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Title: Strike Three
Author: Aleshia10
Word Count: 693
Rating: PG
Summary:  What made him growl was the fact that Stiles was at the restaurant with a wolf that wasn’t Derek and wasn’t someone in their pack, and to make matters worse he was touching his son. Pretending!Verse
Warnings: Written in a rush.Disclaimer: I make no money and I don’t own the characters or the people who play them.

Strike Three

Derek stopped in his tracks as he caught the smell of Stiles and Tyler mixed with another scent he has smelled before but couldn’t place. He looked around trying to find the source of the smell and felt a growl form in his throat when he looked inside the pizzeria and saw Stiles inside. What made him growl was the fact that Stiles was at the restaurant with a wolf that wasn’t Derek and wasn’t someone in their pack, and to make matters worse he was touching his son. It was only a half second of hesitation before he was heading towards the pizzeria.


Stiles sat across from his friend Anthony and laughed as he told him about how the youngest pups of his pack had learned how to shift on accident and scared themselves when they looked in the mirror.  Stiles smiled at Tony as he played with a sleepy Tyler’s foot who sat contentedly in his car seat on top of the table. Tony noticed and smiled back making Stiles blush.

“You know if you weren’t so in love with his father I’d mate you.”

Stiles blushed harder. “Well sometimes I wish I wasn’t.”

Tony reached across the table and placed his hands on top of Stiles’. “I may have only known you for a few months but I care about you stiles. And when you’re ready to move on I’ll be here for you, and so will my pack.”

“And if I never move on.” He asked softly fiddling with Tony’s fingers that were twined with his own.

“Then I’ll be content with what we have.” He said with a sincere smile. “Plus, as long as I get to keep saying this little guy we can be friends forever.” He said while caressing the 3 month olds tiny hand.

Stiles was going to respond when the door to the pizza place burst open and the door was filled with Derek’s hulking figure.  Stiles looked up mouth slightly open. “Derek?” The angry alpha stomped over to their table. Stiles didn’t have any time to react before Derek had Tony by the collar of his and threw him across the restaurant. “Derek!” Derek whipped his head around and glared at the teen with glowing red eyes. “What are you doing?!”

He turned his attention back to Tony. “You need to leave.”

“You can’t tell my friends what to do.” Stiles snapped, he would’ve said more but Tyler started to cry.

Derek walked over to the other wolf that was dusting himself off, but making no move towards leaving. “You’re encroaching on my territory. You need to leave.”

“By territory do you mean mate?” Tony said with a smirk. “My family has lived here for the past year and you never cared that we were here, but the instant I start talking to him you blow a fuse.”

“You weren’t talking. You were touching him and my child.”

“You won’t claim him, he’s fair game. From what I gathered you want nothing to do with him.” Derek only growled. “Besides I think you’ve pissed him off.” Derek turned to see Stiles angrily walking towards the parking lot with Tyler’s car seat secured in his hand.


Stiles angrily but carefully secured Tyler’s car seat in place and slammed the door shut. He jumped when he turned to find Derek standing angrily behind him. He glared at the Alpha and turned to get into the car but was stopped by a string grip on his arm. “What Derek? What could you possibly want!” Stiles snapped; Derek only looked at Stiles expectantly. “God why must you ruin everything! I try and try to get over you but every time I get three steps away you make me take four steps back!” Tears burned at his eyes. “You’ve told me multiple time you want nothing to do with me other than Tyler so what do you want!” When he was once again greeted with silence he yanked his arm free and yanked the drives side door open. He wasn’t expecting to be slammed against the side door or to have his lips covered by Derek’s.

You and Me

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Title: You and Me

Rating: pg-13

Author: Aleshia10

Word count: 992

Summary: “Daddy may be gone, and he may not even like me, but I’ll have you forever and always.”

Labor definitely sucked, Stiles wasn’t even sure why he had to go through labor if he was going to have a C-section anyway.  He could have a natural birth but he felt in no way comfortable pushing a baby out of there even if that was how he ended up in this situation in the first place.  He winced his way through another contraction and gave a halfhearted smile when a nurse came in to check him and the baby.

