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Title: Alphas and Omega(Complete)
Word count: 2,228
Pairing: J2/Misha
Rating: Hard R/NC-17
Summary: PWP, PWP, Misha’s first heat is turning out to be a little more daunting than either Alpha expected.
Warning: Knotting, underage,  Age difference (Jared 27/Jensen 29/Misha 15), slight bondage(hands tied),

Theme 07: Get Your Kink On (J2/CMM)
01.role play06.say my name11.heated16.wax play21.voyeurism26.biting sex27.rimming
04.public sex09.bathing14.lick19.sharing clothes24.restraints29.latex
05.afterglow10.dirty talk15.breath play20.teasing25.jealousy30.begging


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Title: Misfire
Characters: Jared, Jensen, two OMC's
Genre/pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: R/NC-17
Word-count: 2,640
Spoilers: None.
Warnings: Brief violence, Guns, Jealous!Jared, Mpreg, Angst....I think that's it.
Summary: Jensen was trying to keep his pregnancy a secret so he could surprise Jared on Valentine's Day. He had no idea that his keeping a secret would drive Jared into such a rage.
Disclaimer: I own neither J because last I checked slavery is illegal. Both man owns themselves and none of this ever happened because men can't get pregnant....unless I missed something in biology class. The only thing I own is this particular fic.
Notes:Written for the [info]mpregwinchester My Secret Valentine. Prompt by[ profile] deanlives which could be found here. A J does get shot but I there's a happy ending I swear. I hope you like it!

Title: Lost and Found
Rating: NC-17
Warnings/kinks:H/c, underage, age gap; (Jensen /24/Jared 16) 
Brief Summary:one night,older!Jensen stumbles upon homeless!Jared takes him home and feeds him...Jared says thank you

Title: Growing Pains
Rating: NC-17
Warnings/kinks:Incest, first time, underage (Jared 15/Jensen 23), h/c; 
Brief Summary:Jared's growing pains keep him sore all the time. Luckily, Jensen His older half brother is a physical therapist who gives AWESOME massages. Oils and everything. Hot and heavy massaging ensues.

Theme 04: Lover's Rock (J2)

Title: Starting Anew (WIP)
(Character Biographies)
(Chapter 1) (Chapter 2) (Chapter 3) (Chapter 4) (Chapter 5)
Word Count: WIP
Warnings: Description of child abuse, Violence, Language, Smut, Rimming, Toys
Characters/Pairings: Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki, Chris Kane/Steve Carlson, Chad Murray/James Lafferty, Tom Welling/Mike Rosenbaum, and Dean Ackles/Misha Collins, Genevieve Cortese, Danneel Harris, David Boreanaz, Sophia Bush, and Jason Manns (others mentioned).
Summary: Jensen is the average man, a second grade teacher, and has a identical twin brother who teaches high school. He just got out of a bad relationship and isn't looking for anything new. Jared is a recently single father, a successful actor, and not looking for much. When Jensen finds his son lost in the store, a friendship forms that could definitely turn into more.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, this never happened, totally fake!

Title: Musical Drabbles (Complete)
Summary: 10 drabbles based on the songs that my itunes picked on shuffle
Rating:G-as close to NC-17 as you can get in 3 minuets
Warnings: Smut & Toys
Characters: Jared/Jensen, Jeff, Chad, Chris
Word Count: ~2,300
Disclaimer: I own nothing and this most definitely, never happened

Title: Undercover Lover (complete)
Rating:Strong R close to NC-17Warning: Sex and violence
Disclaimer: Completely fake
Written For: spn_hardcore's 2nd 'Mpreg' - Meme
Prompt:Jensen used to be one of the best undercover cops doing the job then he went undercover in the Padalecki organization and fell for the top boss, Jared. Jensen was so very compromised, and couldn't turn Jared in - someone else had to do that. When they finally came to arrest Jared, Jensen had just found out he was pregnant. Jensen didn't tell anyone about his baby, especially since the angry cops who finally arrested Jared burned Jensen's cover - outing him as a cop to Jared and all his most trusted crew.
Jensen knew that he had to run - in a few months he would be too vulnerable, heavily pregnant with the baby. He also knew that the charges against Jared and company might not stick as well as the cops thought and Jensen had to protect his coming little one, it was the last piece of Jared he was allowed to have.
Bonus points: Jared always knew Jensen was a cop; Jared finds Jensen heavily pregnant and has to keep his crew from hurting him

Title: Undercover Lover (Complete & Chinese)
Translated by: Description: [info]nor_noreen
Strong R close to NC-17
Warning: Sex and violence
Disclaimer: Completely fake
Written For: spn_hardcore's 2nd 'Mpreg' - Meme
There are some truely amazing people in the world. About a month or so ago Description: [info]nor_noreen asked to translate Undercover Lover and I was so excited how could I possibly say no. So I am happy to present to you my first EVER translated fic. It's in Chinese and I can't read a lick of it but I still go to it just to look at it.

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Title: Summer Days
Rating: NC-17
Warnings/kinks:Underage(Dean 19/ Sam 15)
Brief Summary:Sam and Dean stay at Bobby's for a summer and have to share a bed. Lots of snuggling.

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Teen Wolf

Title: Tag You’re Fucked
Word Count:549
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: sex in nature
Summary: Tag with Derek ends in a much better way then with anyone else.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, I make no money, I don't own any characters

Title: How To Fall In Love In 32 Days (a.k.a Sequel to You Can't Leave Me) (WIP)
Rating: NC-17 
Word Count: WIP
Warnings: (eventual) Bareback (Practice safe sex wear condoms!), rough sex, language
Parings: Derek/Stiles, Derek/Scott, Stiles/Scott, Derek/Scott/Stiles
Summary: Sequel to You Can't Leave Me. They figured it wouldn't be hard to make Stiles stay. A few well placed kisses and he would bend to their every whim. They didn't think they would actually have to work to make him fall in love with them.
Disclaimer: I own nothing work of total fiction

TitleYou Can't Leave Me (Complete)
Word Count:3145
Rating: R/NC-17
Warnings: PWP (slight plot), rimming, slash, threesome 
Parings: Derek/Stiles, Derek/Scott, Stiles/Scott, Derek/Scott/Stiles
Summary:In retrospect, Stiles should have seen this coming. I mean the whole Derek fucking Stiles through the mattress, and Scott fucking him through the wall should’ve told him something.
Disclaimer: I own nothing work of total fiction


Title: Let's Pretend (Pt. 1)
Rating: PG

Title: You And Me (Pt. 2)
Rating: pg-13

TitleStrike Three (Pt.3)
Rating: PG

Title: Talking Doesn’t Help (Pt.4)
Rating: PG

Title: Dog Pile(PT 5)  
Rating: G

Title: (PT6) The Start
Rating: G

Title: Breakfast (7)
Rating: G

Title: That Awful Moment (8)
Rating: PG

Title: A Date (9)
Rating: PG-13

Title: Conception (Pt 10)
Rating: Someplace between R and NC-17

Title: Reality Check (Pt 11)
Rating: PG

Title: Confirmation (Pt.12)
Rating: G

Title: Trick or Treat (Pt 13)

Rating: G
Summary: “Oh my god you’re Christopher Robin.”

Fix You-14
Word Count: 1320

Summary-After School [after Breakfast], Stiles and Derek start fixing things
Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended. I own no one because slavery is illegal.

Talking Helped- 15
Rating: G
Word Count: 729
Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended. I own no one because slavery is illegal.

Yeah It Hurt, But I'm Stiles- 16
Rating: R/NC-17
Word Count: 2420
Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended. I own no one because slavery is illegal.

Happy Birthday-17
Word Count: 878
Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended. I own no one because slavery is illegal.

Fix You

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Fix You (Past- After School [after Breakfast])

Derek was used to having the group of teens show up at his house after school some time all of them came sometimes a few, and on a rare occasion none of them show up at all. He had asked Stiles to come over after school and Stiles said he would after he got yelled at by his Dad for being gone last night and not telling him where he was. So now at 3:40 it was just him and Tyler. He watched Tyler with a half-smile as he tried to master the art of holding his booboo keys. Ridiculous name for a toy, yes, but Tyler loved those stupid plastic keys on their brightly colored ring.

Derek was pretty sure Tyler was going to be a wolf. At 3 months and a week old he was doing things a lot earlier than his pediatrician's said he would. At two weeks old we was already lifting his head and now when they sat him up he looked all over the room. He also smiled and cooed when he knew or saw himself or Stiles near. The front door opened and he heard Jackson, Stiles, and Danny walking into the house. He heard Stiles let out a chuckle and say something about how he thought Jackson was with Scott before they finally talked.

"If Jackson so much as even thinks of Scott as more than our Alpha's Beta I'll castrate him." Danny growled out.

"Danny I think that would be more of a punishment for you than it would be for him." Stiles said with a chuckle.

"Stiles my friend, you have it all backwards." Derek heard Jackson's spluttered words trying to defend his wounded pride.

"Oh my god! Jackson you-and Danny you-I totally thought-ugh, how did I get that wrong!" The trio walked into the living room to see Derek sitting on the floor in front of Tyler in his bouncy seat. Stiles dropped his book bag and crawled on the floor over to Tyler with a smile on his face. "Hi baby! Did you miss me today? I missed you." Stiles unbuckled Tyler from his bouncer and pulled him into his lap. Derek inwardly smiled as he watched Stiles and Tyler together, Stiles fawning over their son and Tyler greedily soaking up the attention and laughing. "Aren't you so excited? Daddy got called off today so that means I get to spend my whole day with you. I was going to let you spend time with Grandpa but he's a little mad at me today so you can see him later or tomorrow." Tyler let out a happy screech. "You would think it's funny Grandpa is mad at me wouldn't you, taking after your other Dad already. What is he teaching you when I'm away?"

Stiles was so absorbed in his conversation he didn't notice the three pairs of eyes watching him. "And guess what I learned today? I learned that your Uncle Jackson is Danny's b-"

"Woah! Hey! That's enough of that conversation!" Jackson quickly interrupted. "How about Danny and I take Tyler upstairs to play while you and Derek talk."

Stiles laughed and handed Tyler to Jackson. "I was going to say baby you know."

"Yeah, sure, of course you were." Stiles watched Danny and Jackson disappear up the stairs before flopping back to lean against the couch.

"So…what did you want to talk about?" Derek moved to sit next to Stiles but didn't answer. "You know wanting to talk means you have to you know…actually talk." Derek cupped Stiles' cheek and leaned in to give him a deep, quick, but searing kiss. When he pulled away Stiles' eyes were closed but his brow was furrowed in confusion before his eyes blinked open.

"I'm an idiot." Derek said when Stiles' chocolate eyes finally locked on him. "I thought by pushing you away that it would hurt less when you left but I was wrong."

"I wasn't going anywhere." Stiles mumbled.

"I know that now but I didn't when your Dad came pounding on my door. After he threatened my life, he told me that you were either giving the baby up for adoption or he and you were moving. I knew you weren't going to give him up, you had already told me you weren't but I didn't want you to move either. I told your Dad I would only be in the baby's life, I hadn't meant to be such an ass about it but I didn't know how to be nice about it. Hell, is there a nice way to tell someone you're avoiding them?"

Derek moved to lean back against the couch. "When I saw you at the Pizzeria with that other wolf I snapped. It was easy to do when you were mad at me and I thought you were alone. You know how people say as long as the person they love is happy, even when it's not them then they're happy too? That's total and complete bull. You were laughing and touch and being happy with someone that wasn't me and I couldn't handle it."

"So you decided to attack my friend."

"I told you I was sorry." Stiles snorted. "And I meant it. That wolf and his family have lived here for a while and I've never had problems with them. It was the look that came over your face when he played with Tyler that made me do what I did. I was only intending to tell him to leave but it escalated."

"And the kiss?"

"I was going to kiss you either way."

"I meant the kiss from a few minutes ago."

"I wanted to kiss you one last time in case you tell me I'm too late and you're with the other wolf."

"I'm not with Tony. We hung out once and clicked and usually get together for lunch and stuff on the weekends. He helps me sometimes when I need a last minute babysitter too. But he does like me and if I wasn't so hung up on you I would have gotten with him in a heartbeat."

"Are you going to keep seeing him?"

"He's my friend I'm not going to just stop talking to him and hanging out because you want me to." Derek's eyes flashed briefly but he didn't say anything. "So where does this leave us?"

"I want to be with you but I know it's not going to happen straight away. We have issues we need to work out, our number one being your Dad."

"My Dad is a stubborn man."

"Considering you're his son, it doesn't surprise me."

"I'll take that as a compliment." Stiles said with a smile. "Can you do me a favor?"

"Depends. Doesn't it involve my life being at risk?"

"No." Stiles gnawed on his bottom lip. "Can you kiss me again? It'll be a while before I let you do it again and I need something to hold me over." Derek didn't need to be told twice. Stiles sighed into the kiss and gently cupped Derek's cheeks with both hands. This was pure torture knowing that he won't feel these Delicious. Amazing. Oh my god yes! Lips against his again. He let out a whine when Derek pulled away. "One more." He mumbled against his lips.

"I thought you said it would be a while." Derek chuckled.

"Shut up and kiss me you stupid wolf." Derek pressed their lips together again and yep, he was definitely going to miss this.

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Recipient:[ profile] eleuthermaniac
Title: Growing Pains
Rating: NC-17
Warnings/kinks:Incest, first time, underage (Jared 15/Jensen 23), h/c; 
Brief Summary:Jared's growing pains keep him sore all the time. Luckily, Jensen His older half brother is a physical therapist who gives AWESOME massages. Oils and everything. Hot and heavy massaging ensues.

Growing Pains

Jensen was setting up his table for his next appointment when he heard is phone going off. He fished his phone out of his travel bag and smiled when he saw the picture of his brother on his phone. He slid his thumb across the bottom of his screen to unlock his phone then accepted the call.

“What’s up baby bro?”

“Don’t call me that.” Jared snapped. “I’m not a baby.”

“Yeah, because being 14, is so grown up.” Jensen chuckled; he could feel his brother glaring through the phone.

“I’m 15 and you know it. This is why I don’t call you. Every time I do you find it necessary to pick on me.”

“Oh boo hoo, grow a pair and man up.”

“I have a pair thank you very much.”

“Yeah I helped change your shitty diapers until you were 4 and finally started to use the toilet and I can honestly say I never saw a pair.”

“Okay first of all I wouldn’t still be in diapers and pull ups at 4 if some didn’t tell me there was a monster in the toilet that would bit of my dangly bits.” Jensen let out a bark of laughter. “Second, don’t be jealous because my stuff was bigger than yours, even when I was a baby.”

“Ha! You wish.” Jensen glanced at the clock hanging on the wall. “Hey, I have an appointment in 15 minutes and I know you didn’t call to reminisce about the childhood I tortured you throughout.”

“I need an appointment.”


“Because, I hurt?” It came out more as a question.

“I know stupid but why as in what hurts.”

“Oh.” Jared chuckled. “Everything.”

“I highly doubt everything hurts.”

“Between baseball, football, cross-country, and these stupid growing pains yes it does.”

“Who said you could make an appointment?”


“What did your Dad say?”

“He told me to suck it up; a little pain never hurt anyone.” Jared mumbled.

Jensen rolled his eyes. “Your Dad’s a douche. How long have you been hurting?”

“Hey! Don’t talk about my Dad. Like a month I guess, the pain is starting to make it hard to practice.”

Jensen took mental notes of his brother’s condition as he laid the towel over the table. “Pack some extra clothes and come over to my house after school and practice. I’ll drop you off at your house in the morning.”

“Thank you Jenny!”

