on her face slowly slid away. “Why aren’t you dressed?”

He looked Lydia over and realized Stiles’ earlier description was oddly accurate. “I never said I was going to the party. I said I’d think about it.”

“I bought your costume.”

“What you bought me was a strip of cloth hardly what I would consider a costume.”

“Am I missing something here?” Stiles asked looking between the two.

“Yes. You are.” Lydia snapped.

“No, you aren’t.”

A devious smirk crossed her features. “You never told him did you?”

Stiles brows furrowed. “Told me what?”

“I challenged your position as Alpha Female well considering you aren’t a girl it’d be Alpha Male.”

Stiles looked between the two with a look caught some place between hurt and confusion.

“Hey did you guys know that you left the front door wide open?” Tony stopped in his tracks and looked at the rooms occupants. “Is everything okay?” When no one answered Tony was about to ask again but was shocked into silence when Stiles suddenly lunged at Lydia.


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