She fished up her last exam and turned to stiles. “You’re about 6 centimeters and almost completely effaced, and you’re water hasn’t broken. Is there anything you want or need?”

“No…but can I walk around like up and down the halls or something?”

“Not sure, just let me double check with your doctor when you’re getting your C-section and I get back to you but while you wait you can walk around your room a little.”

Stiles nodded his thanks and, with some help from the nurse, stood. He walked in small circles around the room for a few minute before a contraction hit. He let out a groan of pain and propped himself up against the bed. He rocked his hips side to side trying to alleviate the pain, it helped, but only a little. He jumped when he felt hands massaging his lower back. He had forgotten that Derek was in the room he had resigned himself to sitting in the corner all broody.

“Thank you.” Stiles said softly he hadn’t expected a response and wasn’t surprised when he didn’t receive one. What did surprise him was his dad bursting into the room.

“I didn’t miss it did I?” His Dad said quickly clothes disheveled and panting.

“Miss what?”

“My grandson being born that’s what.” Stiles shook his head no. “Good.” Then his eyes landed on Derek and he glared. “What and the hell are you doing here?”

Derek took his hands away from Stiles’ back and took a step away.  “He has a right to be here Dad.”

“Like hell he does.” The Sheriff snapped. “He should be in jail. He’s 24 years and got my son, my 16 year old son, pregnant.”

“Dad.” He pleaded. “Please don’t do this.”

“Maybe I should go.” Derek suggested, surprisingly meek.

“No! I want you to stay.” He turned to his dad. “I want both of you to stay. Please?” The two mad shared a few silent words before nodding. Stiles smiled then groaned his way through another contraction. “Oh my god this hurts!” He felt tears burn at his eyes and pressure. “Oh god. Someone get the doctor or the nurse.” Neither man moved. “Please!” The jumpstarted both men and they left looking for a doctor. When the on call OB/GYN came in he saw Stiles with his hands leaning against the bed.

“Stiles I need you to get back on the bed for me.”

“I can’t.” He whimpered.

“Yes you can.”

“No I really can!” He snapped. “It hurts to move.”

The doctor nodded.  “I’m going to check to see how far you are.”

Stiles nodded, he felt fingers then a gush of warmth.  “What was that?”

“Son, you’re 10 centimeters and 100% effaced time for you to push.”

“What no! I wanted a C-section. She just checked me I was only 6 centimeters!”

“Not going to happen, son I’m sorry. Apparently you standing gave you what you needed to get to ten.  Since you can’t get on the bed we’re going to get you a birthing chair so you can push.”

“I don’t want to push!


“Stiles, we need you to push.”

“I am pushing!”

“We need you to push harder. Don’t you want to see your baby boy? Don’t you want him to meet Daddy and Grandpa?” Stiles nodded. “Then you need to push.” The nurse encouraged. He pushed, and pushed, and pushed. He pushed so hard he thought his face was going to pop, and just as he was about to quit there was something put on his chest.

He let out a choked sob when he saw it was his baby boy. Covered in blood and muck from his journey into the world and he was still the most precious thing Stiles had ever seen. He had ten fingers and ten toes, two arms, legs, and eyes. He was perfect. He watched carefully as he was taken away to be cleaned, ignoring the doctors as they handled the after birth.  He smiled when Derek hesitantly reached out and touched the tiny pink hand.


His father had been called back into work so he had left but not before taking a thousand and one photos of his grandson.  Stiles watch tiredly with a contented smile as the Alpha cooed at his sleeping newborn son safely secured in his arms. Derek felt Stiles looking and turned towards the human, his features hardened a little and stiles felt his heart break a little more. “What?”

“Nothing, I just think we should name him now.”

“What do you want to name him?”



They sat silently for a few moments. “W-what about Tyler?” Stiles asked hesitantly. “Tyler Lee Hale?

Derek looked at Stiles as if he had grown a third head before looking down at their son and jerkily nodded. Stiles smiled as he signed his sons name on his birth certificate. “Thank you.” Derek said gruffly. “For naming him after my Dad.”

“You’re welcome.” Derek held Tyler a little while longer before handing him over to stiles.