“Don’t call me that!” He heard his brothers laugh get cut off as he hung up the phone. He stared at his phone for a few seconds before letting out a sigh and leaning heavily against the massage table. He loved his baby brother; sometimes though Jensen thought he loved him a little too much. Jensen was 4 when his parents divorced he doesn’t remember much of the actual divorce he just remembers his mom leaving and he started sleeping with his Dad. He was 5 when it finally sunk in that seeing him mom only on weekends and special occasions wasn’t normal. He was 7 when his mom told him he was going to have a baby brother or sister with the man she lived with now, he told her he hated her and screamed and cried until his father came to pick him up.

He was eight when his brother was actually born. He glared at the squiggly pink mushy looking thing that his mother held out to him and said was his brother. “He’s ugly, and he’s not my brother.” Jensen pouted.

“Don’t talk to your mother that way.” David, his mother’s boyfriend, or fiancé as she called him, scolded.

“You aren’t my Dad I don’t have to listen to you!” Jensen yelled before going to hide behind his father who also was in the room.

“Jensen, say sorry to David, and to your mom.” His father said sternly

“No. He’s not my Dad, he can’t tell me what to do. And that thing,” he said point to the bundle in his mother’s arms. is not my brother.”

He didn’t care that his mother was nearly in tears or that he had to stay in his room for the rest of the day when they got home he just knew that that thing was not his brother and no one was going to get him to say otherwise. He despised Jared for months after he was born. He hated going to his mother’s for the weekends and hated spending Christmas at the house. He begged his Dad to let him spend Christmas day with him but his Dad refused.

Then one night it all changed. Jared had, by the grace of some god, started sleeping through the night. So now, at 9 years old and Jared a little over one, they shared a room. Jensen hated it but couldn’t really complain on the mornings he would wake up and Jared would be missing from his crib he figured he was crying at some point and they took him to sleep with them. On this particular night Jared woke him up he looked at his clock and saw the numbers said 3:32am. He sighed and rolled over figuring someone would come get him. When no one came he got up and went to find his mom. He found her asleep on the couch with the TV on. He shook her arm and when she grunted in acknowledgement he smoke. “Mom your baby is crying.”

“Jus’ warm ‘im up a bo’le in the warmer ‘vid.

“I’m not David.” Jensen said with a glare. He shook his mom again. “Mom, I said your baby is crying.”

“’vid I’m tired.” Jensen glared at his mom before going to warm up a bottle. He had done it enough when he (begrudgingly) helped his mom with the baby. He took the now warm bottle into his bed room and put it on his bedside table. He grabbed a burp cloth out of his brother’s drawer and placed it next to the bottle. He fiddled with the crib until he figured out how to open it. He carefully took out the whimpering baby a placed him on his bed. He moved his pillows around so his brother had one and so did he. He laid the burp cloth on the pillow before handing the bottle to his brother. He watched him mild fascination as his brother downed his drink. When it was empty Jared let the bottle fall from his mouth his eyes already half closed. Jensen placed the empty bottle back on the bedside and lay next to his brother. He watched his brother contentedly suck his thumb until he was sleep. Jensen smiled to himself.

“I guess you aren’t so bad.”

The fact that he got yelled at the next morning for taking his brother out of his crib and putting him in his bed didn’t even matter because the whole day Jared only wanted him. Jensen figured on some level Jared realized he took care of him last night and that was fine by Jensen. From then on it was all rainbows and sunshine…well for the most part there were a few more incidents (the potty monster for example), but things were good. Until Jared turned 12 and started going through puberty, at first Jensen made jokes. I mean who wouldn’t find the fact that Jared’s voice kept squeaking and cracking funny, or that he had to get the talk from his parents. It was all a joke to Jensen until he happened to walk in on him jerking off in his bedroom.

Jensen was home for a break from college and decided to visit his mom and brother while his Dad ran to the store. His mom told him that Jared was up in his room. Jared’s door was cracked, he expected to peek in and see him on the computer and was going to scare him but that wasn’t what he saw at all. What he saw was his baby brother pulling desperately at his dick with a hand over his mouth muffling any possible noise. Instead of doing the smart thing, gently shutting the door and walking away he stood there and watched. He watched as his brother’s hand jerked quickly, as his body twitched, as his eyes clamped shut as his orgasm neared. He stared as his brother took a sharp breath through his nose and arched as, not quite white but not quite clear, cum shot from his dick and made a mess of his hand and stomach. He watched as his brother laid there for a few moments gathering his wits. He ogled with wide eyes as his brother raised his hand and took a hesitant swipe with his tongue before shrugging and cleaning his whole hand that way.

He swallowed reflexively and tried to readjust himself in his pants. He watched him redress and go into his connected bathroom and come back out. He waited a few more moments before knocking and walking into the room and acting as if he didn’t just watch his brother jerk off, as if he didn’t have a raging hard on that was only just hidden by his to big hoodie. He sat on the bed (the bed his brother just jerked off on) and caught up with his brother and filled him in on his mundane college life. “Whose hoodie is that?”

 Jensen looked down at the hoddie he was wearing. It was a Harvard University hockey hoddie, he went to Clark University; he hesitated for a few moments. “It’s my boyfriends.” He said softly, waiting for his brother’s reaction. His Dad knew he was gay but he had no intention of telling his brother or his mother.

Jared stared at him a few moments. “Y-your boyfriend?!” Jensen said nothing just looked at his brother’s confused and shocked face. “You have a boyfriend!” Jensen could hear the anger in his brother’s squeaky voice. “You can’t have a boyfriend!”


“No, Jensen!” Jared snapped. “You aren’t supposed to have a boyfriend!” Jared stood from his seat and glared at his brother.

“Jared, please! Let me explain.” Jensen reached out for his brother; pain clenched his heart when Jared jerked out of his reach. “Jared?”

“Get out!”


“Get out of my room!” Jared screamed, tears wetting his eyes. Jensen opened his mouth to try and reason with him but stood there mouth agape. “Get out!”

Jensen left without another word and head straight home. When his father asked what was wrong he just said the drive finally caught up to him and he went to take a nap. He ended up not waking up until his phone went off at 4:33 in the morning. “’Ello?”

“Jen?” Was whispered softly.

“Jared?” He asked groggily.


“Shouldn’t you be sleep?”

“I can’t sleep.” Silence fell between the two. “Jen…I’m sorry.”

Jensen thought for a few seconds. “S’okay.” He could hear the sigh of relief. “Jared. I love you but I’m tired, can we have this conversation when the sun comes up…please?”


Things were good. Jared still got a look on his face when he mentioned a boyfriend so he stopped bring them up, and if Jensen had the occasional jerk session starring his baby brother jerking him off then that was his own business. And if that jerk off evolved into Jensen chocking him on his cock or shoving him so full of dick that Jared could taste it, well that was neither here nor there. What matters is Jensen loved his brother and never acted on those thoughts, he just wished he did…a lot.

Jensen pulled out his massage table from the hall closet and started to set up for his baby brother’s arrival. He picked the apple cinnamon oil; he wasn’t a big fan of the scent but Jared’s room always smelled like it from the air freshener and detergent. There was a knock at the door and he went to open it. He greeted his brother and David who stood on the other side. 

“Hey David.”

“Jensen.” Jensen and David never really got much of a relationship they didn’t hate or dislike each other but Jensen would be the first to admit he was a little shit towards David when he was little. “He has practice tomorrow at 5 have him home by 4:30 or you can drop him off at the field.” Jensen nodded. He ruffled Jared’s hair and placed a kiss on the side of his head. “Love you.”

Jared rolled his eyes at the kiss. “Love you too Dad, see you tomorrow.”

David nodded. “Bye Jensen.”

“By David.” Jensen said with a wave then shut the door; he turned to face his brother. “Go shower, you smell like week old garbage. Get on the table when you’re done.” Jared had been in the shower for a while Jensen started to get bored waiting. He went and knocked on the bathroom door, he arched an eyebrow at the gasp he heard on the other side. “You okay in there?”

“Y-yeah, you just scared me. I’ll be out in a couple minutes.”

“Water or juice?”


Just as Jensen set the cold bottle of water next to the massage table Jared walked out in a towel. Jensen took a deep breath to steel his nerves for this round of self-torture and motioned for his brother to climb up onto the table. Jared climbed up and got himself comfortable on the table. He closed his eyes and listened as Jensen clicked open the bottle of oil poured some in his hand and sat it down; he heard the sound of the slick oil being warmed between Jensen’s hands. He tensed for half a second as Jensen’s hands made contact but relaxed and let his brother do his work.

“So how’s school?”




“Cross country?”




“Is fine all you can say?” Jared shrugged, Jensen rolled his eyes. “How’s your girlfriend, what was her name?”



“I wouldn’t know she dumped me.” Silence fell once again between the two. Jensen grabbed the oil and started on Jared’s legs. As he neared Jared’s upper legs he felt Jared tense.

“You okay?”


“You sure?” Jared nodded. Jensen finished his left and moved to his right once again as he neared Jared’s upper leg Jared tensed. “You know tensing while I do this is completely running what I did.” Jared nodded again. “Okay roll over.”

Jared hesitated. “Umm…I-I don’t think that’s a good idea.”


“I-um…” Jared turned his head away from Jensen and mumbled out something Jensen couldn’t decipher.


“I said…I said…’m hard.” The last part was said in a whisper.

Jensen knew he was going to regret it but to be honest he just wanted a sneak peek. It’s not every day the object of 80% of your jerk off sessions lays in front of you sporting a hard on. “It’s okay it happens sometimes, I won’t laugh I promise.”

Jared’s face resembled a tomato. “Can you turn around?” Jensen turned without hesitation. “Okay.” He turned back to see Jared’s crimson face and eyes going every which way but in the direction of Jensen. Jensen acted as if nothing was wrong and warmed more oil between his hands. His hands hovered anxiously over his brothers blushing prone form no matter where he started there was no guarantee his self-control would hold. He tried to buy himself some time by starting with his feet. As he slowly worked his way up and his hands neared his brother’s thighs his self-control snapped. When he saw his baby brothers cock jerk as he worked his thigh muscles he couldn't resist.

He skipped over his brother’s obvious need and gently moved his hands from his low on his gently muscled stomach towards his perky nipples. When he rubbed his thumb across the bud he smirked as Jared jerked, clenched his eyes shut and bit his lip to hold back any sounds. He did the same to the other nipple and was rewarded with the same reaction. He rubbed the oil that was still on his hands into his brother’s chest, stomach, and side; slowly working his way down. When he reached the fine dusting of pubic hairs, he rubbed his fingers gently through the slightly coarse hair that lied beneath the towel.


"Yes Jay?"

"Wh-what are you doing?"

"Giving you a massage." He answered simply as his hands moved closer to his brother’s cock. He rubbed his thumbs along the base but never grasped.

Jared gasped at the soft touch and his hips jerked. "I-I... I don't-" He couldn't form the words that were swimming through his head.

"Want me to stop?" He moved his hands from under the towel and gently tugged his brother’s length. Jared hissed and let out a whimper and quickly and almost violently shook his head no. "I need you to say it." And honestly Jensen did need his brother to give him verbal permission. Despite the fact that he had his brother’s cock in hand (even with the towel as a barrier) he had this nagging in the back of his head that told him if he got permission he wouldn’t feel so bad.

"k-keep going." Jensen pushed the towel away and firmly grasped his baby brother’s cock. Jared gasped and arched into the touch. "Please...more." Jensen rubbed his thumb over his brothers weeping head. "Jensen." moved his other hand to cup Jared's heavy balls and felt his pupils dilate when his brother whimpered and unexpectedly came. Jared panted for lost breath and blushed and looked away from Jensen. "sorry." was said in soft embarrassment.

"it's okay. At least we took the edge off." Jensen grabbed his oil and moved to be by his Jared's feet. Jared propped himself up on his elbows to see what Jensen was doing. He yelped and fell on his back when Jensen yanked his legs up so his calves rested on his shoulder.

His face turned a lovely shade of red that greatly resembled a tomato and he pressed his knees together for some sense of modesty. "What are you doing?"

"I was going to make sure my massage was through but I'll stop if you want me to."

Jared bit his lip in quiet contemplation. "what...what are you going to do?"

"it'd be easier to show you then to tell you."

He looked into his brothers eyes. "will it hurt?"

"If I do everything right, it shouldn't." Jensen rubbed his thumb in s soothing pattern on the outside of Jared's thigh. Jared took a deep calming breath before jerkily nodding his head. Jensen smiled down at his brother. "I'll take care of you, I promise." Jensen gently pried his brother’s knees apart and pulled him so his ass hung over the edge. He knelt on the floor so his head was level with Jared's tan globes.

Jensen pulled Jared's cheeks apart and blew against the winking hole. "w-what are you doing?" Jared could feel Jensen's breath getting Warner as he got closer. "wait, wait its dir-ngh fuck!"

Jensen passed his tongue over the hole in a few more quick swipes before reps ending his brother. "Watch your mouth." Jared nodded absently before reaching between his legs to grab at his brothers hair and yanking him closer. Jensen chuckled before diving back in.

Every suck, swirl, nip was answered with a greedy groan, gasp, moan. Jensen pushed Jared's legs so his knees were pressed to his chest. "Hold them." Jared grabbed a knee in each hand and held them in place for his brother. As Jensen worked his tongue in and out of his brother’s greedy little hole he gently ran his finger along with his tongue over the pink puckered flesh before gently wiggling his finger inside. He slowly pulled it out before gently pushing back in. He worked his single finger in and out of the quivering mass that was his brother until he heard and saw his brothrs breath hitch and his body tense when he ran a finger over his prostate.

“Jensen?” He asked worriedly.

“It’s okay.” Jensen pressed harder.

Jared took a jerky breath and let out a loud moan. “Jensen…I don’t-” He quickly cut himself off when Jensen suddenly stood and coated his fingers with the oil that he used for an entirely different purpose earlier. Jared looked at his brother with wide eyes.

“Do you know what I’m going to do with this?” Jared nodded. “Are you okay with that?” Jared nodded, if possible, even faster. “Put your legs back on my shoulder and relax.” Jared did as he was told. The first finger that slid in was familiar and Jared only wiggled try to find that spot again. A gentle and on his waist stopped his movements and he winced slightly but quickly relaxed when a second finger quickly followed the first. He felt the fingers twist, turn and spread apart in a desperate attempt to make the small opening pliant enough for his brothers eventual entry.  Those two fingers soon changed to three  and Jared  let out a low sound that showed it hurt. Jensen moved the hand on his waist to his dick that he hadn’t even noticed was hard and dribbling on his lower stomach. His attention was pulled away from the finger in his ass to the hand on his dick and he had to admit it was an amazing distraction.

He was so entranced by the hand on his dick that he didn’t even realize the fingers were pulled out until he felt the slick head of his brothers dick nudging at his hole.  His whole body tense and he was hit with a sudden wave of panic and nervousness. He looked at his brother with wide hazel eyes. “I’m scared.”

“Do you want me to stop?”

“It’s just I’ve never…I’m a…” He gnawed on his lower lip. “I’m a virgin.” He said with a furious blush.

“You’re 15, I’d be mad if you weren’t.” Jensen said with a smile.

“A lot of my friends aren’t.”

“Something tells me a few of them are lying.” He ran a gentle hand through his brothers hair. “We don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.”

“No I do I’m just nervous is all.”

“Tell me when.” Jensen waited for a signal from his brother and when he heard the soft okay he pushed just the head into his brother. Jared flinched slightly at the breach but didn’t tense. “Slowly or all at once?”

“Slowly.” Jensen slowly eased into his brother trying desperately not to just shove all the way in. When he notice his brother starting to tense up to the point it was getting hard to press in the swooped down to kiss him for the first time that evening. Jared let out a surprised sound and Jensen pressed quickly in the last few inches. He slowly kissed his brother all lips and slippery tongues until Jared was once again relaxed. He reached between their bodies and worked the half softened flesh back into full hardness.

