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Word count: 2,228
Pairing: J2/Misha
Rating: Hard R/NC-17
Summary: PWP, Misha’s first heat is turning out to be a little more daunting than either Alpha expected.
Warning: Knotting, underage,  Age difference (Jared 27/Jensen 29/Misha 15), slight bondage(hands tied), Needy!Heat!Misha.

Alpha’s and Omega
Misha pulled desperately at the restraints that kept his arms above his head and secured tightly to the bed. There were hands rubbing his hair and caressing his chest and peppered kisses that were meant to calm but no longer worked. He was covered in sweat, tears, come and was entirely too hot for it to be healthy and despite all his discomfort all he really really wanted was to come.
"Please." He begged. "Please I can't take it."He turned pleading blue eyes to the man trying to calm him down. "Alpha..." he panted. “Jensen...please."
"We're trying Misha." Jensen said softly trying to calm down his tired distraught future mate.
Misha let out a moan and felt his eyes roll into the back of his head as Jared hit his prostate with brutal accuracy. He was so close to coming he could practically taste it on his tongue. His cock was an angry purple-red color and dribbled precome like a leaky faucet. He just wanted Jared’s knot so he could come, hell at this point he’d take anyone’s knot to make the pain stop.
Misha knew that it was getting harder and harder for Jensen and Jared to knot him but damn it they were Alpha’s, and if there was ever a time that Misha wanted the Alpha stereotype of constantly popping a knot to be true, now was the time. It was common for Omega's going through their first heat to have frequent flairs but Misha was positive that he was the only one who was having a flair with a knot buried deep in his ass. Misha was chalking it up to the fact that he was going through his first heat at fifteen instead of the expected and common seventeen or eighteen.
"Jared!" Snapped sharply out of his mouth. "Please! Pleasepleasepleaseplease!" He pulled on his bonds trying to free his hands, not sure if us was trying to get away from the toomuchnotenough pleasure boiling in the pit of his stomach, or to touch his Alpha’s like he desperately wanted. They tied his hands above his head after his sixth flair, when his wolf started to get agitated that it was still suffering through its heat despite the fact that there were two Alphas’ attending to his needs. The bite marks that marred their neck and shoulders, along with the scratches down their back and arms proved that for a little Omega, Misha’s wolf was vicious.
"I know baby. I know." Jared groaned out. Fuck he was exhausted. It was only the sixth day of Misha's two week long heat and Jared couldn’t wait until it was over. This couldn’t possibly be normal. There was no way in hell one Alpha could handle and Omega’s heat alone if they were all like this. He knew that as a male the odds of getting Misha pregnant his first time and ending his heat were slim to nonexistent, but throw in the fact that he was Omega and his body wouldn’t understand the concept that it couldn’t happen the first time around it only tired harder to get him pregnant. His body’s inability to listen to even itself ends in this ridiculous fuck fest that would finish with all of them completely exhausted, and entirely useless at the end of it all.
Jared felt his knot starting to form and let out a small sigh of relief. He smiled before leaning down and smashing his lips against the smaller form below him. Misha let out a sound of disappointment and tried to follow Jared's mouth as it moved away. "Shhh. S’okay, you feel that, s'my knot." Misha lazily nodded lazily, body exhausted from being wound to tight and being stuck on the edge. He winced and let out a small hiss of pain as he felt Jared's knot pushing at his messy swollen entrance, pleasure from the knot had long since turned into pain from too much stretching and too much pressure to his prostate. "I got you baby. Gonna tie you so good make you feel better." Misha nodded desperately at Jared's words hoping they were true.
"Put it in. I need your knot Alpha. Please. I need it, it hurts so badly. Want you to knot me, fill me with your pups. Please I want, need it so bad." Misha babbled. Jensen’s eyes briefly connected with Jared’s when he heard Misha’s words. He knew it was probably more so his wolf speaking then him but it didn’t stop the small bit of guilt that he felt. Misha’s heat would end the same way it started, with his belly empty of pups and Jensen knew when Misha’s head was clear from the haze of his heat he would be crushed, he wouldn’t be able to carry either of their pups this time and wouldn’t for a few years.