“I have to go. Pack meeting.” Stiles nodded. “I’ll let them know it was a boy. “

Once he was gone stiles rooted through the bedside table for a bottle for the wriggling infant in his arms. Just as a small wail began to leave stiles gently slipped the bottle inside.  “Daddy may be gone, and he may not even like me, but I’ll have you forever and always.”

Let's Pretend (Pt.1)

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Title: Let’s Pretend

Author: Aleshia10

Word Count: 511

Rating: PG

Summary:  He doesn’t correct his doctor when she calls them a couple; he’s too busy relishing in the moment of a nonexistent relationship.

Warnings: Angst? Written in a rush.

Disclaimer: I make no money and I don’t own the characters or the people who play them.

Let’s Pretend

Stiles rubbed a hand over his rounded stomach and pondered over being a statistic. He was 16 and pregnant; although by the time he gives birth he’ll be 17. He had one night with Derek; one glorious night after he found out the Alpha hadn’t killed him. That was 7 months ago and Stiles kind of feels guilty for doing all the stuff he did (running from crazy alpha’s, getting tossed around) before he knew he was pregnant. He was a Third, he knew he could get pregnant but since he was in love with Lydia he and his dad had decided that birth control wasn’t necessary, now he kind of regrets it.

He supposes it wouldn’t be so bad if Derek was more of a participant in the pregnancy. He went to the Sonogram appointments, checked up on him, bought the baby clothes and even had a nursery made in his new house, but Stiles wanted more. He supposed what he should say is he wants Derek to be more in his own personal life. When he asked Derek when the baby is born, if they could see if they could have a relationship other than having a kid together and Derek said no. They had one night together and that was it. And Stiles was fine with that, at least that’s what he told Derek. But on days like today, when they’re at his sonogram appointment and Derek is holding his hand he likes to pretend that there’s more to the touch then friendship.

He likes to pretend that Derek loves him as he wipes the tears from Stiles’ eyes when they tell them that the baby has finally gotten into a good enough position to see that it a boy, as Derek wipes the blue gel from his stomach and talks to his son as the OB/GYN prints pictures. He doesn’t correct his doctor when she calls them a couple; he’s too busy relishing in the moment of a nonexistent relationship.

He acts like it doesn’t hurt when Derek drops him off at his house with a simple see you later. He acts like he doesn’t see his dad slightly disappointed face when he walks inside. He hands his dad the pictures and acts like he doesn’t see his dad put them down without even looking. He goes up into his room and lies in bed. He tries not to think about how people at school stare, about how much he’s disappointed his dad. About how Scott is suddenly best friends with Jackson, or about how he no longer returns his calls.

Despite all the things running through his mind he can’t help but smile when he fells his baby kick. He rubs a hand over the taunt flesh and ponders about being a statistic. If being a statistic means he can’t be with who he wants to be, that he’s ignored, and he a disappointment; that’s okay. He’ll overcome what’s expected of him, he’ll find somebody better, and he’ll never let his son down. The being growing inside of him was his own little happiness.

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Rating: NC-17 overall this part PG-13
Word Count: 1820~
Author: [ profile] aleshia10
Warnings: (eventual) Bareback (Practice safe sex wear condoms!), rough sex, language
Parings: Derek/Stiles, Derek/Scott, Stiles/Scott, Derek/Scott/Stiles
Summary: Sequel to I'll Make You Stay. They figured it wouldn't be hard to make Stiles stay. A few well placed kisses and he would bend to their every whim. They didn't think they would actually have to work to make him fall in love with them.
Disclaimer: I own nothing work of total fiction

Morning After (1/?)

Stiles jerked awake and winced at the pain that shot through his lower half. "Okay I'm never taking two at once ever again." When the mumbled words finally registered in his head he flew from the bed. What in the hell was he thinking? Did he just...with Scott...with Derek? Oh dear lord and Scott said they were-and Derek agreed! Oh sweet lord he was gonna have a panic attack. He quickly pulled his clothes on (almost failing when he tried to hop and put his pants on) and let out a (girly) scream at the sound of his phone ringing. He scrambled to find his phone (Under the bed? How did that happen?) and answered it just in time to have his dad yell.