His first few movements were shallow and jerky. More of a roll of his hips than an actual thrust.  He started to pull out more and more until the sound of skim slapping against skin filled the air. Jensen’s mouth swallowed the soft sounds that escaped from his little brother and their kiss quickly devolved from a tongue filled passion to the sharing of hot breath their lips only millimeters apart. Jensen moved that he was standing straight up and had better leverage to fuck into his brother. When he shifted and rammed into Jared’s prostate Jared let out a loud yell and quickly clamped a hand over his mouth in embarrassment.

A sly smile spread across Jensen’s face. He moved Jared so he was laying on his side he moved one leg  to stay resting on his shoulder while the other he bent and the knee and had resting on the massage table. This new position made it much easier for him to his Jared’s prostate. Jared let out a scream that was only just muffled by the hand on his mouth. He scrunched his eyes shut trying and willing himself to stop making the embarrassing sounds. He gave up and used his now useless hand to try and find purchase on the smooth sweat and oil covered surface on the massage table.  He hadn’t even realized he was babbling until Jensen spoke.

“No God, just me.”

“Mmmmnnnhhh….oh God.” He reached a hand down to try and jerk himself to end the unending brutal pleasure but his hand was slapped away.

“Please Jensen. Please I need to come I can’t take it. It’s to much.”

“Just wait a little longer.”

“I can’t. Oh my god, I can’t.” Jared’s moans and please filled the room drowning out the sound of their skin slapping together. Then he felt the familiar coils of heat starting in the pit of his stomach, a sensation that felt similar to when he jerked off in his room only a million times better.  “I think…I’m gonna come.”

Jensen could feel the sweat dripping down his body and his brother hot slick deliciously tight channel worked around him. “You think or you are?”

Jared’s hand reached for his dick but before he could make contact he was slapped away again. His hands moved to pull at his hair instead the sudden tug at his hair by his own hand sent a sharp unexpected zing of pleasure straight to his dick and that was all he needed. “I’m coming.” He shot his load all over his stomach, chest and surprisingly a few spurts hit Jensen’s chin. His cock jerked along with his body as brutal aftershock ran wildly through his body as Jensen kept thrusting and hitting his prostate in a desperate search for his own orgasm. He let out a whine when the sharp pleasure became painful and that was apparently what Jensen needed. He let out a grunt and swore deep in his throat before spilling deeply inside of his brother. He leaned heavily against the table trying to catch his lost breath and basking in the feeling of a mind blowing orgasm.

There was a sound of a crack then Jared screamed when the massage table suddenly collapsed with him still on it. Jensen managed to catch himself and stopped himself from squishing his brother. Jared stared at Jensen’s equally wide eyes before a huge smile broke out across his face and a burst of laughter bubbled out, Jensen couldn’t help but to also laugh. As their laugher died down Jensen gently pulled out of his brother and rolled to lie on the floor next to him. “I’m surprised it didn’t break earlier.”

Jared made a sound of agreement in his throat. They laid there in a comfortable silence before Jared spoke. “You remember when I got mad at you when you told me you had a boyfriend?”


“I wasn’t really mad that you were gay I was mad that you had a boyfriend that wasn’t me.”

“I realize that now.” Jensen turned to face his brother. “If it makes you feel any better we broke up.”


“He said it was weird that I cared about you so much.”

“Oh.” Jared turned to face Jensen. “So where does that leave us?” He slowly moved his hand to lie near Jensen’s.

He covered Jared’s hand with his own. “Where ever you want it to.” He noticed a hickey on Jared’s neck he didn’t recall putting there; it looked slightly painful to be honest. “Did I do that?” He said running their twined fingers over the mark, Jared nodded. “Good because if you said no I was going to have to kick Sandra’s ass.”

“Samantha.” Jared corrected.



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Recipient:[ profile] eleuthermaniac
Title: Summer Days
Rating: NC-17
Warnings/kinks:Underage(Dean 19/ Sam 15)
Brief Summary:Sam and Dean stay at Bobby's for a summer and have to share a bed. Lots of snuggling.

Summer Days

Sam peaked around the corner of his bedroom door making sure Bobby’s bedroom door was shut before creeping down the short hall to his brother bedroom. He slowly pushed the door open and checked the hall again before sneaking into Dean’s room and gently shutting the door behind him. He silently padded over to his older brothers bed and slowly pulled the blankets back. He had one knee on the bed when he was suddenly yanked down and had a blade pressed against his neck. He sucked in a sharp breath and stared up at his brother with wide hazel eyes. Dean’s hardened features softened when he realized it was his brother.

“Damn it Sammy.” Dean pulled the knife away and shoved it back under his pillow before flopping back onto the bed trying to go back to sleep. “What do you want?”

Sam gnawed nervously on his bottom lip before speaking. “I can’t sleep.”

“If you lay there long enough you’ll fall asleep.” Dean grumbled not even opening his eyes back

Sam looked over his brother features taking in the light dusting of blond hair that Dean had on his face that never seemed to get any thicker despite the fact that he never shaves. “Can I sleep with you?” Dean let out a grunt that Sam took as permission. He quickly curled into his brother’s heat and promptly fell asleep.


Dean lied out in the small yard in the back of Bobby’s yard staring up at the passing clouds. This had to be the slowest passing summer in his entire life. His Dad took the car and Bobby wouldn’t let him go out for a drive in any of his cars in the lot. It also didn’t help that Sam seemed to be around every damn corner and he couldn’t get even five minutes to himself. He let out a grunt as Sam flopped down to straddle his waist. Dean glared up at his little brother.

“What, Sam?”

“What are doing, it’s hot out here.”

“I’m trying to get away from you.” Dean growled out. Dean watched the small smile fall from his brother’s face. Sam shifted to rise from Dean but was stilled by hands on his waist. “You can stay.” Sam’s face lit up and he moved to lie next to his brother.

The pair laid in silence for a few minutes before Sam spoke up. “This is boring.”

“No one asked you to come out here.” Dean snapped.

“Why are you being so mean?” Sam whispered dejection obvious in his tone.

Dean groaned and pulled Sam close and rolled him on his side. “Want to make out?” Sam eagerly nodded and quickly placed his mouth over Deans.


Sam stared with an open mouth at the pile that used to be his bed. “What happened to my bed?”

“Bobby broke it apart.”


“It was made of something he needed for a ritual that Dad was desperate for.”

“So where am I supposed to sleep now?”

“With me like you have been sense we got here.”


Sam bit his bottom lip holding back any sounds he wanted desperately to back as Dean lay spooned against his back and slowly jerked him off.

 “You like that don’t you Sammy?” Dean brushed his thumb over the leaking head. “You like when big brother takes care of you.”

Sam linked his fingers with Deans other hand and squeezed tightly when his orgasm ran through his body. His body shuddered and Dean ran his come covered hand over Sam’s stomach. Dean pulled Sam impossibly closer and gently kissed his ear. “I love you Dean.”

“Love you to Sammy.”


“Sharing a bed with you was a whole lot more fun when it was an option.” Sam whined.

“Yeah well sleeping with you isn’t all sunshine and roses either.”

“Why Couldn’t we go with Dad?”

“you actually want to go with Dad on a hunt?”

“No.” Sam said quickly. “I just got so used to moving around so much that staying here at Bobby’s is boring.”

“this coming from the same kid who bitched about moving constantly not even a month ago.”

“If I had known it would’ve gotten me sent to Bobby’s with you as my only company 90% of the time I would’ve kept my mouth shut.”

“You love my company.” Dean said with a grin.

“Yeah well…” Dean laughed at Sam’s weak response.


Sam jerked awake at the sound of his name being yelled. He jerked his head around to see Dean leant over him with worried eyes. “You okay?” Sam asked worriedly.

“Am I okay? Are you okay?” Dean countered.

“I’m fine. I just…I had a nightmare.”

“Want to talk about it?”

“I don’t really remember much. There was a girl with blond hair. She was on the ceiling and she was bleeding fire.” Sam felt Dean tense next to him. “I know it sounds weird, but it’s all I remember.” He rolled over and buried his face in Dean’s neck. “I don’t feel good.”

“If you get sick on me I’m going to hurt you.”

“It’s not my stomach it’s my head. It hurts.”

Dean reached up to run his finger through and over his brother’s hair. “Feel better?”

“Mmmm.” Sam was obviously more sleep than he was awake.


The pair lied in bed just soaking up the others company. Sam absently fiddled with Dean’s amulet between his fingers while Dean curled his fingers around his hair. “Even though you kick me sometimes I’m happy Bobby destroyed my bed. “ Sam said gently before placing a quick kiss to Dean’s chest. “I’m also glad Dad made us stay here with Uncle Bobby.”

“The total ass chewing was worth spending time with you.”

“Dad yelled at you?”

“Sammy I graduated. I don’t have to go to school next year, you do. Do you really think dad would willingly let me stay?”

“Oh…” Sam scooted up so he could press his lips against his older brothers. “I’m sorry.”

Dean kissed him back. “Nothing to be sorry about.”


Sam found himself in a situation similar to a few night prior, hands clamped tightly over his mouth trying to hold any sounds. The difference with this situation however was Dean had his cock in his mouth and was trying to purposely have Sam make a noise. Sam’s face was red with pleasure, embarrassment, and effort to stay silent. Dean sucked on of Sam’s testis into his mouth and Sam let out a little squeak. Dean knowing that Sam could be louder flipped his brother over, chuckling at the startled yelp, before pulling those pale cheeks apart and diving tongue first into his brother tight virgin pucker.

Dean heard his name groaned desperately into the pillow and smiled.  He saw Sam’s hand swing past his peripheral before the hand found its target and latched on tightly to his hair.  Dean let out a groan of appreciation at the sharp tug to his hair. He groaned as his tongue pressed as far as it could go, swiping along his brothers inner walls.

“God I can’t wait ‘til you turn eighteen Sammy.” Dean said while staring at the slobber covered winking hole. “Gonna fill you up so good with my dick, won’t walk straight for a week.”

“Six-sixteen.” Sam panted against the pillow.



“Twenty-one.” Dean dives back into his brother’s hole and jerks his dick off in tandem.

Sam moans into the pillow when a nail brushed over his weeping slight. “Ah! E-eighteen.” Sam relents.

“Now. I want you to hold it as long as you can before you come okay?” Sam nodded. “That’s my Sammy.” Dean praised.


Dean tossed the rag that he used to clean both himself and Sam off into a random corner. Sam move so his head rested on dean’s chest so he could listen to his big brothers heartbeat. He ran his fingers in random patterns over his chest and stomach slowly working his way lower when he reached the curly nest of hairs Dean grabbed his wrist and placed his hand back on his chest, Sam pouted.

“Why can’t I touch you?”

“Because, Sam.”

“It’s not fair.” Sam mumbled.

“Sammy you’re 15.”


“I just-” Dean sighed. “It’s bad enough that we’re doing the stuff that we are but until I can’t let you do anything to me…not until you’re 18 and sure about your feelings.”

“I’m sure about them now.”

“Sam you’re 15. You’re hormones are raging and you can’t possibly know what’s real and what’s hormones.”

“I know how I feel!” Sam yelled. “I know what my heart is telling me and you can’t tell me otherwise.”


“My name’s Sam!”

Sammy…go to sleep.”

“I’m not tired.” Sam grumbled.

“Yes you are.” And as if Dean’s words were magic Sam felt sleep starting to creep in.


It was the last day of summer, Sam was due to start school tomorrow and John was supposed to come back to today so he could take a few weeks off hunting to recover from his summer long hunts. “When is Dad getting here?”

“When he gets here Sam.” Dean answered absently.

“What do we say when he asks what we did this summer?”

“Tell him nothing. We didn’t do much of anything.” Hurt flashed across Sam’s features. “You know what I mean Sam.” Dean nudged his shoulder against his brothers who sat next to him on the stairs. They heard the impala in the distance before they saw it; they looked up to see their dad coming down the road. “I love you Sammy.”

“I love you too De.” They watched as their dad pulled into the yard and parked next to Bobby’s house.

When he was close enough he finally spoke. “Who was your summer?”

They answered in unison. “It was great.”


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Title: Tag You're Fucked

Word Count:549

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: sex in nature

Summary: Tag with Derek ends in a much better way then with anyone else.

Disclaimer: I own nothing, I make no money, I don't own any characters

Tag You’re Fucked

He had an hour head start in what had to be the most twisted game of tag in the world. Who seriously plays tag slash try not to get devoured by the wolf. Stiles let out a gasp “Fuck!” as he was tackled to the ground. He didn’t struggle as his pants were yanked down just far enough for his ass to be out, but moaned and squeaked when his pale cheeks were pulled apart and a hot wet tongue ran across his furled hole. He whined and pushed his ass out further trying to impale himself on the hot muscle. The tongue that was mapping his insides was quickly replaced by one, two, then three slicked fingers.  He cried out in protest when the fingers were yanked free then groaned in a mixture of satisfaction and pain as those fingers were replaced by a hard hot dick.

He pushed back into the hard thrusts and begged and pleaded for more. His arms couldn’t hold him any longer and he collapsed onto his forearms. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” The mantra played over and over in his head as his body was plundered. It wasn’t long until he heard the growl that told him has lover was close. He felt a hand wrap around his leaking prick and it wasn’t long before he spilt all over the forest floor. He felt liquid heat in his channel then his muscles gave out completely and he collapsed fully to the forest floor.

He lied there gasping for air and slowly rolled to his back. He lolled his head to the side to see Derek almost as disheveled as he was. His softening prick lay against his thigh covered in come lube. His pans were to his knees and his face held a slight flush. Stiles gave the wolf a lazy smile which was returned.

“How long did I last this time?”

“20 minutes.”

Stiles smiled. “See I’m getting better.”

“Not really. The only reason it took me 20 minutes was because I got distracted by Scott.”

“All part of my master plan.” Stiles said with a dramatic wave of his hand. He lied there a few moments longer before getting up to fix his clothes. “You know I never remember tag being this much fun when I was little and played with Scott.”

“Did it end with you getting fucked through the forest floor?”

“No it ended with me getting Oreo’s.” Stiles said with a fond smile. “I love Oreo’s.”

Derek rolled his eyes as he got resituated. “I’m sure you do.”

“You ruined another pair of my shirt and jeans.” Stiles said while inspecting the grass stains on his elbows and knees.

“Stop wearing good clothes when we play tag.”

“Stop being too lazy to get me fully undressed.” Stiles countered.

Derek looped and arm around Stiles’ waist and pulled him close as they headed back towards his house. “Do you really want to be naked in the woods with all this nature around? Nature is like sand. It has a tendency to get into unexpected places.”

“Okay then why don’t you go all cavemen and drag me back to your cave and have your way with me.” Before Stiles could register he found himself hefted over Derek’s shoulder. “What are you doing!?”

“You told me to go caveman and have my way with you.” Derek said casually as he continued his trek.

“I didn’t mean now! Put me down!” Derek ignored him. “Derek? Derek!”



Ummmm…..was that okay?

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Title: Thongs and Garters
Word Count:854
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: rimming, Stiles in girls underwear
Summary: Stiles indulges Derek in his kink fr his birthday.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, I make no money, I don't own any characters


Even though they’ve been together for five years Stiles still blushes and gets frustrated whenever he decides to indulge Derek’s kink. In all fairness he should be doing this for the wolf more often but he always puts up a fight. He peeked his head around the corner of their bedroom door to see Derek already undressed lounging on their bed. The wolf arches an eyebrow and motions for the younger man to come inside. A Stiles hesitates briefly before fully stepping into the room. He looks up at his Alpha and lover and blushes and looks away when he sees the obvious hunger in his eyes.

“I feel ridiculous.” He mumbles.