He let out a yelp at the sharp pain of the knot breach his entrance he only needed a few more thrusts before the pressure to his prostate had him spilling all over his stomach as well as Jared’s. He felt the ties that held his hand bite into his wrist as his body arched. Pleasure coursed through his body and he let out a groan of satisfaction as his body got the relief it so desperately wanted. This is what he needed a nice knot to fill him up, coat his insides with seed, to get him pupped. Jared’s knot pressed right against his prostate dragged his orgasm out so deliciously, he didn’t even realize he was telling Jared not to stop.  “Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Feel so good. I need your knot, I need it, I need it. Feel so so so good.” God it felt amazing. Even though his body hurt in places he never would have expected, if he kept having orgasms like that it would make this entire ordeal worth it.
He slowly came down from his orgasmic high with a dopy smile aimed at his mate who was still knotted inside him. He nuzzled into the giant hand that was gently caressing his face and he knew it had to belong to Jensen since both of Jared’s hands were on his waist. He let his eyes close and relaxed into the bed quickly falling asleep unable to stay awake any longer. He woke of briefly to feel Jared’s knot was considerably smaller and was slowly pulling out of his abused hole. He moved to bring his arms down and let out a panicked whine when he looked up to see the still attached to the headboard. He felt his heart jump into his throat for a brief moment of panic until Jensen reached up and released his hands.

Jensen took his hands into his own and gently rubbed his hands and wrist until there just a small ache. He smiled softly at the gentle kiss that was place on his forehead. “Go back to sleep.” Jensen commanded gently. A few hours later he was awakened by the familiar achy feeling and copious about of slick between his legs.
He let out a sound of distress when he looked down to see his cock was hard. Not yet the angry purple-red he had become familiar with seeing, just full, hard and asking for attention. He could feel the wetness that he knew escaped from  his hole and coated his thighs. He felt tears burning in his eyes. "No." He whined. "I can't.I can't do this anymore. I'll do anything you want but I can't do this anymore." He sobbed. "Alpha's please! I can't do it. I can't, I can't, I can’t!” Tears ran freely down his cheeks as he sobbed just wanting this to be over.
"Misha, Mish. Listen to me." Jensen said gently. "The first heat is always the worst. You have to go through the entire thing before you can go on birth control and suppressers so they know your proper dosage. Remember we talked about it." Misha nodded but his tears didn't stop. "I promise after me your body will be so full of alpha come and you'll get to be done. We'll plug you up so your body will think it's full of alpha cock. You'll be able to sleep as long as you want, Jared'll make you a nice steak, a loaded baked potato and broccoli with cheese, and I'll make you the 7up cake that you like so much. Then we'll give you a nice bath and take care of you. Would you like that?" Misha nodded Jensen smiled and kissed Misha sweetly on the lips before grabbing his cock and placing the head at Misha’s overused, swollen, slick entrance.
Jared had moved behind Misha and leaned against the head board so Misha could lean against his body. Misha laced his noticeably smaller fingers with Jared's, squeezing tightly when Jensen slid into his sore aching hole. Both he and Jared had big dicks but where Jared was slightly longer then Jensen, Jensen had a girth that Misha's sore body couldn't help but crave and despise at the same time. Misha's small body nearly disappeared between his two mates. Jared at a solid six foot six and Jensen at six for two made him appear to be minuscule with his height of 5 foot five. His older brother and mates told him he still had time to grow since he was only fifteen but as Omega Misha would be lucky to reach beyond his current height. His only comfort being Jared at 27 and Jensen at 29 were done growing.
Although he wanted nothing but to be finished with his heat and never have a dick inside him again, he couldn't help but moan and move his hips to meet Jensen's every thrust. It felt good to be filled with his alpha's dick no matter how many times it has been since his heat kicked it. He nearly bit through his bottom lip when one of Jared's giant hands moved to tweak his nipple. He felt his nails lengthen slightly and dig into Jared’s hand a warning growl kept him from doing too much damage. It didn’t take long for his high stung body to be on the cusp of an orgasm, something he both liked in hated. Liked because hey, he got to come and you can’t be mad at that, hated because he usually stayed on edge without a knot to take him over.
Misha tried to move off Jensen's cock trying to say without words that he wanted Jensen to knot him first. He wanted this to end with a knot, Jensen promised, Jensen-"I'm gonna cum." he gasped out trying desperately to get off Jensen, he didn’t want to come like this. He squeezed at Jared's hand he could feel his nails digging in deeper. "I'm gonna come." He tried to hold it off. To stop the pleasure that was zinging from the base of his spine to the rest of his body. He could tell by the sudden sharpness of the room that his eyes have changed into the glowing yellow-green that accompanied his wolf. He clenched his eyes shut. "Oh GOD!" Misha arched at what had to be an uncomfortable angle as his orgasm ripped its way through his body.
Misha's entire body shook and trembled with the force and aftershocks of his orgasm. His head lolled lazily from side to side and his eyes opened to slits to reveal the eyes of his wolf. He let out a keen from his throat begging for attention from his Alpha's. This is what they were waiting for. They needed Misha's wolf to come out and accept them as his Mates and Alpha's. To make this heat that wouldn’t end with pups end with their mating. Jensen allowed his wolf to slip forward eyes glowing green similar to his natural eyes yet so different. He locked eyes with Jared to see his glowing auburn. The next step was to allow their wolves to accept each other. With a low growl of understanding the two worked to bring their mate to completion one last time.
Misha's wolf greedily accepted the attention of his to mates and encouraged it with a roll of his small hips and gentle loving nips and sucks to Jared's fingers that had found their way to his mouth. When Misha began to feel the tell-tale nudge of Jensen's knot he eagerly began pushing back against it, desperately wanting to feel it deep inside. When the knot breached and he felt the hot seed once again coating his insides he came. He was so far gone in his orgasm he didn't even notice Jared biting into his neck or Jensen biting at the place where neck and shoulder met. Misha was floating higher and higher as he saw black creep into his vision, If Misha was Honest, he wasn't too upset about the fact that he was on the verge of passing out.