"Genim Stiles Stilinski!"

"H-hey dad." Stiles said nervously.

"Don't you 'hey dad' me! Where in the hell were you last night?"

"I was uhhh...with Scott?" More of a question then an answer.

"That's funny because I called his mother, and she told me that Scott said he was with you. At our house."

"Uhh yeah, see about that we stayed at a friend’s house last night."

"Uh huh and which friend would that be?"

"..." He mumbled something unintelligible.

"Excuse me?"

"D-Derek Hale?" He pulled the phone away from his ear and winced waiting for the yell he knew was coming.

"Derek Hale?"


"The same Derek Hale who you let me believe was a murderer? The same Derek Hale who's 24, which is 6 years older then you. The same Derek Hale who makes it a habit to hang around teenagers? The same Derek Hale that has an extremely sektchey past and probably equally as sketchy future?"




"You have 10 minutes to get here or you're grounded."

"You can't ground me I'm leaving for college in like a month."

"Stiles, don't make me come get you."

"I'll be home in 5." His dad was going to kill him when he got home. A calm dad was never a good sign. He checked his pockets to make sure his keys were still there and quickly made his way out of the room and down the hall towards the front door. As he neared the front door a sound caught his attention, it was coming from the kitchen.

So you know that awkward moment where you walk in on your best-friend having sex? No? Well stiles was free if that awkward moment too...until now. He quietly peeked his head around the corner and nearly passed out at the sight. Derek had Scott bent over the kitchen table and was fucking into him slowly. Scott's sleep pants were pulled halfway down his legs, and Derek's were down around his ankles. Nether wolf had on shirts and Scott’s skin was peppered with bite marks and hickies. Derek’s Chest was covered with scratches and bites which could have been from last night or from what they were just doing. Derek had a tight grip on the Beta's hair but it obviously didn't bother Scott any since he was moaning like a bitch in heat (Which admittedly wasn't the best analogy that he could've used but come on you gotta admit the noises coming out of Scott’s mouth could only be described by it).

Scott's mouth opened in a silent scream and his back arched. "I'm gonna come!" And he did, all over the kitchen table.

"Oh come on! I eat at that table!" Stiles felt his face heat up and froze as both wolves turned glowing eyes to him. He heard Derek let out a growly grunt, which he knew from last night, meant he just came. Scott let out a whimper and pressed back into Derek. "I'm just gonna..." He pointed behind him towards the door. "go." He ran (literally) out to his car and fumbled with his car keys. As he pulled the car door open it was stopped half way but a tan hand. He followed the hand up a tanned arm to meet his best friend’s confused face.

“Where are you going?”

“Home. My dad called.” Scott’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion but he nodded his head. “Can you let go of the door so I can go?” Scotts hand moved from the door to cup Stiles cheek and caressed the soft flesh with his thumb. “Okay that’s not what I meant.” Scott took another step towards Stiles pressing the smaller body against the side of the Jeep. “Scott?” Stiles was trapped between the hand on his cheek, the hot (heat hot not that kind of hot although Scott shirtless was hot) body in front, and an arm pressed against the hood of the car. His eyes widened and his breath hitched when Scott’s face moved closer. “Don’t!” But his whispered word was ignored and moist smooth lip pressed against his own.

Okay so kissing Scott was like the greatest thing since sliced bread. Okay it was way better then sliced bread but having those plush lips caress his own took away his thinking ability. He let out a whimper when his bottom was gently nibbled and opened his mouth. He was greeted by a hot tongue and the mixed flavor of Derek and Scott. He squeaked and pulled out of the kiss when Scott rolled his hips against his own and he felt a hard on forming in his pants. He felt Scott’s hot breath against his neck and shivered when lips ghosted across the exposed flesh. He moaned when his flesh was pulled into a hot mouth and laved with attention. Despite his better judgment (a.k.a. his hard on) he gathered all his will power and pushed Scott away. He glared at Scott’s smug look and climbed quickly into his car and pulling away.