“You say that every time, but you always put it on for me.”

“Yeah well…I love you so it’s the least I can do.” Stiles mumbled.

“Spin around so I can see.”

If Stiles’ face could get any redder it would, he felt ridiculous in the garter ensemble. He could feel Derek’s eyes boring into his ass when he sees that Stiles was in a thong. When he was facing Derek again he slowly climbed up onto the bed and straddled his lover. Derek pulls him down by the back of his head for a kiss which Stiles happily returns. When they pull apart Stiles is thrilled by Derek’s words. “I want you to ride me.” Stiles nods along in agreement and moves to take off the underwear. “Keep them on.”


“I want you to keep them on.” Stiles huffs but reaches for the lube and goes to hand it to Derek. “You do it.”

Stiles glares. “You’re being lazy.”

“It’s my birthday. I can be lazy.” Stiles clicks open the bottle of lube and covers his fingers in the slick substance. As he reaches back with both hinds he’s halted by Derek’s request/demand. “I want to watch.” Okay so Stiles was a little self-conscious, and Derek knew this. He developed a bit of a thing after seeing how ripped him, Scott, and Jackson were. He hated being exposed, literally and figuratively. It took 5 months to finally get convince him to have sex in the day time, and it took another 4 to get him to let the blind be open. It took 5 months to let him have the light on at night during sex. Hell He’s only ever watch Stiles masturbate once, and let’s not even talk about how bad he wants to rim him.

Stiles remained frozen. “Y-you want to what?”

“I want to watch you open yourself up on your fingers for my dick.”


“It’s my birthday.” Derek watched as Stiles slowly turned around in his lap and bends over. He licks his lips as one pale hand grabs the thong and pulls it aside along with one pale cheek. Derek deciding to be ‘helpful’ pulled Stiles close, chuckling at the yelp the spilled from Stiles, and pulled the pale cheeks apart. “Go ahead.” He encouraged, watching in fascination as stiles reached back and circled his hole with one slick finger before pressing in. Derek watched as that lovely pink hole greedily sucked in the lone finger. “Another.” Stiles obeyed and worked in another finger.

Stiles was so happy Derek couldn’t see his face. He hadn’t realized how much this would even turn him on as much as it was. Derek watching him work three fingers in and out of his hole made his cock throb painfully and dribble precome which soaked his panties, those stupid blue underwear and ridiculous garter and thigh highs. He squeaked and grabbed Derek’s hair and tried to pull him away.

“Don’t!” He tried to squirm away but one strong hand on his back pushing him down kept him in place pressed against the bed and his ass up in the air. “Don’t.” He moaned out. His body shuddered and jerked as Derek’s tongue ran across his pucker again. “It’s dirty.”

“You just got out of the shower.” Stiles scrambled against the bed sheets but by the time he finally got purchase on the slick bedding he couldn’t remember if he was trying to get closer or get away. Derek heard him whimper and press his as closer to his mouth.

“God why didn’t you ever do this before?” He panted heavily into the blankets.

Derek indulged for a few more minutes drowning in the sounds of his lover before pressing the of his larger fingers into Stiles’ hole to make sure he was stretched far enough before pulling stiles to sit up scotching stiles so his hole was hovering over his dick. “Sit.” Derek hissed as he watched and felt his dick sink inside his smaller lover.

Stiles slowly moved up and down the thick length. He looked over his shoulder to see Derek staring at his dick moving in and out. “So can we trade the panties for this?” Stiles asked hopefully, holding back a moan.

“Stiles, I think you’ve just created a monster.” Derek growled out before pushing Stiles onto the bed. Stiles suddenly remembered why he wore the panties, the thorough fucking through the mattress.


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For the sake of my sanity I have decided to do a Masterpost for all my stories. It's small now but will definately grow.

Teen Wolf

Title: You Can't Leave Me (Complete)
Word Count:3145
Rating: R/NC-17
Warnings: PWP (slight plot), rimming, slash, threesome 

Parings: Derek/Stiles, Derek/Scott, Stiles/Scott, Derek/Scott/Stiles
Summary:In retrospect, Stiles should have seen this coming. I mean the whole Derek fucking Stiles through the mattress, and Scott fucking him through the wall should’ve told him something.
Disclaimer: I own nothing work of total fiction

Title: How To Fall In Love In 32 Days (a.k.a Sequel to You Can't Leave Me) (WIP)
Rating: NC-17 overall this part PG-13
Word Count: 1820~
Author[ profile] aleshia10
Warnings: (eventual) Bareback (Practice safe sex wear condoms!), rough sex, language
Parings: Derek/Stiles, Derek/Scott, Stiles/Scott, Derek/Scott/Stiles
Summary: Sequel to You Can't Leave Me. They figured it wouldn't be hard to make Stiles stay. A few well placed kisses and he would bend to their every whim. They didn't think they would actually have to work to make him fall in love with them.
Disclaimer: I own nothing work of total fiction
Title: Let's Pretend (Pt. 1)
Author: [ profile] aleshia10
Word Count: 511
Rating: PG
Summary:  He doesn't correct his doctor when she calls them a couple; he’s too busy relishing in the moment of a nonexistent relationship.
Warnings: Angst? Written in a rush.
Disclaimer: I make no money and I don’t own the characters or the people who play them.

Title: You And Me (Pt. 2)
Rating: pg-13
Author: [ profile] aleshia10
Word count: 992
Summary: “Daddy may be gone, and he may not even like me, but I’ll have you forever and always.” Pretend!Verse
Warning: Slightly graphic-ish birthing process not much just erring on the side of caution.

Title: Strike Three (Pt.3)
Author: [ profile] aleshia10
Word Count: 693
Rating: PG
Summary:  What made him growl was the fact that Stiles was at the restaurant with a wolf that wasn’t Derek and wasn’t someone in their pack, and to make matters worse he was touching his son. Pretending!Verse
Warnings: Written in a rush.Disclaimer: I make no money and I don’t own the characters or the people who play them.


Title: Starting Anew (WIP)
Word Count: WIP
Warnings: Description of child abuse, Violence, Language, Smut, Rimming, Toys
Characters/Pairings: Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki, Chris Kane/Steve Carlson, Chad Murray/James Lafferty, Tom Welling/Mike Rosenbaum, and Dean Ackles/Misha Collins, Genevieve Cortese, Danneel Harris, David Boreanaz, Sophia Bush, and Jason Manns (others mentioned).
Summary: Jensen is the average man, a second grade teacher, and has a identical twin brother who teaches high school. He just got out of a bad relationship and isn't looking for anything new. Jared is a recently single father, a successful actor, and not looking for much. When Jensen finds his son lost in the store, a friendship forms that could definitely turn into more.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, this never happened, totally fake!

Title: Alpha's and Omega (Complete)
Word count: 1,713
Pairing: J2/Misha
Rating: Hard R/NC-17
Summary: PWP, Misha’s 1st heat....enough said
Warning: Knotting, underage,  Age difference (Jared 27/Jensen 29/Misha 15), slight bondage(hands tied), Needy!Heat!Misha.


Title: Musical Drabbles (Complete)
Summary: 10 drabbles based on the songs that my itunes picked on shuffle
Rating:G-as close to NC-17 as you can get in 3 minuets
Warnings: Smut & Toys
Characters: Jared/Jensen, Jeff, Chad, Chris
Word Count: ~2,300
Disclaimer: I own nothing and this most definitely, never happened

Title: Undercover Lover (complete)
Rating:Strong R close to NC-17Warning: Sex and violence
Disclaimer: Completely fake
Written For: spn_hardcore's 2nd 'Mpreg' - Meme
Prompt:Jensen used to be one of the best undercover cops doing the job then he went undercover in the Padalecki organization and fell for the top boss, Jared. Jensen was so very compromised, and couldn't turn Jared in - someone else had to do that. When they finally came to arrest Jared, Jensen had just found out he was pregnant. Jensen didn't tell anyone about his baby, especially since the angry cops who finally arrested Jared burned Jensen's cover - outing him as a cop to Jared and all his most trusted crew.
Jensen knew that he had to run - in a few months he would be too vulnerable, heavily pregnant with the baby. He also knew that the charges against Jared and company might not stick as well as the cops thought and Jensen had to protect his coming little one, it was the last piece of Jared he was allowed to have.
Bonus points: Jared always knew Jensen was a cop; Jared finds Jensen heavily pregnant and has to keep his crew from hurting him

Title: Undercover Lover (Complete & Chinese)
Translated by: [ profile] nor_noreen
Strong R close to NC-17

Warning: Sex and violence
Disclaimer: Completely fake
Written For: spn_hardcore's 2nd 'Mpreg' - Meme
There are some truely amazing people in the world. About a month or so ago [ profile] nor_noreen asked to translate Undercover Lover and I was so excited how could I possibly say no. So I am happy to present to you my first EVER translated fic. It's in Chinese and I can't read a lick of it but I still go to it just to look at it.

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Word count:3145
Rating: R/NC-17
Author:[ profile] aleshia10
Warnings: PWP (slight plot), rimming, slash, threesome (didn't check for errors because i was tired let me know of any and i'll fix them in the morning/tomorrow)
Parings: Derek/Stiles, Derek/Scott, Stiles/Scott, Derek/Scott/Stiles
Summary:In retrospect, Stiles should have seen this coming. I mean the whole Derek fucking Stiles through the mattress, and Scott fucking him through the wall should’ve told him something.