Jensen looked down at the spent form between their bodies before looking up at Jared with glowing eyes. “You’re next.” His voice was wrecked and deep.

Jared gave him a fang filled smiled. “I’d like to see you try.” Misha will wake up the next morning and be only slightly agitated that he missed his Alpha’s claiming each other. 

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Title: Starting Anew(1/?)
Pairings: Jensen/Jared, Chris/Steve, Chad/James, Tom/Mike, Dean/Misha, and others mentioned.
Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing. This story is complete and total fiction. NONE of it is my knowledge anyway.
Summary: Jensen is the average man. He's a second grade teacher and has and identical twin brother who teaches high school. He just got out of a bad relationship and isn't looking for anything new. Jared is a recently single father who is a successful actor. When they run into each other Jensen is oblivious as to who Jared is and Jared falls for Jensen. Hard.
A/N: Okay so this is my first time posting on livejournal, and my first time doing J2. I'm doing this from my iPod so if there is a word that is in there that makes absolutely no sense it's because of the auto text. I have a love hate relationship with auto text.

Chapter 1

It was Saturday and Jensen was bored out of his mind. It was only two o'clock and he was about ready to shoot himself n the foot as a source of entertainment. He left out a huff and decided to make that trip to Toys R Us that he had been putting off. He pulled on his shoes and jacket, grabbed his car keys and headed out. He was in the store for all of fifteen minutes when he came across a kid who was crying hysterically, but no sounds were coming out. Jensen kneeled down to his level.

"Hey Buddy whats wrong?" Jensen's heart broke as the kid cried harder if possible and splayed his fingers and tapped his thumb to his forehead. Jensen immediately understood that was ASL for dad. The kid was no older than two and looked terrified. "How about we go find your Dad?" The kid nodded eagerly and Jensen picked him up and began the search for his missing father.

Jensen was making his way past his sixth isle when he saw a man in a hat rushing down the isle in a panic. "Excuse me! Sir! I think I found what your looking for." The man turned and Jensen noticed, despite the sunglasses and hat the man wore, instant relief flooded his features when he saw the child in his arms.