He walked into his house and found his Dad sitting at the kitchen table waiting for him. “Have a seat Stiles.” Yeah…sitting was the last thing he wanted to do right now his ass was still sore from the freaking car ride. He gingerly took a seat across from his father and tried to act as if nothing was wrong. “What were you doing at Derek’s?” Stiles knew that tone. It was the ‘I already know what happened so just tell me the truth voice’.  And for some reason Stiles has yet to tell the truth when ever that tone was used (except for the one time when his Dad asked why he was looking up porn on his work computer, that didn’t end to well).

“We just hung out.”

“And hanging out with Derek involved him giving you those hickies?”

His hand instinctively went up to touch the bruised flesh on his neck. “That is a bruise from…wrestling. We were wrestling and I hit my neck on the leg of the coffee table.

“Stiles, I’m a cop, remember?”

“Okay so they’re hickies but I didn’t get them from Derek (at least not that one), it’s from Scott.” At the shocked look on his Dad’s face stiles realized what he said. “No! What I meant was-well you see-we just…please don’t tell his mom.” Stiles pleaded.

“So that’s why you guys go to Derek’s? So you can screw around? What else do you do there? Drink? Do drugs?”

“Dad it’s not like that!”

“It obviously is! You go to his house to have sex!”

“It’s not like that! It just happened; I had no intention of having sex with Scott again.”


Stiles could’ve smacked himself. “It only happened once before, at school, but that wasn’t planned either!”

“At school?!” Oh sweet Jesus he was digging his own grave and was going to put his Dad in an early one. Wait his Dad was getting up. Why was he getting up? And grabbing his car keys?


“I have to go take care of some things”

“Dad? Where are you going?”

“Stiles,” he let out a sigh. “I love you. Don’t you ever forget that, okay? I just…I just need a moment to digest okay?”

Stiles fidgeted nervously. “You…you’re coming back…right?”

“Of course Stiles I just need some alone time.” Stiles nodded and watched his Dad leave. When he could no longer hear the sound of his father’s car he slowly sank back into his seat and buried his head into his arms. As far as morning after’s goes, today could’ve gone a whole lot smoother.

The End of Chapter 1!

Okay so its multi chapter and I have an outline made up of what should go into each chapter. Story should be anywhere from 10-20 Chapters long each chapter around 1400 words some chapters may be way more but never less.

Chapter 2 Preview

Stiles didn't even have a chance to knock before the door was yanked open and he was pulled roughly inside and pressed against the door. "You're late."

"I'm sorry my Dad is a little bit more cautious about letting me leave since he found out I wasn't a blushing virgin." Stiles said sarcastically.

"Hardly a virgin and the only blush I saw was from your hole after having two cocks shoved inside." Stiles felt as if his face were on fire. I mean who says things like that with a serious face. I mean it's like He did it on purpose, trying to make him blush. Seriously the guy is a first class creep he-he was kissing him…well more like devouring his mouth. Stiles can honestly say if Derek keeps kissing him like this he is his guilt for lying to his Dad may totally be worth it.

Liked it? Hated it? Comment please!

Masterpost of All Fiction
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For the sake of my sanity I have decided to do a Masterpost for all my stories. It's small now but will definately grow.

Teen Wolf

Title: You Can't Leave Me (Complete)
Word Count:3145
Rating: R/NC-17
Warnings: PWP (slight plot), rimming, slash, threesome 

Parings: Derek/Stiles, Derek/Scott, Stiles/Scott, Derek/Scott/Stiles
Summary:In retrospect, Stiles should have seen this coming. I mean the whole Derek fucking Stiles through the mattress, and Scott fucking him through the wall should’ve told him something.
Disclaimer: I own nothing work of total fiction

Title: How To Fall In Love In 32 Days (a.k.a Sequel to You Can't Leave Me) (WIP)
Rating: NC-17 overall this part PG-13
Word Count: 1820~
Author[ profile] aleshia10
Warnings: (eventual) Bareback (Practice safe sex wear condoms!), rough sex, language
Parings: Derek/Stiles, Derek/Scott, Stiles/Scott, Derek/Scott/Stiles
Summary: Sequel to You Can't Leave Me. They figured it wouldn't be hard to make Stiles stay. A few well placed kisses and he would bend to their every whim. They didn't think they would actually have to work to make him fall in love with them.
Disclaimer: I own nothing work of total fiction
Title: Let's Pretend (Pt. 1)
Author: [ profile] aleshia10
Word Count: 511
Rating: PG
Summary:  He doesn't correct his doctor when she calls them a couple; he’s too busy relishing in the moment of a nonexistent relationship.
Warnings: Angst? Written in a rush.
Disclaimer: I make no money and I don’t own the characters or the people who play them.