You Can’t Leave Me
In retrospect, Stiles should have seen this coming. I mean the whole Derek fucking Stiles through the mattress, and Scott fucking him through the wall should’ve told him something. He knew Scott and Derek had this, well for a lack of a better word, thing, going on ever since Allison called it quits s month into senior year. The first few days Scott kind of walked around like a shell not talking to anyone, not eating, and actually doing in well in class (Which wasn’t actually bad just odd considering its Scott). Then suddenly he became an ass hole. Snapping at everyone for even the stupidest thing, freaking out all the animals at the vet clinic, and snapping at Stiles (Which also wasn’t all that new but when the snapping started to involve actual teeth that made stile a little nervous). So Stile being the Awesome and caring best friend that he is calmly asked Derek for his help (Which actually meant he ran screaming towards the Alpha begging him to fix Scott).
So to say Stiles was happy when Scott finally started to calm down after a few days was and understatement, he was ecstatic. Well he was until Scott started to blow him off for Derek which he never in a million years would’ve guessed. Stiles just chalked it up to Scott finally stepping up to his post in the pack. Their awkward pack consisting on Derek, Scott, Jackson, Lydia, and the two humans Danny and himself.  He was fine with that answer until one day while changing after lacrosse he noticed a bruise on Scott.
“Dude what happened?” Stiles asked gesturing to the mark.
“Derek and I were fighting.”
“Oh.” Stiles shrugged it off and they continued changing in silence.
“I have to go meet Derek, I’ll see you later.”
Stiles nodded as he struggled to pull on his shoe. “See ya.” When he finally got his shoe on he actually thought about Scotts answer. That made no sense, how could he get a bruise on his neck from fighting, he’d understand if it was shaped like a hand, but it actually looked like a hickey. “…OH MY GOD! It’s a hickey!” Stile scrambled to grab his stuff and attempted to Catch up to Scott. When he got outside it was just in time to see the black Camaro speed around the corner.
When he went to ask Scott about it the next day he chickened out and completely changed the subject. He figured if Scott wanted him to know he would tell him so he let it be and waited. A few days turned in to a few weeks and those weeks into months and soon it was only 3 months until graduation, Stiles was accepted into a few colleges, and Scott still hadn’t said anything. Stiles was starting to get aggravated with the lack of best friending that Scott had going on and was going to call him on it…until he ran into Allison in the hallway. He tried to hide from her but failed epically and found himself with an arm full Allison who was grinning from ear to ear.
“H-hey Allison.” Stiles hugged her back awkwardly.
“Stiles you will not believe what I just found out!”
“I got into UCLA!” She said jumping slightly in place.
“Well then I guess congratulation is in order, because you got into UCLA and that’s a good thing. And you congratulate people when good things happen.” He scratched his head nervously. “Why are you telling me things that you need to be congratulated for?”
“You got in too, right?”
“Well yeah but I-”
“That means we’ll actually know somebody on campus.” The bell rang drawing their conversation to a close. “Gotta go, I’ll talk to you later.”
He watched Allison run/walk down the hall before mumbling to himself. “I never actually said if I was going or not.” He turned to head for his class but bumped into a solid body. “Oh, Scott, hi I was just on my way to class.” Stiles doesn’t even have enough time to register what’s going on let alone protest before he finds himself pressed against the wall of the janitors closet with Scott working his pants off. “Scott don’t-oh fuck.” Stiles attempted command to stop Scott broke off as Scott grabbed his half interested dick.
“You aren’t leaving me.” Everything after that was a blur of want, sweat, and pleasure. When Stiles finally regained his senses his front was pressed against the wall and his legs were shaking, of course he could only tell that his legs were shaking because he could feel his whole body shake.
“I can’t feel my legs.” And sure he could’ve said something else instead like ‘What the fuck Scott’ or ‘You raped me you ass hole!’ but Stiles knows that around the third or fourth finger pushing inside he was begging for it. He left himself slowly start to slide to the ground but was stopped in his decent by arms around his waist. He felt Scott pepper his skin with kisses and only then did he realize Scott was whispering.
“Can’t leave me. Not allowed. Mine. Can’t leave.” He was going to ask what Scott was talking about when he felt fingers pushing against his already abused hole, circling around the puffy skin and slicking through the escaped cum. The fingers pressed inside and shoved brutally against his prostate making his back bow in what had to be a painful arc. He let out a garbled sound and a whine when he felt his dick twitch in interest.
“I can’t. Too much, I can’t even stand. We’re in the freaking janitor’s closet, cliché much!” Apparently that wasn’t a good enough reason for Scott.  He flung Stiles around and lifted him so his legs could wrap around his waist pausing only long enough to make sure Stiles was secure before plunging in. And by no means was Stiles complaining, I mean his bestfriend was fucking him through the wall and it felt great. And Stiles figured since Scotts eyes kept switching to their wolfy glowing gold that Scott wasn’t all there so he didn’t feel so bad for letting it happen. Oh he felt bad later when they stumbled out of the janitor’s closet, Scott all smug with a grin on his face and Stile completely disheveled and eyes glazed. The guilt was momentarily put on pause when Scott pressed him against the wall and proceeded to devour his whole mouth. It wasn’t until Scott pulled away and was already walking down the hall that he saw Danny and Jackson. Jackson had a knowing smile on his face and Danny’s was one of pure confusion, and no Stiles did not run down the hall trying to escape his embarrassment, he was late to class and wanted to get his notes.
The fact that he avoided Scott like the plague had nothing to do with that situation. And let me tell you avoiding your bestfriend is already hard, avoiding your bestfriend who was also a werewolf was nearly impossible. Although thanks to the grace of somebody out there Stiles successfully avoided Scott for 2 and a half weeks and also had legitimate excuses to get out of pack meetings for the next 3 weeks. Things were going good in his own personal opinion that is until he went into his room one day and found Derek sitting on his bed. He jumped and let out a not so manly scream before he glared at the Alpha sitting on his bed.
“You know I thought we moved past the whole creeperesque habit of you coming in through my bedroom window, to the normal people thing of knocking on the front door.” He only received a glare in return.
“You’ve been avoiding the pack.”
“No. No I haven’t things just have been…off lately.”
“For three weeks?”
“Yes, the first one I was sick (He didn’t have to know that he had worried himself into a stomach ache and throwing up) the second one, my dad took me out of town (Because he had asked/begged him stating they needed more father/son time) And this passed one I had to work on a project (Which wasn’t due for another week and he had a partner but that was just minor details).”
“And your reason for missing todays?”
“There was a pack meeting today?”
“Yes, which you would’ve know if had gone to any of the others.”
“Okay well I’m sorry for missing the meetings so if you would be so kind as to get off my bed I’m tired and need a nap.”
“You’ve been avoiding Scott.”
Stiles opened and closed his mouth a few times. “No I’m not.” Derek gave him a look. “Okay so maybe I am but you don’t understand!”
“Then help me understand.” Stiles opened his mouth then promptly snapped it shut. Yeah, how do you tell Derek Hale a.k.a your Alpha that your bestfriend who, for all you know considering the evidence, is his boyfriend, fucked you through the wall at school. He opened his mouth to try again but all that came out was a rush of air.
“You know what, it isn’t important. Now if you would be so kind as to leave I have to take nap then I have to call David. Actually now that I think about it I should call David before I take my nap. There’s no tell if he’ll even be there when I wake up. Of course I do have his cell number I could call him on that, yeah that sounds like a plan. Now where in the hell did I put his number?” Stiles started ruffling through the thousands of papers on his desk look for the card that had David’s number. “Ah hah!” he turned to lean against his desk and saw Derek was still here, only now he was only a few step away from Stiles.
“Who’s David?”
“My admissions counselor for UCLA.”
“Your what?”
“Admissions counselor. You know the guy who makes sure I’m mentally and financially ready for college in the fall.”
“Yes Derek, college you know the place you go after high school.”
“You’re not going to UCLA.”
“Who are you now my father?”
“No I’m your Alpha.”
“Hate to break it to you hale but I’m not a wolf, therefore pack laws do apply to me.”
“Hate to break it to you Stilinski.” He snatched Stiles’ phone and tossed it across the room. “But you are part of the pack, forever. Not when it’s only a convenience to you. And as a member of the pack my rules are law, and rule number one is what I say goes, and I say you aren’t going to UCLA.”
“What is with you and Scott! UCLA is 5 hours away, it’s not like I’m going to a school in another state.”
“You are not going to UCLA.” Derek growled while moving into Stiles’ personal space.
“I’m sure as hell not staying here. And nothing you say or do is going to convince me otherwise.”  Stiles moved around Derek to get his cell that landed on the floor by his bed.
“Actually,” His eyes glowed red. “I think I can.” The situation was very similar to the one with Scott except it was Derek, he was bent over the bed, his shirt was pulled over his head and trapped his arms, and he was a moaning, swearing, panting mess. Derek thoroughly fucked him through the mattress and when he pulled out he moved to lick his own cum out of Stiles’ hole. Stile totally did not squeak when his tongue dipped inside, it was a high pitched moan. And no he did not get his rock off with Derek’s tongue deep inside where he couldn’t get off with a dick. And he was most certainly not begging for more the whole entire time. When Derek was satisfied that the mess was gone he pulled his clothes back on and gripped Stiles by the back of the neck and pulled him into a kiss. He looked into brown glazed eyes before smirking. “Scott’s upset, it’s your fault, fix it.”
So those two things should’ve gave him a sign that maybe things weren’t in s neat box like he thought they were. And maybe his current situation could’ve been avoided and he could be enjoying a dinner with his dad at a nice fancy restaurant as a celebration of his graduation and acceptance into UCLA. In his defense Derek never told him when to apologize to Scott, and when he was around Scott he quickly as possible left the room, so it wasn’t really his fault that he never got to apologize until the day after graduation.
And it really wasn’t his fault that Stiles found himself lying on top of Scott with his dick already buried inside of him and Derek working him open even for to press inside a long with Scott. So, in retrospect he should’ve seen this coming. If mention leaving for UCLA to each of them individually got his brains fucked out, telling then he was leaving august 26th to move on campus was something he shouldn’t have done. He let out a whimper and tensed when he felt Derek press the head of his penis at his already filled hole. “Relax.” Derek growled.
Stiles glared over his shoulder at Derek. “Let me see you relax when you have two giant dicks inside of you.” Stiles snapped.
“Look at me.” Stiles turned to Scott whose eyes were stuck on the color amber but seemed to be in full control of his wolf, no claws or teeth. Scott smiled at him before leaning up and kissing him gently. Stiles moaned softly and kissed back. Scott was quick to plunge into his mouth and dominate relaxing him into the kiss and the hard body beneath him. He forgot about Derek trying to press in until the head plus a few inches breached the tight muscle. He snatched away from the kiss as if burned and instinctively tried to move away from the burning pain. He whined and let out a pained sound when two pairs of hands moved to hold him in place.
“Hurts.” He reached blindly behind him for Derek in a halfhearted attempt to get him to stop pressing forward. On the one hand he wanted him to stop it burned so freaking bad, but on the other hand he wanted him to keep going wondering what if would feel like to have them both inside. When Derek finally, finally bottomed out Stiles let out a relieved sigh. He felt so full, and kind of like he had to use the bathroom. He rolled his hips slowly trying to get a feel for having two dicks inside instead of one, and jumped when twin growls filled the air.
“Be still.” Stiles didn’t need to be told twice. It felt like forever seemed to pass only to return in the form of Derek and Scott moving in a rhythm that made his arms go weak and he ended up with his face buried in the crook of Scott’s neck. The hand that had been an earlier attempt to stop Derek had somehow, despite the awkwardness of the position, found its way to Derek’s hair and was holding on tightly.
“I’m gonna pass out.” Was panted hotly against Scott’s neck. He felt someone’s dick press against his prostate. “Oh hell I’m gonna pass out.”
“Breathe.” Scott or Derek, his pleasure wrecked brain couldn’t figure out who, suggested.
“Fuck I can’t. Too much.” He felt them slow down. “I didn’t say stop.”
“You were going to pass out.” Scott or Derek, still couldn’t tell.
“Don’t care, keep going.” Oh fuck did they keep going. It was all too much yet not enough and he needed moremoremore  but on the same hand it was to fucking much. He could feel his orgasm building starting at the base of his skull and the tips of his toes. He could see spots forming in his vision, of course that could be attributed to the fact that his eyes kept hitting the back of his head; of course that was when they weren’t squeezed shut. “I’m about to pass out.” Immediately after the words left his lips he was hit with an orgasm that was far too intense to be normal before promptly passing out.
He wasn’t sure how long he was out but when he came to he was clean, naked, and cocooned between two wolves who were languidly sharing kisses above his head. When the pair realized he was awake they shifted down in the bed so they were more or less on an even level. He glanced back and for the between the two before finally speaking. “I know I might end up regretting it but I have to ask. What in the hell is up with you two.” There was a few moments of silence before Scott spoke.
“I’m Derek’s mate.”
“I figured as much when I saw the hickies and was getting the same Allison treatment but it was for Derek. What I want to know is what does that have to do with me.”
“You’re my mate.” Silence filled the room.
“I’m not following.”
“I’m Derek’s mate, you’re my mate, but you aren’t Derek’s mate.”
“Okay…” he turned to Derek. “Okay now elaborate.”
“Scott is my mate. I love him and he loves me. At first it was just a wolf thing but then the human part got involved. You’re Scott’s mate, he loves you and you love him, although since you aren’t wolf you didn’t know that. That’s why he got angry when he heard you were leaving. You and I have no connection other than Scott. We can grow to love each other but the connection between us will never be as strong as the one we share individually with Scott.”
“And the reason you got all mad because I said I was going to UCLA?”
“If Scott’s upset I’m upset. You’re his mate he can’t handle being without you.”
“Oh.” A comfortable silence filled the room.
“You’re awfully calm about this.”
“Oh don’t worry I have my freak out planned for bright and early tomorrow morning, it’s just right now I feel blissed out and don’t feel like ruining it.” He let out a yawn and started to doze off. “I’m still going to UCLA” were his last mumbled words before he succumbed to the pull of oblivion. He didn’t hear Scotts whimper or Derek’s slightly irritated growl.
“He can’t leave me.” Scott said softly.
“Don’t worry Scott, he won’t.”  His eyes flashed red as he looked at the sleeping boy, a plan already forming in his head.
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Word count: 2,228
Pairing: J2/Misha
Rating: Hard R/NC-17
Summary: PWP, Misha’s first heat is turning out to be a little more daunting than either Alpha expected.
Warning: Knotting, underage,  Age difference (Jared 27/Jensen 29/Misha 15), slight bondage(hands tied), Needy!Heat!Misha.

Alpha’s and Omega
Misha pulled desperately at the restraints that kept his arms above his head and secured tightly to the bed. There were hands rubbing his hair and caressing his chest and peppered kisses that were meant to calm but no longer worked. He was covered in sweat, tears, come and was entirely too hot for it to be healthy and despite all his discomfort all he really really wanted was to come.
"Please." He begged. "Please I can't take it."He turned pleading blue eyes to the man trying to calm him down. "Alpha..." he panted. “Jensen...please."
"We're trying Misha." Jensen said softly trying to calm down his tired distraught future mate.
Misha let out a moan and felt his eyes roll into the back of his head as Jared hit his prostate with brutal accuracy. He was so close to coming he could practically taste it on his tongue. His cock was an angry purple-red color and dribbled precome like a leaky faucet. He just wanted Jared’s knot so he could come, hell at this point he’d take anyone’s knot to make the pain stop.
Misha knew that it was getting harder and harder for Jensen and Jared to knot him but damn it they were Alpha’s, and if there was ever a time that Misha wanted the Alpha stereotype of constantly popping a knot to be true, now was the time. It was common for Omega's going through their first heat to have frequent flairs but Misha was positive that he was the only one who was having a flair with a knot buried deep in his ass. Misha was chalking it up to the fact that he was going through his first heat at fifteen instead of the expected and common seventeen or eighteen.
"Jared!" Snapped sharply out of his mouth. "Please! Pleasepleasepleaseplease!" He pulled on his bonds trying to free his hands, not sure if us was trying to get away from the toomuchnotenough pleasure boiling in the pit of his stomach, or to touch his Alpha’s like he desperately wanted. They tied his hands above his head after his sixth flair, when his wolf started to get agitated that it was still suffering through its heat despite the fact that there were two Alphas’ attending to his needs. The bite marks that marred their neck and shoulders, along with the scratches down their back and arms proved that for a little Omega, Misha’s wolf was vicious.
"I know baby. I know." Jared groaned out. Fuck he was exhausted. It was only the sixth day of Misha's two week long heat and Jared couldn’t wait until it was over. This couldn’t possibly be normal. There was no way in hell one Alpha could handle and Omega’s heat alone if they were all like this. He knew that as a male the odds of getting Misha pregnant his first time and ending his heat were slim to nonexistent, but throw in the fact that he was Omega and his body wouldn’t understand the concept that it couldn’t happen the first time around it only tired harder to get him pregnant. His body’s inability to listen to even itself ends in this ridiculous fuck fest that would finish with all of them completely exhausted, and entirely useless at the end of it all.
Jared felt his knot starting to form and let out a small sigh of relief. He smiled before leaning down and smashing his lips against the smaller form below him. Misha let out a sound of disappointment and tried to follow Jared's mouth as it moved away. "Shhh. S’okay, you feel that, s'my knot." Misha lazily nodded lazily, body exhausted from being wound to tight and being stuck on the edge. He winced and let out a small hiss of pain as he felt Jared's knot pushing at his messy swollen entrance, pleasure from the knot had long since turned into pain from too much stretching and too much pressure to his prostate. "I got you baby. Gonna tie you so good make you feel better." Misha nodded desperately at Jared's words hoping they were true.
"Put it in. I need your knot Alpha. Please. I need it, it hurts so badly. Want you to knot me, fill me with your pups. Please I want, need it so bad." Misha babbled. Jensen’s eyes briefly connected with Jared’s when he heard Misha’s words. He knew it was probably more so his wolf speaking then him but it didn’t stop the small bit of guilt that he felt. Misha’s heat would end the same way it started, with his belly empty of pups and Jensen knew when Misha’s head was clear from the haze of his heat he would be crushed, he wouldn’t be able to carry either of their pups this time and wouldn’t for a few years.

He let out a yelp at the sharp pain of the knot breach his entrance he only needed a few more thrusts before the pressure to his prostate had him spilling all over his stomach as well as Jared’s. He felt the ties that held his hand bite into his wrist as his body arched. Pleasure coursed through his body and he let out a groan of satisfaction as his body got the relief it so desperately wanted. This is what he needed a nice knot to fill him up, coat his insides with seed, to get him pupped. Jared’s knot pressed right against his prostate dragged his orgasm out so deliciously, he didn’t even realize he was telling Jared not to stop.  “Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Feel so good. I need your knot, I need it, I need it. Feel so so so good.” God it felt amazing. Even though his body hurt in places he never would have expected, if he kept having orgasms like that it would make this entire ordeal worth it.
He slowly came down from his orgasmic high with a dopy smile aimed at his mate who was still knotted inside him. He nuzzled into the giant hand that was gently caressing his face and he knew it had to belong to Jensen since both of Jared’s hands were on his waist. He let his eyes close and relaxed into the bed quickly falling asleep unable to stay awake any longer. He woke of briefly to feel Jared’s knot was considerably smaller and was slowly pulling out of his abused hole. He moved to bring his arms down and let out a panicked whine when he looked up to see the still attached to the headboard. He felt his heart jump into his throat for a brief moment of panic until Jensen reached up and released his hands.

Jensen took his hands into his own and gently rubbed his hands and wrist until there just a small ache. He smiled softly at the gentle kiss that was place on his forehead. “Go back to sleep.” Jensen commanded gently. A few hours later he was awakened by the familiar achy feeling and copious about of slick between his legs.
He let out a sound of distress when he looked down to see his cock was hard. Not yet the angry purple-red he had become familiar with seeing, just full, hard and asking for attention. He could feel the wetness that he knew escaped from  his hole and coated his thighs. He felt tears burning in his eyes. "No." He whined. "I can't.I can't do this anymore. I'll do anything you want but I can't do this anymore." He sobbed. "Alpha's please! I can't do it. I can't, I can't, I can’t!” Tears ran freely down his cheeks as he sobbed just wanting this to be over.
"Misha, Mish. Listen to me." Jensen said gently. "The first heat is always the worst. You have to go through the entire thing before you can go on birth control and suppressers so they know your proper dosage. Remember we talked about it." Misha nodded but his tears didn't stop. "I promise after me your body will be so full of alpha come and you'll get to be done. We'll plug you up so your body will think it's full of alpha cock. You'll be able to sleep as long as you want, Jared'll make you a nice steak, a loaded baked potato and broccoli with cheese, and I'll make you the 7up cake that you like so much. Then we'll give you a nice bath and take care of you. Would you like that?" Misha nodded Jensen smiled and kissed Misha sweetly on the lips before grabbing his cock and placing the head at Misha’s overused, swollen, slick entrance.
Jared had moved behind Misha and leaned against the head board so Misha could lean against his body. Misha laced his noticeably smaller fingers with Jared's, squeezing tightly when Jensen slid into his sore aching hole. Both he and Jared had big dicks but where Jared was slightly longer then Jensen, Jensen had a girth that Misha's sore body couldn't help but crave and despise at the same time. Misha's small body nearly disappeared between his two mates. Jared at a solid six foot six and Jensen at six for two made him appear to be minuscule with his height of 5 foot five. His older brother and mates told him he still had time to grow since he was only fifteen but as Omega Misha would be lucky to reach beyond his current height. His only comfort being Jared at 27 and Jensen at 29 were done growing.
Although he wanted nothing but to be finished with his heat and never have a dick inside him again, he couldn't help but moan and move his hips to meet Jensen's every thrust. It felt good to be filled with his alpha's dick no matter how many times it has been since his heat kicked it. He nearly bit through his bottom lip when one of Jared's giant hands moved to tweak his nipple. He felt his nails lengthen slightly and dig into Jared’s hand a warning growl kept him from doing too much damage. It didn’t take long for his high stung body to be on the cusp of an orgasm, something he both liked in hated. Liked because hey, he got to come and you can’t be mad at that, hated because he usually stayed on edge without a knot to take him over.
Misha tried to move off Jensen's cock trying to say without words that he wanted Jensen to knot him first. He wanted this to end with a knot, Jensen promised, Jensen-"I'm gonna cum." he gasped out trying desperately to get off Jensen, he didn’t want to come like this. He squeezed at Jared's hand he could feel his nails digging in deeper. "I'm gonna come." He tried to hold it off. To stop the pleasure that was zinging from the base of his spine to the rest of his body. He could tell by the sudden sharpness of the room that his eyes have changed into the glowing yellow-green that accompanied his wolf. He clenched his eyes shut. "Oh GOD!" Misha arched at what had to be an uncomfortable angle as his orgasm ripped its way through his body.
Misha's entire body shook and trembled with the force and aftershocks of his orgasm. His head lolled lazily from side to side and his eyes opened to slits to reveal the eyes of his wolf. He let out a keen from his throat begging for attention from his Alpha's. This is what they were waiting for. They needed Misha's wolf to come out and accept them as his Mates and Alpha's. To make this heat that wouldn’t end with pups end with their mating. Jensen allowed his wolf to slip forward eyes glowing green similar to his natural eyes yet so different. He locked eyes with Jared to see his glowing auburn. The next step was to allow their wolves to accept each other. With a low growl of understanding the two worked to bring their mate to completion one last time.
Misha's wolf greedily accepted the attention of his to mates and encouraged it with a roll of his small hips and gentle loving nips and sucks to Jared's fingers that had found their way to his mouth. When Misha began to feel the tell-tale nudge of Jensen's knot he eagerly began pushing back against it, desperately wanting to feel it deep inside. When the knot breached and he felt the hot seed once again coating his insides he came. He was so far gone in his orgasm he didn't even notice Jared biting into his neck or Jensen biting at the place where neck and shoulder met. Misha was floating higher and higher as he saw black creep into his vision, If Misha was Honest, he wasn't too upset about the fact that he was on the verge of passing out.