The man rushed over and instantly lifted the child from Jensen's arms and held him tight. He pulled off his sunglasses and placed the kid on the ground and kneeled down. Jensen offhandedly notice that he was still a good deal taller than than the boy. "Don't you ever walk away from Daddy again. You had me so scared." He signed the words while he spoke them. "I was so worried you were hurt or someone had taken you." The child mouthed sorry while also signing. The man nodded and picked him up. "It's okay." The man finally turned his attention to Jensen.

The man gave him a calculating look before finally speaking. "So...what do you want for finding him?"

"For you to keep a better eye on him while out in public." Jensen said simply before beginning to walk away.

"No. Seriously. What do you want?"

Jensen turned back to the man. "I already told you what I wanted."

"That can't possibly be all you want."

Jensen thought for a moment. "I want $500,000. All in 20's." The man stared at him in shock, Jensen chuckled. "I'm kidding. I really don't want anything. Just keep better eye on him is all I ask. Seriously. Accidents happen and there are creeps in this world who like to kidnap children." Jensen began to walk away again. He made it about ten steps before a shout had him halting.

"Hey! What's your name?"

He looked over his shoulder. "Jensen."

"I'm Jared, he's Alex."

"Nice to meet you both. Now if you'll excuse me."

"Thank you!" Jared yelled.

Jensen tossed his hand in the air as a You're Welcome and kept walking. Jensen made it all the way to his house and into his bedroom before he realized he never got what he went to the store for in the first place.
Jared entered his house with Alex in his arms. He took off both their shoes and sat Alex down and turned on the answering machine. 'You have six missed calls and four messages. First message. Hey Jay it's Chad. I know you have an interview scheduled tomorrow so I figured I'd offer my awesome daycare services before Mike and Tom beat me to the punch. Jared rolled his eyes. And don't roll you eyes it's not attractive. James will be here so you know I'll be on my best behavior. And be fore you press the skip button I'm totally pulling the God Father card and saying I miss my God son and demand visitation I miss him. Okaygottagobye! Jared laughed at the end of the message. Someone must have come into the room. Chad was rarely not a douche and was only that way with Jared, James, and Alex

'Message two. Jared it's me. Jared groaned instantly recognizing the voice. I know this is probably the last thing you want to hear but I want to have Alex next weekend. I know it's only been a month, but I miss him. Jay, I am so sorry for what I- Jared turned off the machine not really in the mood to hear the rest of the messages.

Jared turned to Alex. "What do you say I make us a snack?" Alex nodded excitedly. Jared made them both peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and cut up strawberries and bananas. Once they finished their snacks Jared sat with Alex on the for and played with his cars and train set. There was a knock at the door and Jared yelled that it was open. He wasn't very surprised when Chad sauntered his way into the house like he owned the place. Alex looked to see who it was. He smiled from ear to ear when he saw it was Chad. Alex scrambled to his feet and ran and tackled Chad.

"Hey Kiddo!" Chad tickled Alex's sides and smiled at the silent laugh he got in return. "How was the store trip?"

"Could've gone better but not horrible. I lost Alex for a few minutes." Chad opened his mouth to yell. "But before you go and chew me out a new one. This man, with these intense eyes, found him. Brought him straight to me."

Chad suddenly found himself on the floor playing with Alex as well. "So what did he want?"

"See that's just the thing. He didn't want anything other than for me to keep a better eye on Alex next time I was out."

Chad stopped playing with the toys. "Seriously?" Alex tapped Chad on the arm to get his attention. "Oh, sorry." Chad moved the car back onto the track.

"I don't think he recognized me. Which is something I'm trying to figure out if I should be upset or not about."

" Well maybe he lives under a rock somewhere."

"Chad. Even the rocks under the rocks know who I am with everything going on."

"Well apparently you just met the exception. So, what are you going to do as a thank you?"




"Why nothing?"

"Chad. I ran into him in Toys R Us do you honestly think I'm going to run into him again?"

Chapter 2

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