Title: You And Me (Pt. 2)
Rating: pg-13
Author: [ profile] aleshia10
Word count: 992
Summary: “Daddy may be gone, and he may not even like me, but I’ll have you forever and always.” Pretend!Verse
Warning: Slightly graphic-ish birthing process not much just erring on the side of caution.

Title: Strike Three (Pt.3)
Author: [ profile] aleshia10
Word Count: 693
Rating: PG
Summary:  What made him growl was the fact that Stiles was at the restaurant with a wolf that wasn’t Derek and wasn’t someone in their pack, and to make matters worse he was touching his son. Pretending!Verse
Warnings: Written in a rush.Disclaimer: I make no money and I don’t own the characters or the people who play them.


Title: Starting Anew (WIP)
Word Count: WIP
Warnings: Description of child abuse, Violence, Language, Smut, Rimming, Toys
Characters/Pairings: Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki, Chris Kane/Steve Carlson, Chad Murray/James Lafferty, Tom Welling/Mike Rosenbaum, and Dean Ackles/Misha Collins, Genevieve Cortese, Danneel Harris, David Boreanaz, Sophia Bush, and Jason Manns (others mentioned).
Summary: Jensen is the average man, a second grade teacher, and has a identical twin brother who teaches high school. He just got out of a bad relationship and isn't looking for anything new. Jared is a recently single father, a successful actor, and not looking for much. When Jensen finds his son lost in the store, a friendship forms that could definitely turn into more.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, this never happened, totally fake!

Title: Alpha's and Omega (Complete)
Word count: 1,713
Pairing: J2/Misha
Rating: Hard R/NC-17
Summary: PWP, Misha’s 1st heat....enough said
Warning: Knotting, underage,  Age difference (Jared 27/Jensen 29/Misha 15), slight bondage(hands tied), Needy!Heat!Misha.


Title: Musical Drabbles (Complete)
Summary: 10 drabbles based on the songs that my itunes picked on shuffle
Rating:G-as close to NC-17 as you can get in 3 minuets
Warnings: Smut & Toys
Characters: Jared/Jensen, Jeff, Chad, Chris
Word Count: ~2,300
Disclaimer: I own nothing and this most definitely, never happened

Title: Undercover Lover (complete)
Rating:Strong R close to NC-17Warning: Sex and violence
Disclaimer: Completely fake
Written For: spn_hardcore's 2nd 'Mpreg' - Meme
Prompt:Jensen used to be one of the best undercover cops doing the job then he went undercover in the Padalecki organization and fell for the top boss, Jared. Jensen was so very compromised, and couldn't turn Jared in - someone else had to do that. When they finally came to arrest Jared, Jensen had just found out he was pregnant. Jensen didn't tell anyone about his baby, especially since the angry cops who finally arrested Jared burned Jensen's cover - outing him as a cop to Jared and all his most trusted crew.
Jensen knew that he had to run - in a few months he would be too vulnerable, heavily pregnant with the baby. He also knew that the charges against Jared and company might not stick as well as the cops thought and Jensen had to protect his coming little one, it was the last piece of Jared he was allowed to have.
Bonus points: Jared always knew Jensen was a cop; Jared finds Jensen heavily pregnant and has to keep his crew from hurting him

Title: Undercover Lover (Complete & Chinese)
Translated by: [ profile] nor_noreen
Strong R close to NC-17

Warning: Sex and violence
Disclaimer: Completely fake
Written For: spn_hardcore's 2nd 'Mpreg' - Meme
There are some truely amazing people in the world. About a month or so ago [ profile] nor_noreen asked to translate Undercover Lover and I was so excited how could I possibly say no. So I am happy to present to you my first EVER translated fic. It's in Chinese and I can't read a lick of it but I still go to it just to look at it.


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