Jensen looked down at the spent form between their bodies before looking up at Jared with glowing eyes. “You’re next.” His voice was wrecked and deep.

Jared gave him a fang filled smiled. “I’d like to see you try.” Misha will wake up the next morning and be only slightly agitated that he missed his Alpha’s claiming each other. 

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Undercover Lover (3/3)

Jensen slowly turned to see the blond he had grown to see as a little brother. Granted he was the little brother he wanted to strangle half the time but he still loved him like one. Green clashed with blue as they stared at each other. “I asked you a question.” Jensen looked at the gun in Chad’s hand to the one that sat on Chad’s hip before looking him back in the eyes. “Have a seat.” Jensen didn’t move. “I said,” Chad switched off the safety. “Have a seat.” Jensen slowly sat down on the bed and looked up at Chad.

“So Jens, I see some things have changed since we saw each other last.” He said motioning to Jensen’s stomach. “You’re what eight, nine months?”

“Six. Seven in a few days.”

Chad let out a whistle. “Wow you are huge. Guess that’s the Padalecki in it coming out.”


“Twins? Oh. Boss is potent isn’t he?”

“Cut the shit. Why are you here Chad?”

“Awww Jenny. Don’t be that way.” Chad mock pouted. “I mean it’s not every day that the boss falls madly in love with a guy from his wet dreams. I mean he was planning on marrying you, showed me the ring and everything. He was going to take you out of the country propose then probably spend the next 4 days fucking your brains out. It’s also not every day that that same man turns out to be a cop and gets him arrested.” Jensen’s fingers twitched. “So now I’m here stuck playing babysitter to you to protect you from idiots trying to move up in the ranks by getting rid of you.” Chad dug into his pocket and handed Jensen a card. “Jared told me to give it to you.”

Jensen shoved the card into his pocket not paying any real attention. “I suppose you felt it was necessary to move my guns and knife.”

Chad gave him a puzzled look. “I didn’t move anything.” Jensen and Chad shared a look. “Get up and let’s go.”

Jensen, with help from Chad, stood from the bed; Chad took his extra gun and handed it to Jensen. They walked from his bedroom and a few steps past the bathroom when Jensen felt something press into the back of his head. Jensen let out a gasp and stopped walking. “Chad.” He said softly and watched as Chad slowly turned and raised his gun and point it at whoever was behind him.

“Drop it or he’s dead.”

Jensen’s eyes widened. “Chris?! What in the hell are you doing!”

“Shut up!” he turned his attention back to Chad. “I said drop it.” Chad hesitated but slowly lowered his gun. Chris either had a second gun or moved faster than either man could register because the next thing Jensen knew a gun went off and Chad’s face was one of pure pain and surprise.

“CHAD!” Jensen watched helplessly as Chad fell to the floor. “Chad!” Jensen fought against Chris grip but stilled instantly when his gun pressed against his stomach. “Please.” Jensen said nearly in tears, not sure if it was the extra hormones or the fact that Chad just got shot in front of him. “I have to see if he’s okay.”

“No let’s go.” Jensen looks at Chad on the floor as Chris drags him out of the house.

“Where are you taking me?”

“To our special place.” Chris shoved Jensen to the car into the passenger seat, and soon they were speed down the road. Three hours into the car ride Jensen can’t hold it anymore and asks Chris to pull over at the upcoming rest stop. “No. Hold it.”

“Either you pull over at the rest stop or your car is going to start smelling like hot piss.” Jensen snapped. Chris pulled over at the rest stop and Jensen held out his hand.


“Can I have some money for food?”

“Don’t you have money?” Chris asked already fishing out his wallet.

“I’m pretty sure vending machines don’t take debit or credit cards. Can I have some money, please?” Chris slapped 5 dollars into Jensen’s hand and watched as Jensen struggled to get out of the car.

“5 minutes then I’m coming in after you.” Chris yelled to Jensen’s retreating form.

Jensen quickly found an empty stall and locked the door. He quickly used the bathroom then yanked out his phone and dug in his other pocket in search of the card. He pulled it out and punched in the first number on the card. There was no answer so he quickly dialed the second.

“Come on, come on. Pick up, pickup, please pick up.”

“What?” Was the aggravated answer.

“Jared?” Jensen said with hope. “Jared I need help. Chris, he came to my house and he shot Chad in my hallway. We’re on the highway route 23 last I knew heading east but we took an exit so that might have changed. Jared please you have to come get me.”

“Do you know where you’re going?”

“He said to our special place but I don’t know what he means!” Jensen was going to speak more but he heard the bathroom door squeak. He quickly set the phone to mute and slid it into the waistband of his pants. He flushed the toilet and slowly unlocked and opened his stall door. He wasn’t surprised to see Chris leaning against the wall near the sinks. He walked over to the sinks and began to wash his hands. He looked up in the mirror to see that Chris had moved closer.

“You must think I’m stupid.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Jensen said while rinsing the suds from his hands.

“Who did you call?”

“I didn’t call anyone.” Jensen looked down at his hands.

“Wrong answer.” Jensen had no time to react Chris yanked him back then shoved him hard against think sink ledge Jensen’s eyes filled with tears and a pained gasp left his throat. Chris patted down a wheezing Jensen but didn’t find his phone. He ignored the choked sob that escaped Jensen’s mouth and forced him straight up. “Get into the fucking car.” Jensen didn’t want to move. He just wanted to curl into a ball on the floor. All he could think was ‘my babies’ over and over as he forced his body to cooperate. He sat carefully in the car and tried to stop the tears of pain and worry.

Jensen let out another pained moan as pain shot through his body bringing tears to his eyes. Something was wrong with the babies he needed to get out of here. Here being the lake house where he and Chris had their first date. “Chris why are you doing this?” Jensen asked as he struggled to shake off Chris’ grip. Chris was leading him to the pier that was used to jump into the water, Jensen didn’t like where this was headed.

“Because he ruined everything.”


“Jensen please do not play stupid with me. You know who.” Chris said while double checking the restraints the bound Jensen’s hands together underneath his stomach.

“Jared didn’t do anything.”

Chris scoffed. “If being a crime lord, taking you away from me, and ruining my career is doing nothing, then I’d hate to see your version of doing something.”

“He didn’t take me from you.”

“You broke up with me because you had to go undercover for him.”

“I broke up with you because you’re crazy possessive, and you have this bad habit of not stopping while you’re ahead.” Chris glared at Jensen. “And if you’re mad enough to kill me because I broke up with you, then you have some serious issues.”

“I’m not going to kill you. I love you too much to do that.”

“Then why am I here tied.”

“I said I wasn’t going to kill you, I never said anything about them.” Chris reached out and rubbed Jensen’s stomach. Jensen flinched and to a small step back, noticing how close he was to the edge. Chris flung his hand out and grasped his arm to give him balance back.

Another spike of pain shot through his body and he bent over to help ease it. “Chris I really need a hospital. Please. I’m begging you.”

“No. I’m not dumb enough to fall for that.”

“C-Chris I’m not lying. Something is wrong.” More pain wrecked through his body, he felt something warm between his legs. He, with some difficulty, touched it and pulled his fingers back bloody; he panicked. “Chris please! I’m bleeding I have to go to the hospital!” He let out a cry and almost collapsed with the pain. The sound of a car door slamming shut caught both of their attention.

“Jared!” Jensen yelled in relief as Jared quickly approached the two. Jensen let out a whimper when Chris yanked him by his arm and point a gun at his stomach for the second time that day.

“Let him go Chris and we’ll leave.”

“Stay where you are!” Chris snapped. Jared slowed but didn’t stop. “You two must think I’m an idiot today. If I let him go you’d just sick your goons on me and I’m not for that. I said stop!”

“Chris It’s not going to work. You don’t trust me with my gun and I don’t trust you with Jensen.” He continued to inch forward.

Chris’ face became totally blank and he relaxed. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Chris pulled the trigger.

Pain ripped through his body. He felt cold and everything seemed to slow down. He looked to see blood and fluid escaping before looking up at Jared. “I’m sorry.” Was said so softly he barely heard it himself before he felt himself falling back into the water. ‘I’m going to die’


The first thing Jensen noticed was the smell of wherever he was. It smelt sterile and like pine-sol. The second was that he was warm, meaning he wasn’t in the water anymore. The third and fourth hit him at the same time, the soft beep in the background was annoying and he was thirsty as hell. His eyes fluttered but they didn’t quite open, he tried again and saw that he was in a dimly lit hospital room. The privacy curtain that surrounded him told him that he was sharing a room with another person or whoever brought him here didn’t want him to be disturbed unless necessary.

He reached out blindly with his hand and pushed the call button for the nurse. It was only a few moments until the curtain was pulled back and he was greeted by a male nurse. “Ah! You’re awake!” He said with a huge smile. Jensen opened his mouth to speak but a croaky scratchy noise came out instead. “Oh.” The nurse grabbed a cup from the bedside table and filled it with water from the nearby pitcher.


“It’s 4:47 in the morning.”

“How long?”

“How long have you been here?” Jensen nodded. “It will be month today. You were in a medicine induced coma for the first week to let your body adjust to what it just went through but when you came off of it you never woke up. The doctor wasn’t too worried said your body was just too exhausted and you would wake up on your own in a few weeks.”

Jensen let the words sink in and reached his hand down to rub his stomach as he thought, a habit he picked up while being pregnant. Pregnant! “My babies!” Jensen tried to sit up but the nurse stopped him.

“Stop. Stop. They’re fine. They’re in the NICU. One is on oxygen and the other is in an incubator because he can’t stay warm, but they’re fine. They just are there as a precaution because they were running fevers on and off and they’re to small to handle it on their own.”

“Can I see them.”

“It’s late I don’t think-”


The nurse hesitated before nodding his head and leaving to get a wheel chair. He wheeled Jensen into the NICU and over to the tiny forms that lied asleep. “Don’t worry about the wires most of them are just for monitoring. The tubes in their mouth are for feeding, they haven’t quite mastered the bottle yet. And you already know the thing in his nose is oxygen.” Jensen absent mindedly nodded at the information he was given. “I know they look small but they’re a pound heavier than they were when they were born.”

Jensen caressed the tiny feet of both his sons. “They’re perfect.”


Jensen watched with a smile as his five year olds ran away from a shirtless Chad squealing in delight. “Chad quit terrorizing my children with your scar.”

“They love it.”

“They’re scared of it.” Jensen corrected.

Jensen continued to lean against the railing when he felt some hard push into his back. He reached back grabbed the gun, elbowed the man in the face, then swept his feet from underneath him. “Ouch! Fuck! Jensen it’s me!”

“Jared you should know by now to stop sneaking up on me.” Jensen said while reaching a hand out to help Jared up. “Why are you pressing a gun into my back anyway?”

“It’s a water gun. I bought it for them.” He said tossing the plastic toy into Jensen’s hands

“When do you leave?”

“In a few hours. I have a shipment coming in from Mexico. I have to make sure it’s all there.”


“I have to check on the clubs.”

“I can do the clubs.” Jensen offered.

“And who is going to watch them?”

“Chad can watch them.”

“And who will watch you?” Jared said while playing with Jensen’s belt loops.

“I’m not pregnant anymore. I can watch out for myself.”

Jared nodded before stealing a kiss. “There was a car tailing me on my way here. I parked 4 blocks over and went into the extra house and left out the back. It’s probably the police trying to be undercover.”

“Well we know how well that worked out last time.” Jensen said with a smile.

“Yes it got me a husband, and two beautiful sons. And all it cost me was an ass hole.”

Jensen pushed away from Jared with an eye roll when he mentioned Chris. “Don’t.” Jensen said sternly. “Thing One and Thing Two Papa’s here.”

The two boys looked over and scrambled from underneath Chad and headed straight for Jared. “What’d you get us! What’d you get us!” The jumped excited and waited for their present, knowing every time their Papa came they got a new toy. Jared took the unpackaged water gun from Jensen and pulled the other from behind him and handed them over to the excited boys. “Uncle Chad! Look what Papa got us! You gotta open this one so we can play with it!” One twin ran over to Chad to get his open while the other stayed.

He looked at his gun slightly sad. “What’s wrong?” Jensen asked.

“It doesn’t look like yours.” He pouted.

“Jaysen, that’s because mine if from when I was a police officer.”

“But Papa isn’t and police and he has one!”

“That’s because Papa is a special business man remember?”

“But I just want one like yours or Papa’s.” Jaysen pouted.

Jared knelt down to his son’s level. “You’re too little for one now, but I promise on you’re 16 birthday you can get one of your own.” Jaysen’s face lit up, he gave Jared a bone crushing hug and a peck on his lips before running over to join his brother and his uncle.

“You are not buying him a gun for his 16 birthday.”

“18th then.”

“You’re not getting him a gun.” Jensen said sternly while walking into the house.

“Bet you I can change your mind.”

“I bet you 20 thousand.”

“You’re on.” Jared said with a smile while practically dragging Jensen to his bedroom.

Jensen traced random patterns on Jared’s chest as they lied in bed soaking up the afterglow. “I lied to you.”



“About what?”

“Not being pregnant.”


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Prompt: Jensen used to be one of the best undercover cops doing the job then he went undercover in the Padalecki organization and fell for the top boss, Jared. Jensen was so very compromised, and couldn't turn Jared in - someone else had to do that. When they finally came to arrest Jared, Jensen had just found out he was pregnant. Jensen didn't tell anyone about his baby, especially since the angry cops who finally arrested Jared burned Jensen's cover - outing him as a cop to Jared and all his most trusted crew.

Jensen knew that he had to run - in a few months he would be too vulnerable, heavily pregnant with the baby. He also knew that the charges against Jared and company might not stick as well as the cops thought and Jensen had to protect his coming little one, it was the last piece of Jared he was allowed to have.

Undercover Lover (1/3)
Jensen has been undercover for the past 4 and half years. At 36 years old he was one of the best under cover’s that the force had to offer. They have been trying to take down Jared Padalecki for the past 8 years. The man came on the scene at just 26 years old. At first he was just whispers. He was a friend of a friend of a friend. But he quickly grew to be a man that everyone knew and were frustrated by. He sold weapons all over the world and had drug dealers all over the country. Everyone knew who he was and what he did; the only problem was, like every crime lord, he never handled his own business so pinning anything to him was nearly impossible. Until Jensen.

Jensen went from being a random lackey, running menial errands, such as getting coffee for people who did actual work and getting the few legal packages that were shipped. To working the streets, making sure that people were where they were supposed to be and doing what they were supposed to be doing. To doing errands for Jared himself, to occasional one night stands, to dating, to being his lover, confidant, and right hand. He hadn’t realized, until recently in the past few months, that he fell in love with Jared, that he had loved him for a while actually. He was so far gone that he couldn’t even turn him in, although he technically held authority in this case he hand given control to another undercover to turn him in. They were planning on doing so in a week.

And to add salt to an already gaping wound Jensen was staring at the image on the ultrasound machine that was showing him that he was currently 6 or 7 weeks pregnant with twins. He only vaguely heard the technician ask if he wanted a picture he numbly nodded. As excited as he was he knew that his bosses would not be happy, and as much as he loved Jared, he wasn’t entirely sure if he wanted children. Jensen was driving home from his appointment when his phone in the glove compartment went off. He pulled out the phone and saw it was Chris, one of the higher ups.


“Change of plans. We got the go ahead to move in in the morning. Make sure you are ready.”

“Chris why are you telling me this. I’m compromised remember. I’m not supposed to know exact details.”

“I just want to make sure you’re ready to see that asshole be taken down.”

“Chris please, don’t start, I'm not in the mood.” Jensen said with a huff. He used to be close to Chris, they even dated at one point. But when Jensen confided in him that He truly loved Jared Chris became spiteful and rude.

“Ackles all I’m saying is of all the people in the world, it had to be him?”

“Chris. I’m not in the mood alright?”

“I’m just saying, the dude’s an asshole and you could do so much better. You had to go for one of the most wanted criminals. I just can’t wait to see him go down. I know for a fact the bigger they are the harder they fall.”

“Chris where are you?” Jensen asked noticing for the first time that Chris’ voice was echoing.

“Out.” He answered evasively.

“Are you doing something stupid?”

“Fuck you Ackles.”

Jensen let out a huff. “I have to go.” Jensen hung up as he pulled up to his and Jared’s home. He put the ultrasound picture into his back pocket and walked into the house. Jensen waved to the few people who were sorting out ecstasy and other tablets and headed towards Jared’s personal office. He knocked twice on the door before opening it. He wasn’t surprised to see Jared playing with a hunter’s knife and talking angrily into his blue tooth.

“I don’t give two shits if he’s Russian. He ruined my drop, get rid of him.” Jared angrily ripped the earpiece out and tossed it onto his desk. He stabbed his knife into the table and stood angrily. He advanced on Jensen only leaving a few inches between them. He raised one hand and caressed Jensen’s cheek with his thumb. He gave Jensen a quick peck on the lips before smiling. “How were the warehouses?”

“They were fine.”

“And the dealers?”

“Two incidents that were quickly handled.”

“And you?”

“I’m fine, doctor said there was a flu bug going around and I probably caught it.”

Jared gave Jensen a critical look before nodding. “There always seems to be a flu bug going around.”

“I know, and it would be my luck that I would be the one to catch it.” Jensen said with a smile. “So the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie just came out. Can we go see it?”

“I have to make sure the next round gets out on the street tonight and that everything is in order for the trip in the morning.”

“Trip? I thought we were going to Bosnia next week?” Jensen asked confused.

“We were but things came up and I have to take a trip to Texas. I won’t be gone for long.”

“I? I’m not going with you?” Jensen asked confused.

“No. I need someone here to make sure things run properly while I’m gone, you’re the only one I trust to do that.”

Jensen nodded before leaning in and kissing Jared. His hand quickly found refuge in Jared’s hair and space between them quickly vanished. Jared turned them and backed Jensen towards his desk and sat him on top. Jensen let out a moan when Jared stepped closer and pressed his thigh against his need. He moved his hands from Jared’s hair to the band of his pants where he pulled Jared’s shirt from inside his pants. He reached up and undid the top button; he was starting to pull the shirt up when an urgent knock came to the door.

“Boss? It’s Chad. The boys found some guy sneaking around the warehouse and brought him here.”

“You can handle it Chad.” Jared said quickly, recapturing Jensen’s swollen lips and reaching his hand down to rub Jensen’s cock. Jensen whimpered into Jared’s mouth and pushed against his hand.

“He’s FBI.”

Jared pulled away from Jensen and his face became hard. “Get my kit, tie him to a chair and I’ll be there in a moment.” The entire time he spoke he was looking into Jensen’s eyes. “And Chad?”

“Yes Boss?”

“Make sure it’s the red one and not the black one.”

“Yes Boss.” Now that they weren’t so absorbed in each other they could hear Chad’s retreating footfalls.

“I thought you said everything was fine with the warehouses.” Jared said harshly.

“They were.”

“Then why was there an FBI agent snooping around.”

“He must’ve come when I left.”

“Jensen, he’s FBI it almost guarantees he has been there all day.” Jared angrily yanked his knife out of the desk before taking a few steps back from Jensen. “Just because you are my lover doesn’t mean you have special privileges. You fuck up on the job you have consequences just like everyone else.”

“I didn’t fuck up my job!” Jensen snapped. “He wasn’t fucking there!!” Jensen hopped off the desk and walked angrily to the door. “And fuck you for thinking I would miss something like that.” He yanked the door open and only took two steps before his arm was grabbed.

“Don’t walk away from me. You’re lucky I have bigger fish to fry.” Jared said darkly.

Jensen yanked his arm free before heading to the basement where they handled their…business. Once downstairs he hopped onto the table that held the red case. The red case was full of knifes and tools that were serrated and did more damage coming out then they did going in. He noticed that Jared’s best were in the room to enjoy the entertainment. He looked over at the man who had a bag over his head and noticed he seemed oddly calm. He heard the door shut gave Jared a passing glance as he stormed down the basement stairs. He quickly walked over to the guy and yanked off the bag. Jensen felt his stomach drop to his feet, his heart speed up and his breathing hitch. In the chair sat Chris, who he had just talked to not even an hour ago. It took every bit of will power he had not to move from his spot and keep up his act of nonchalance.

Jared placed his hands on the armrest of the chair, one hand still holding the knife from earlier, and leaned into Chris’ face. “I am not in the mood and I do not have the patience. Why were you snooping around my warehouse?” Chris only glared up at Jared. Jensen jumped up from the table, gaining Jared’s attention. “Where are you going?”

“Yeah Jensen, where are you going?” Chris said sarcastically.

Jensen’s steps only faltered slightly. “I’m not in the mood to watch you carve someone open because you’re pissed at me.” Then he turned. “How do you know my name?”

“Aww Jensen everyone knows Jared’s right hand and lover.” Chris said with a smile. “But you and I both know that’s not how we know each other, is it officer?”

Jensen grit his teeth together before speaking again. “Look I don’t know you so don’t try to act like you do so you can drag someone down with you.” Jensen began to walk away.

“Aww Jenny don’t get mad at me. What you should be doing is getting ready. The shit’s about to hit the fan, and when it does your ass is grass. And your pathetic lover is going to gone for a very long time. If he doesn’t get struck by a stray bullet first.”

Jensen stormed over the chair and punched Chris square in the face. “Fuck you!” Jensen pulled back to punch Chris again but his fist was caught and he was yanked away by Jared.

“Go upstairs.”

“I’m not going.” Jensen snapped still glaring at Chris.

“Jensen.” Jared said sternly. He only rarely used that tone with Jensen. He wasn’t talking to him as a lover but as his Boss.

Jensen gave Jared a look then glared at Chris. “Yes Boss.”

Jensen headed towards their bathroom, which was attached to their bedroom and splashed cold water in his face. He could barely keep his anger in check. He knew Chris was pissed with the fact that he actually loved Jared but did he have to blow his fucking cover. Jensen yanked off his clothes and got into the shower. He angrily washed his body but stopped when his hands reached his stomach. He let out a soft sigh before rinsing and drying off. He pulled on a pair of briefs and crawled into bed. Jensen woke up in the middle of the night to Jared pulling him against his chest. He let out a sound of contentment when Jared threaded their fingers together and Jensen held them to his chest. “I’m sorry I yelled.” He said softly into Jensen’s hair.

“No you aren’t.” Jensen mumbled. “But it’s okay.”

Jared was quiet for a few moments knowing Jensen spoke the truth. “You know I love you.”

“Mmhmm.” Jensen answered on the brink of sleep.

“Good.” Silence fell between the two and they both soon drifted off to sleep.

Jensen was woken up by a stray beam of light in his eyes, a wandering hand and gentle lips. “Mnnh Jared.” Jensen rolled his hips to press his dick against Jared’s huge hand. He tilted his head to allow Jared better access. “Mmm time zit?”

“A little after nine.” Jared bit on Jensen’s neck and squeezed his hand.

Jensen let out a whimper. “Times flight?” Jensen reached down and pushed off his briefs and placed Jared’s hand on his solid shaft. He let out a whimper when Jared flicked his thumb over the sensitive head.

“Way later.” Jared answered while giving a good few tugs.

“Fuck Jared. Stop teasing and do something.” Jensen whined.

“Not enough time.” Jared whispered. “We have to go.”

Jensen let out a huff as Jared rose from the bed. “Seriously?”

“We have a run to make before I leave.”

Jensen rolled out of bed and got dressed, then he and Jared, and a few guards, headed out. They headed towards the docks where a few cars already were and 3 boats sat anchored. They exited the car and headed over towards a man who was exiting from another car. It was Aldis. He was a dealer who, if he wanted to, could be a boss. He always brushed it off though saying it was too much work. He had a good life as a dealer. He worked out of Texas but worked under Jared and didn’t mind at all.

They exchanged a few words before Jared let out a whistle and the extra cars that came with them popped their trunks and men exited the cars and pulled out the 2 briefcases that were in each trunk. They had just handed over the goods to Aldis’ men when they were swarmed by local police and FBI. It was only seconds before shots were fired. Jensen quickly ducked behind a car. He couldn’t exactly fire back at the police. After a few more minutes the shots stopped and they were surrounded by police. Jensen was lying flat on the ground when he felt his arms being yanked behind his back and cuffs being placed on his hands. He was yanked to his feet and was surprised to see Chris standing a few feet away aggressively handcuffing Jared. Chris had a black eye and swollen cheek but appeared fine otherwise.

He looked over at Jensen and smirked. “No need to arrest him. He’s the undercover who fell in love with the mark.” Chris yanked Jared up before swinging on him. Jared’s head jerked with the force of the blow. “Sorry, you were resisting.” He licked the blood off of his lip and smiled at Chris as he ushered him towards the waiting car. Jensen felt his heart shatter as the door shut and Jared was driven away.

Jensen sat in a chair across from his therapist assigned by the FBI to make sure he was mentally okay. His lover was arrested 3 days ago and he was due to appear in court in 3 weeks. “Look I don’t understand why I have to be here.”
“Jensen, it’s not every day that an officer gets so far undercover that they fall in love with the man they know is going to be arrested.”

“I know that. But what does it matter. Chris outted me. I’m going into protective anyway.”

“We just want to make sure that you don’t do something you’d regret.”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know. You tell me.”

“Look I’m not going to do anything stupid. My head has an X on it that’s waiting for someone to place a bullet in it. Thanks to Chris my life is forfeit and Jared’s men are itching to find the X that marks the spot. I have no interest of being here or for you to keep seeing me. So if it’s all fine with you, I’m gone.” Jensen angrily stormed out of the office and to his car.

Jensen sat in the reclined chair and absently rubbed his swollen stomach. At 6 months pregnant Jensen looked very similar to a woman in her 8th or 9th month with a single baby. He lived in a one floor, 2 bedrooms, 1 bath house that held a nice size kitchen, a large living room, and room off of the kitchen that was currently being used as storage for the babies supplies but would eventually be turned into a play room. The doctor had told him to take it easy to do the bare minimum, the twins were perfectly fine but they didn’t want to risk it.

He ordered his groceries from the grocery store about 2 miles away. There was a girl named Emily who happily delivered them to him. She wasn’t supposed to but she noticed that it started to get harder and harder for Jensen to do it on his own. He would make a list of what he needed and stick that in an envelope with money next to the doggy door in the back and she would reach in grab it and do his shopping. She always picked it up on Thursday night when she got off work on her way home, and delivered them Friday when she got off. She was due to be here in the next 3 hours or so.

Jensen winced when a foot kicked him on the side. “Ouch. You definitely got that from your Dad because I did not movie this much when my mom was pregnant.” He felt himself get a little sad when he thought about Jared. If things went according to plan Jared should be in prison right now. Jensen knew he shouldn’t but he can’t help but miss him. They had been together for the last two years he was undercover and he grew to love him with every bit he had. When he went into protective custody they cut off all ties he had with anyone, but Jensen cut the ties he had with protective custody. Once they stopped checking in on him he left and set up his own home to ensure his ex-boss’, Jared, or his men never found him.

These twins were the last bit he had of Jared and he refused to let anyone or anything take them away from him. Jensen worked his way out of his seat and into the kitchen to refill his glass with grape juice. He opened his freezer to see if there was anything quick to cook. He looked longingly at the crab legs that were in there then glared at his stomach. He still wasn’t sure why his doctor told him no sea food. He shut the freezer, which was mostly empty aside from the legs and ice, and opened the fridge. He pulled out the cheese and banana peppers. He grabbed a few slices of bread. He set about making his grilled cheese and pepper sandwich. He unlocked the front door on his way back to the living room. He rested his plate on his stomach and happily munched away at his sandwich as he watched a show about brothers who hunted the supernatural or whatever.

He heard the front door open and the sound of plastic bags. “Just sit them in the kitchen Em I’ll be there in a second.” Jensen, with some effort, stood from the couch and slowly made his way to the kitchen. “Hey did you make sure that you grabbed the stretch mark cream. I know it’s not technically food but you said it wouldn’t be a…problem.” Jensen’s voice faded at the end when in front of him stood 6 foot 4 of the man he had pretty much told himself he would never see again. He felt the tears burn at his eyes and his heart begin to race and his breath shorten. “Jared?” He whispered.

Jared leaned casually against the fridge behind the table. “Hello Jensen.”
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Chapter 5

Jared lifted Alex out of his booster seat and placed him on his hip while he grabbed his backpack/diaper bag. Alex rested his head on Jared’s shoulder and placed his ring and middle finger in his mouth and absentmindedly sucked them for comfort. Jared arched and eyebrow at his son as he shut the door. “You know you’re getting a bit big for that right?” Alex only gave Jared a passive look, who in turn, chuckled. He walked up and entered the office building and headed straight for the elevators. He leant over and showed Alex which button to press. Once on the correct floor he headed straight towards Sophia’s office. He knocked twice and waited for her to tell him to come in.

Sophia motioned for him to take a seat and he did and waited for her to finish her phone call. He only waited a few seconds before she hung up and gave him her full attention. “Jared. Why didn’t you tell me you had a boyfriend?”

Jared gave her a confused look. “Because I don’t have one?” It came out more of a question than a statement.

“Jared,” Sophia sighed. “I would just like straight forward answers. I’m not upset I just need to know if this thing is serious and can be used to our advantage, or if this is just a fling that can turn around and bite us in the ass.”

“Wait, I don’t even know what you’re talking about. I’m not dating anyone.”

Sophia let out a sigh before handing over a magazine. Jared read the front and quickly flipped to the article. “Close friends say that this is nothing serious just a way of coping with the stress of the separation and impending court date. Jared Padalecki never has been and never will be gay. Another source says that they were together at a local Toys R Us looking for toys for the youngest Padalecki.” Jared looked up from the article. “I swear on everything that I didn’t know about this. I’ve only hung out with Jensen a few times, and only a few times has he been with both Alex and I. I did meet him at the Toys R Us though, Alex had walked away from me and he found him. But I swear we aren’t dating.” Sophia arched and eyebrow as Jared continued his nervous rant. “I mean Chad wants us to. I mean according to him we already are. I mean I like Jensen and everything I just don’t know if I should date him with everything going on. I mean I was going to talk to him about it and see if-and I’m rambling aren’t I?” Sophia nodded. “Sorry.”

“Jared I’m not upset. I mean this whole thing could me to our advantage. I mean you pretty much have the custody thing in the bag but this can be used to ensure that you can provide Alex with a stable environment.” She shifted through some papers. “From what I gathered that was going to be a good part of their argument; that you couldn’t provide a stable place for him to grow up.”
“But it isn’t much of a case. A lot of actors and actresses are single parents.”
“Yes but they hire nanny’s, which is something you refuse to do.” Jared nodded in agreement. “But.” She started. “If you two don’t work out this whole thing will come back and bite us in the ass.”
Jensen was on his way to Jared’s house. He had called about 15 minutes ago and asked him to come over. Jensen knocked and didn’t wait long for the door to open. He was greeted with a disheveled Jared and a crying Alex. He was kind of surprised that Alex was mumbling words out. He couldn’t really make them out through the tears but he understood he was upset. Jared motioned for Jensen to come in, Jared tried to sit Alex on the kitchen counter but he only cried louder.

“Alex please, I have to put you down so I can make sure you’re okay.” Jared and Jensen both clearly heard the cried out no. Jared didn’t know if he should be happy that Alex spoke or if he should be upset he said no. “Buddy, please.” He asked pacing through the kitchen. He tried to sit him down again but Alex kept his arm firmly around Jared’s neck.

“Noooooo.” Alex sobbed out.

Jared rubbed Alex’s back and tried to comfort him. Jensen looked at the pair, Alex’s face was red and covered in tears and snot. His lip looked swollen and he was inconsolable. Jared looked like he was close to tears himself. He was trying to get Alex to stop crying but Jensen could tell by the tone of his voice he didn’t know what to do. “What happened?” Jensen asked.

“I was in the bathroom and I left Alex in the family room with his toys then next thing I know I hear a bunch of thuds and Alex starts screaming. He fell down the stairs. I think he thought I was upstairs and tried to come find me but he fell. He fell down the stairs.” Jared took a deep breath. “He won’t let me see if he’s okay.”

Jensen could tell that Jared was about to panic. “Hey, hey it’s okay.” Jensen moved to stand behind Jared so Alex could see him. “Alex. Daddy’s gotta see if you’re okay.” Alex shook his head no. “I know it hurts but Daddy has to see. Want me to hold you in my lap so he can check?” Alex waited all of 2 seconds before he was reaching for Jensen. Jensen hopped up onto the counter and gently took Alex from Jared. Alex’s tears had slightly subsided, they were still rolling down his cheeks but the only sounds he now made were hitches in his breath. “How does he look?”

Jared was looking Alex over. “He has a swollen bottom lip, a bit of rug burn on his cheek,” Jared was going to give him the okay when he noticed Alex’s left arm was swollen and bruised. Jared touched it and was going to move it when Alex let out a wail and flinched away from his touch and tried to move inside Jensen. “I think he broke his arm.” Jared eye’s widened. “Oh my god he broke his arm.” Jensen could see the panic quickly cross Jared’s features and tears spring in his eyes.

“Jared, Jared.” Jensen warned. “Don’t cry, you’re only going to make Alex cry. He we have to get him to the hospital so he can see a doctor.” Jared didn’t move he only stared at Alex’s arm. “Jared!” Jared came back to himself.

“Oh, Right.”
Turns out, Alex did break his right arm, and sprained his left wrist; Alex obviously tried to stop his fall. The doctor had given Alex medication to put him to sleep so he could set the bone. Now Alex slept peacefully in the backseat, right arm in a green cast, left wrist in an ace bandage, and cheek with a huge blue Band-Aid, while Jared and Jensen waited patiently at the drive through pharmacy of Rite Aid for Alex’s prescription to be filled. Jared sat in the passenger seat looking distantly out the window.

“You okay?” Jensen asked quietly. Jared nodded. “You sure?” Jared shook his head no. “He’s okay. Why are you so upset?” Jared shook his head unable to answer. “Jare?”

“I-I promised Alex that I would never let him get hurt.”

“Well that was a silly promise. He’s a kid; he’s guaranteed to get hurt.” Jensen said with a half-smile.

“No you don’t understand!” Jared snapped before calming himself. “Alex…Alex had a rough 2 years.”

“He’s only 2.”

“I know.” Jared said in a low voice. “My ex, she had a boyfriend, he was abusive…to Alex. From what I gather he never laid a hand on her but he…Alex was like his toy. At first I didn’t know. I only had him every other weekend. I guess I should’ve known something was wrong with the way he would throw fits when his mom would come to pick him up. He never was upset set when she dropped him off though, he almost welcomed it. When he stopped talking I just thought he didn’t really like me anymore, but then his God father told me Alex didn’t talk to him anymore either.” Jared put his head on the head rest and closed eyes. “Then Chad called me in hysterics. I had no idea what he was saying. He was yelling and screaming and I’m pretty sure he was crying. He asked me what the hell I was doing to Alex; he called me a sick fuck and threatened to take Alex from me. I finally got him to tell me what he was talking about. He found bruises all over Alex’s back and legs in the shape of hands. He said he was changing his diaper and his butt was just a giant bruise.” Tears sprung into Jared’s eyes.

Jensen unhooked his seatbelt and leaned over to give Jared a comforting hug. “Hey…shhh it’s okay.” He held Jared and slowly calmed him down.

They sat in silence in an embrace until a throat cleared and Jensen turned to see the pharmacist. “Yes?”

“Sorry. The doctor forgot to call ahead so we could fill the prescription. It’ll be about a half an hour until it’s ready.”

“That’s fine.” Jensen said with a smile. The pharmacist smiled and walked away. Jensen looked back at Jared and gave him a small smile.

“You okay?”

Jared nodded and they fell into silence. “Why were you so mad?”

“When?” Jensen asked.

“When you left that voicemail.”

“Oh. Umm…there was a story about us…in a magazine.”

“I know. I read it.”

“It said we were dating.”

“So why were you mad?”

“It said we’re dating, and we aren’t.”

“You’re upset we aren’t dating?” Jared said with a smirk.

“I never said that.” Jensen said with a blush.

“Yes you did.”

“No I didn’t.”

“I asked why you were upset, and you said, and I quote ‘it said we’re dating, and we aren’t’. So obviously you want to date me.” Jared said dimples showing. Ignoring the fact that he was extremely nervous about this whole situation, and hesitant to start a relationship.

“Th-that’s not what I meant.” Jensen stuttered, blush staining his cheeks when Jared unbuckled and moved closer to him.

“Yes it is.”

“No it isn’t.” Jensen squeaked out.

“I think it is.” Jared said in a whisper before pressing his lips against Jensen’s. Jensen gasped into the kiss and froze. Jared’s lips were slightly chapped, but they were warm. Jared was about to pull back and apologize when Jensen hesitantly moved his lips against his. Jared sucked a plump upper lip into his mouth and slid his eyes closed. Jensen let out a whimper and cupped Jared’s cheek. The kiss was gentle and exploratory. Jared gave Jensen a few more pecks before pulling back. Jensen let out a shaky breath and blinked before pulling back. “You okay?” Jared whispered. Jensen quickly nodded before swooping back in.

They sat outside Jared’s house trying to soak up the last few moments they had together. “You know,” Jensen said quietly. “Despite the past few hours two good things have happened.”

“What?” Jared asked curiously.

“Well first, we kissed, which I am extremely happy about, and second but certainly not least, Alex spoke.” Jensen gave Jared a smile.

Jared sat a few moments confused until it finally clicked in his brain. “Oh my god he did!” He turned in his seat to see Alex looking at him groggily. “You spoke!!” Jared fumbled with his seatbelt and the door before climbing out and getting Alex out of his seat and holding him and spinning excitedly. “You spoke! I’m so proud of you!” Jared kissed all over Alex who whined in agitation but it didn’t bother Jared. Jared spun around a few more time before turning to Jensen, who was only a few steps away leaning against the car. “Dude he talked!”

“I know I was there.”

“He said no!” Jared said with a huge smile.

Jensen playfully rolled his eyes. “You are the only parent in the world who gets excited that their kid told them no.”

“I know it just…it’s amazing.” Jared couldn’t help the ear splitting grin that was plastered to his face.

“If you smile any harder you’re gonna get stuck that way.” Jensen teased.

“Shut up.” Jared said softly before leaning in and stealing a kiss. The kiss was only a few second then Jared heard the sound of a camera snapping pictures. They quickly pulled apart to see a few paparazzi snapping pictures of the intimate moment. Anger quickly crossed Jared’s features and he was about to tell them to fuck off. Jensen stopped him.

“Hey it’s okay. I need to go anyway.” Jared nodded. “I have friends coming into town on Friday they want me to be at their show on Saturday, if you don’t have plans you should come with me.” Jared opened his mouth to agree but Jensen stopped him again. “Don’t say yes yet. Just let me know before 6 on Saturday night okay?” Jared nodded. “Bye.” Jensen slid from against Jared’s truck and walked to his car parked on the other side. He really wanted to kiss Jared bye but didn’t want anything else to be caught on camera.
Jared wasn’t able to make it to the show that Saturday. Neither was he able to get together for anything. He had filmed a pilot for a show a few months back and they just got word it was picked up. He has spent the last 3 weeks filming and trying to take care of Alex alone minus the onset daycare and the few times he took him to his regular daycare center. His routine had been set. Wake up at 5am, shower, dress, and make breakfast. Wake up Alex at 6am, eat (his own food) and feed him, get him dressed. 6:45am call to see if Alex can come to set that day, depending on the answer pack his backpack with snacks, extra pull-up, extra clothes, his cup, a frozen bottle of water and a few flavor drink packets. Load him up in the car and drive to set or drop him off at daycare. Filming from 8am until 8pm (picking up Alex at 5 and bringing him to onset daycare anyway), with a few breaks in between. Load Alex into the car and giving him a snack to hold him over until they get home. Cooking a quick dinner and eating. Giving Alex a wipe down or, with a meltdown, giving Alex a full bath. Alex in bed by 9, he cleans up any messes made, study the lines and scenes that were set to be filmed the next day, then be in bed anywhere between 11pm and 1am, to turn around and do it all over again. And in between all that busyness he had been texting and, if time allowed, calling Jensen. Jensen tried to help he even offered to stay at his house and watch Alex there since he was on spring break for work for two weeks bet Jared didn’t want to bug him

To say he was exhausted was an understatement. He held that routine for three weeks in a row and they finally let them have seven days off. Seven days of doing whatever the hell it is he wanted to do, and what he wanted to do was sleep. He called Chad and begged him to take Alex for the first 3 days just so he could sleep in and Chad had picked him up a few hours ago. Jensen had left him a message to let him know he was coming over. Jared told him he wouldn’t be the best company but Jensen insisted on coming over anyway. Jared must’ve fallen asleep because next thing he knew Jensen was gently shaking him awake. He looked up at a smiling Jensen before looking around he found the clock but his eyes were still fuzzy from sleep. “Time’s it?”

“10:30. Did you eat?”

“Yeah.” Jared nodded still half sleep.



“When did Alex get picked up?”

“9?” Jared wasn’t too sure.

“Hungry?” Jared closed his eyes and nodded his answer to Jensen. “Come on. Get up.” Jensen helped Jared up from the couch and led the sleepy man into the kitchen. “I made pork roast, mashed potatoes, corn, and broccoli.” Jensen pulled out the containers and fixed Jared a plate. “I bought a pie, I can cook, but I can’t bake for shit.” Jared chuckled and tucked into his food. Jensen watched as Jared greedily ate his fill. He stood and grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and sat it in front of Jared. Jared sipped from the bottle and quickly polished off his plate of food and the pie the Jensen sat in front of him. “Go take a shower and I’ll give you a massage.” Jared looked up and gave Jensen a grateful smile before slipping away to do as told.

Jensen cleaned up the mess the made in the kitchen and resealed the food and placed the containers in Jared’s fridge. He went into the living room and grabbed his overnight bag. He pulled out a pair of sleep pants and changed clothes. He pulled out a bottle of massage oil then headed upstairs. He only had to guess walk a few steps to see into Jared’s room. Jared was combing out his wet hair and turned to see Jensen standing nervously in the doorway. Jared smiled before finishing his task and lying on the bed. Jensen hesitated before moving towards the bed, it was a huge bed. He said as much.

Jared chuckled. “I’m a tall person. I was excited when I found this bed.”

“What is it?”

“An Eastern King.”

“It’s huge is what it is.” Jensen said in aw before climbing onto the bed. He tried to get into a comfortable position but nothing was working. “Is it okay if I sit on your butt?”

Jared laughed. “Sure.”

Jensen moved to straddle Jared. He sat gently on Jared before opening the bottle and pour oil onto his hand. He rubbed them together before starting on Jared’s shoulders. Jared let out a moan of satisfaction as his tired and tense muscles were forced to relax. His hot showers helped enough to get him to sleep but this was a whole different level of relax. He let out a grunt of slight pain when Jensen moved to his upper back. “Sorry.

“”S okay.” He mumbled, to relax to even care about the slight pain. He felt Jensen reach the middle of his back but not much after that. Jensen messaged Jared’s bad shoulders and arms. He knew Jared was sleep before he even finished his back but he decided to finish knowing it would be worth it in the morning. When he had finally finished he placed a gentle kiss on the back of the sleeping man’s neck before slowly sliding off. He just got off the bed when he heard a hardly audible thank you. He turned and smiled at Jared and gave a low you’re welcome before leaving. He found the bathroom and washed his hands before looking for the guest bedroom. He found it and quickly crawled into bed. He dug out his cellphone and set an alarm to wake up at 9 so he could get things for breakfast and cook. He turned the volume up and stuck his phone under the pillow before falling asleep himself.

Jensen woke up in the middle of the night to what sounded like whimpers. He blindly reached for his phone and read the time 3:34 am. He grabbed his phone to use as a light and headed to where the sound came from. Jared was asleep but letting out a noise of protest every few moments. Jensen quietly walked into the room and crawled into Jared’s bed He tried to shake him awake but he was dead to the world. He let out a sigh before deciding to do what his mom did for him when he had a nightmare. He laid in the bed and pulled the blankets up over himself. He gently maneuvered Jared so that his head lied on his chest over his heart. He ran his fingers through Jared’s hair and whispered calming words. He had only meant to calm him down, but with Jared wrapped around him Jensen didn’t stand a chance and was soon fast asleep.

A/N: Okay so chapter five is done. And I have some….kind of bad news. I got a job!!! Which is a totally good thing for me but it’s a bad thing for you. It’s a live in Nanny job, I’m there 4-5 days in a row then I’m home for 3 days. Which means I’ll have even less time to write than I already do now. I start on the 10th so I’m going to try and have at least one or two more chapters before I go. I’m sorry and I hope you like this chapter and there will definitely be a Jared/Jensen smut scene soon.


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